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I'm black, shes white. We're basically just friends with benefits. She has kids and I do not. She has been sexually active until her 30s while I was still very green before her, mainly to avoid being an early parent when I'm not ready and avoid STDs, which I have done. They all say the same thing. "I love my children and they are my little blessings, but if I could do it all over again, I would", after living a life of r... read more

The short story I am about to tell you is all my thoughts, fears, and negativity. If you are dealing with or dealt with negative self-talk, or been in a difficult relationship, this will be hard to read. But I am doing this to inform other people on how I felt about myself and my situation to help others cope with what is going on. These are just my inner feelings and thoughts, this helped me to be calm with myself and everything around me. I hope you reading this will get yo... read more

When I was younger I went to a primary school that wasn't that great but at the time it was the only free school. I had a few teachers and at the time I was seen as "incapable" and because I wasn't that "quick" I was given a teacher to assist me. I will admit I wasn't the brightest but I was capable.

There was my main teacher who we will call Mr Hogg who reached generally everything. I had a personal teacher to assist with my "specialness". Everything was fine but I was heav... read more

it's so strange. i've never been comfortable around lewd people before in my life. i usually have the gut response to shut them down immediately or just get tf out of there. i'm not a prude, i think; i just think that kind of talk should stay inside the bedroom, between two lovers in private. to say that i'm innocent about 'adult things' would be a lie, even if that's the kind of label people often put on me. i just don'... read more

My friend's Dad has blood cancer and dementia, and the friend himself may also have cancer. My other friend is on antidepressants. My other friend has bulimia and refuses to seek any kind of help. My sister self harms constantly. My Mum can't afford to keep me or my sister alive because she doesn't earn enough to keep up payments on the house.

I'm just watching everyone I love break.

Yes there is a limit. Now leave me alone.
I lie to you all the time about loving u. I don't love you like that.

U caused our marriage to be this way because you want to spy on my phone. I feel like prisoner in this marriage and that hurts me everyday but u only care about your own happiness.

I will never treat you like a queen because u don't trust me. U don't deserve that. You have ur chance. I would have forgave you.... read more

It’s been almost 3 years and yet my heart aches as if it happened yesterday. When I hear your name mentioned the entire world just stops for that moment, because I remember that small eternity I got to have with you, however fleeting it was. I remember those beautiful eyes that lured me in and stared up at me as we did so many things together. I remember what it was like to receive affection from someone I’ve chased after for the first time, and I cherished it every day t... read more

You think im jealous b****? Haha i dont even consider you as my real bestfriend. How can i open up to you if you keep blabbing and judging and criticizing me. f*** you i dont need you. Im f***ing bored when im with you. You think i dont have many friends? Think again b****, i have tons of friends and i dont need your clingy fat a** to keep dangling on me.

And as for my f***ing boyfriend, well f*** you. I dont f***ing care anymore do all you want the hell i care. If you only ... read more

i love little girls. they are adorable and melt my heart. they remind me of my youth.

childhood is not an age, but a state of mind imo. i'm still a child in everything except physical age. i prefer cartoons over adult shows. i play super mario instead of call of duty. i want to bond with other children because that is what i am on the inside. i'll never grow up. i'll get old and die but i'll never grow up.

and yes, tha... read more

they're the only family i've ever had in my whole life ad i'm so scared something is going to happen before i get to them before i get a chance to be cared for before i get a chance to be loved because i never have been. everyone who was supposed to love me and take care of me violated and beat and screamed at me i've never known real fsmily until now and i'm f***in... read more

Girlfriend walks into the room with coffee in hand, wearing only a shirt that stops right above her bush. Wow. Next thing I know she climbs onto the bed and overtop of me, says "guess what you're going to do", then sits her p**** right on my mouth - "lick", she says. g**d*** I love this girl. You bet I did as I was told :p

I am free of you. Look at God and the universe at play and how the stars are watching over me. So many opportunities are presenting themselves to me now that I do not have the blockage that is you, hindering me from receiving such blessings because of your negativity and perhaps jealousy. Look what happened? So thankful. thank you so much spirit guides and angels for helping me to see an energy drainer for what she was. Thank you for equipping me with the necessary braveness ... read more

okay so i know this isn't the most awful thing in the world but it's bothering me and i don't know who to tell or who to talk to about it... So, anyway, i really like my best friend (who hasn't at least once liked there best friend before?) well this is different... he's two years older then me... and sometimes i feel like he likes me too but then i hear about these other girls and i dont know. he's honest and sweet, he would never lie to me, and i know that it sounds like th... read more

I feel so alone when I'm not with him, but nervous when I am. People say I can do better, but i'm just worse. My girl lives miles away and she is perfect, but my parents have been trying to keep us apart since the beginning of time. I love her, and I can't lose her. But part of me wants him. She's right, I'm just like my father

Oopsie im a bleeding mess. Ah well. This see i love alcohol because its great for just every kind of pain you can get

There are so many good things I can say about her. So many things I f***ing love about her. I honestly can't come up with anything bad to say about her. She's just perfect.

But why am I having second thoughts? It's not like there's anyone else or anything from stopping me from loving her. Maybe it's just the fear of loving her.

What if I don't actually love her? What if I'm just enduring all the talking and bonding just to get intimate with her?

I can't do that. I'm not that type of person.

I'm overthinking.

I still don't have a best friend.
I know my bf was my best friend, but I feel like he can't do both for me. He can either have romantic love for me or friendship love.
No hybrid of the two and that's really what I need.


I feel like we're not getting anywhere and it's frustrating. I love being around her. I love hanging out with her. It's been about 2 months and we hang out all the time, cuddling, watching movies and play-fighting until 4am. But nothing further. We haven't kissed yet, but that's all I want to do. I really like her and I know she feels the same way about me but it ju... read more