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We broke contact again.... This is going to be such a long, miserable wait. You didn't talk very nicely to me the past couple times we messaged, but I know you're stressed out, so I forgive you for being short and dry with me. I love you, M. I know you've said before that you will wait, I just really want you to say it one more time. I miss you so much:( I'm so miserable without you.

i'm so stressed out and will never manage to read everything i have to read for college and the guy i'm in love with will never love me back and on top of that i actually got a little bit happy when he told me things with his gf aren't going great which means i'm a terrible disgustingly selfish person honestly i want to f***ing die, i need to stop fantasizing get a ... read more

I'm such a tired bug I just want love and pizza everyday.

Being in love seems like the scariest things in the world to me. I do not want to get hurt, I am to afraid to get hurt and I do not want to open up. At the same time, I desire closeness.

I love to take my daughter swimming and then pee in the pool next to someone and see if they notice the warmth. Sometimes they look at you and then move away haha. Omg, so much summer fun :)

My boyfriend wants sex probably 5-6 nights out of 7. I don't think that is normal? Or maybe I'm not normal. I'm ok with not very often, maybe once a week, if that. I like to cuddle and be affectionate, I am just not in to actual sex. It's starting to become a problem, and I love him but I am beginning to think maybe we're just aren't compatible.

After five years of people asking me what I do with my life (post high-school), I finally signed up to much-needed pre-collage course to raise my grades, which indicates that after "just talking about going to college but not doing anything about it", I'm finally, definitely going to college after that course's done. Which means I should have a subject/profession I'm gonna study after like a lawyer or a doctor or a g**d*** accountant, right?

WRONG. I wish people would just S... read more

What should I do if I feel that my husband is a terrible father to our children? I've had several talks with him but he either finds excuses for his behaviors or makes empty promises to change. While our kids do love him, I can already see they are beginning to resent him and even fear him. They are so young. I don't know what to do or who to turn to.

i hate him for breaking lal of our promises together and now he is just being a huge f***boy and going around dating girls he doesnt even like and cheating on them. hes a totally different person and i hate him and i hate myself for giving him my everything he used his words to hurt me because he knew he could. i hate him so much i hate him i hate him i hate him. i never want to see him again i think i would just die. i cant belive we were together it so weird to even think t... read more

My buddy from high school: "Well I spent the early 2000's as a wrestler in a sh**-kicker semi-pro wrestling federation, then worked the electronics section at Wally World for three years until I got canned for stealing cellphone accessories."

[Big Box Store X]: "We'll give you $15 an hour PLUS commission to sell cellphones for us and send you to Dallas for a week of training on our dime!"

My wife: "I'm a licensed massage therapist with a $20,000 education, a clean record an... read more

My boyfriend is high right now and he really just called me to say "hey i just found a youtube channel called "skateboard bruh" *giggling a lot* skateboard bruh... *giggle* that's funny... *giggle* i'm gonna subscribe and sometimes i'll watch Skateboard bruh. I love you baby" *call ends*

.... Okay babe.

I wish it was possible to make someone love you....or that it was easier to fall out of love with someone who doesn't love you back.

My dad has recently decided that my brother and I are raised. So upon picking me up for the holidays he handed me a joint and said smoke it or I'll shotgun you, feeling rather uncomfortable in this situation, I thought I'd get out of being high in the car by saying no thanks, I'd prefer to use a bong..... My mom say's oh that sounds lovely and proceeds to pull hers out of her purse and hand it to me. .... My god Colorado... read more

The most annoying people just won't leave me alone and the people I love act like they hardly even care about me. I'm exhausted.

Gotta love it when you have such bad anxiety that you can't even call in and see if you're working today because you don't know exactly what to say

I'm scared of losing all my opportunities through marriage. I do love my boyfriend but I currently live with my parents and am getting my degree in order to later find a job. I have been so lucky to have been practicing vocal for many years and have received offers to sing at some small concerts around the city . A few times, I was offered trips to Europe because of my involvement in my cultural community. I'm scared tha... read more

I'm in love with my best friend but he's in love with a girl who I know has said she hates but when he texts him she says otherwise meanwhile I'm catfishing her using an ex I dated pics cause he's good looking and tell him she's in love with him and wants his dick and how my friend scares her cause he threaten ... read more

He's perfectly imperfect. I can't even grasp it. Can't even grasp how he just came into my life like this and shook my entire world. I f***ing love it.
Phase 1: (February to May) I would go to StarBucks every day before lecture and we would say hi and have small talk.
Phase 2: (May-June) We bumped in a gas station and he asked for my number, and said he wanted it for a long time. Always wanting to meet up, but I kept hav... read more

I don't know where all the love has gone for my boyfriend. I almost certainly hate him. At the start, the relationship was obviously better but then we went long distance because he has to complete his degree in anouther town. Over tht time he gained lots of weight , he became incredibly negative and complaining (esp when he's upset), he seems to disregard my feelings , he is very cheap with his presents (for our anniver... read more

What would you guys do if the love of your life, just popped into your life and reciprocated?
But you also have to wait like a year to see them. And your life is in shambles.
What would you do?