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In your deepest pain
in your weakest hour
in your darkest night
you are lovely

I'll be 23 in a week. Last night was my first day back. I went home with a stranger. He rode a blue bmx bike. Clearly an addict, or of the breed. He asks, "whats your name? g**d*** your gorgeous." I told him mine, and ask him his. "My name is JJ." I had a cat named JJ. He asks, "what are you doing out here alone tonight?" with concern. I had left a concert. Im wearing a short loose dress, with sandals. I feel dark and alone. I'm looking for a cigarette. We talked. I followed... read more

I'm always wondering and worried about what people think of me. Do I look terrible, ugly, fat? Because I don't talk do you think that i think I'm better than you? No, I'm trying to find a way to gain the courage to talk to people, someone old that I've known, or maybe someone I haven't met yet. I'm trying not to show my face, hiding behind my hair, or my body, hiding behind loose clothes. I crave acceptance, friendship, loveread more

Im not pledging allegiance to America anymore.1.Im an atheist,2.I dont love this country,3.Theyre just words.Barely anyone actually cares.
Id rather dance to some crappy Pitbull in the Halls tbh.
Freedom of speech,and to plead the 5th.

Don't you just love paper thin walls

love, sshhhh... We parted ways.
Even If you hate me, I love you. That's what I wanna say to you. It's for both of our good... The longer we are together the worse our lives would probably be. Don't be blinded by love, but also think. That's life, we both eventually would find our soulmates.

If it's us again, i... read more

I have never regretted not being there in person for you like I do now. We have spent 12 years knowing each other and I've never even met you. I don't know your scent, or your habits unless I'm told. I don't know what you look like when you're sleeping, or know your touch... But you are still my deepest love. And my greatest regret is that I don't have the ability to be there for you physically right now. Because I know ... read more

I love this type of weather gloomy dark weather wish it could always be like this

I hope god blesses me with a man like Austin from the YouTube channel Ace Family I watch to look at her and how he just speaks about her is beautiful there love is real and soooo beautiful I pray I find love like that one day I deserve it I've fallen in love with the Ace family and that beautiful baby they make... read more

I don't understand why my ex dry textes me he always textes me first I don't reach out to him he textes me to really notify me about what he's doing or got going on but doesn't really seem to care about what I'm doing as usual i always reply with actual sentences and conversation starters but I get short replys i texted him first once and he said "Im at work wassup wyd" i felt like I was bothering him he wasn't even busy I know he's doing it on purpose to probably fk with me ... read more

Forget love, I want hate as the rush lasts longer. so won't you please hate me?

I miss being in love and sh**. 😔

I'm pretty sure I'm in a toxic relationship. The problem is, all the signs point to me being the one that is abusive. My boyfriend and I constantly fight. At first I thought this was a good thing. I thought it meant we were working through our problems. We both have triggers and baggage from our past, and because of that, no matter who we date, I know I will have to have fights, but this feels like things are completely out of control. Any time we fight- he just says, "You're... read more

Some people love music, some people dont. For me, I love music. Each song I listen too has a story behind it. Music helps me forget everything, but at the same remember it all. For example: the song "what does the fox say". Its weird, but the story is that the last time i saw my birth mom I listened to this song. Music isnt just a song for me, their memories.... eac... read more

I love when we're fking and your Balls slap against my asz or Coochie it's feels so fking good 🤤

I really love dyck any type of sexual act I love it it's something wrong with me lol

Psalm 14:1 For the choir director: A psalm of David. Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and their actions are evil; not one of them does good!

It is also written that God is love, so everyone, unknowingly believes in God, because everyone loves something, and when they loose all their loves you know matter what, and dont let anyone else tell you other wise!

f*** love
f*** feelings
f*** everything
I'm tired of caring more than the next person
I'm tired of showing emotion
I wish I was as soulless as the next person
I wish I could do you as you do me
I wish you could go through what I am going through
Than maybe you would f***ing understand you f***ing self centered son of a b****

Schott points out, and I agree wholeheartedly, that homosexual practitioners are not necessarily demonic (or demon possessed) and that they are desperately in need of Christ’s Truth, in love, as well as much prayer.

Even so, it remains true that homosexual sin is demonic. How so? All good things come from God the Father, and all wickedness comes from the father of lies. If God designed biblical marriage and natural hu... read more