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Confused if your trying to dust me off to the side or something. You only do things when convenient to you and you don't really seem to be concerned with how im feeling. Highkey you shut me up before i say anything, i'd say that maybe i talk too much but i really never open up to anyone because whatever issues. Anywho you could just be having a bad day, too bad im mentally ill too. I feel like if we do start dating you'll end up treating me the same way other people treat me,... read more

Kids are great they said you'll love it they said well it took 5 years but I caved to the pressure from family and my wife and guess what I was right I should have never agreed to have kids. I hated kids since I was 13 and and swore I would never have any but now I'm stuck in a life I never wanted.

I could give a sh** if you feel bad. I never wanted revenge or payback for you hitting me. Cheating on me. Lying to me. Talking about me behind my back. Everyday I forgave you and loved you because it was out of pain and i knew it. But when faced with my pain, you turned tail and sulked. You became your mother because you can't bear to be wrong. So be it.

I bore it for so many years to save you. To let you live happily.... read more

f*** MY BOYFRIEND! Everything was good in our relationship for the first 4 months and then he got a console and got obsessed with gaming right? and he would ignore me to play his f***ing games. about 6 months into the relationship i got out of a toxic environment and he is there for me for a bit but then its right back to the games. i happen to be over when one of his whores on ps4 messages him and they call him my pet name! its my petname for him and i thought it was special... read more

After realizing that I've actually haven't falling in love with you but am instead infatuated by you. I have no idea whats better or worse....

Dear Emmi, I understand you better now. "A victim act is a form of passive aggression. It seeks to achieve gratification not by honest work or a contribution made out of one's experience or insight or love, but by the manipulation of others through silent (and not so silent) threat. The victim compels others to come to his rescue or to behave as he wishes by holding them hostage to the prospect of his own further illness... read more

Me personally:
As a female, if you cant cut your hair and still think you're pretty then you dont really think you are pretty. You think youre hair is pretty.

I heard a girl complain that she thinks shes beautiful but if she cut her hair shed be ugly.

love yourself no matter what.

I love my stepdaughter. She stays at our place every weekend. Problem I have is that I've started feeling that there's no time for my relationship with her dad ever. We don't go out together or have any alone time other than bed time. I'm feeling neglected. Is it wrong for me to want a weekend once a month without her?

I've been in a relationship on and off for a year now but I feel like I'm not growing in the way that I want to be anymore. We're getting on eachother's nerves more and more now. He's acting like a child! In the past week, I've felt a strong urge to punch him in the face on more than three occasions. He's unreliable. Unpredictable. And f***ING impulsive! He drives like a maniac and doesn't care when he makes me uncomfortable. Why can't he understand that safety is more import... read more

I don't know about anything anymore, I give her everything, my existence, but she doesn't seem to appreciate it, and I can't get that I should move on. Every time my phone vibrates, I pray it's from her, but I can't say she does the same. It hurts so bad, it's ripping me inside and I could feel my friends, my family, everything I live slipping away from myself with her. I'm losing hope and sight of everything, why can't I be straight like all the other girls? Why is it that n... read more

its no f***ing wonder !!! i want to stay off school all the time !! its f***ing sh** !!!
lets call this first person lion. lion is mentally ill. they supposedly have hallucinations, cant sleep, are depressed, and wont eat. lion is so f***ing sweet and everybody loves them !!!!!!!!! they have blue bleached all over hair and everybody loves them even more for that. i ... read more

I know life moves on but sometimes I wonder what it would be with him. We are married now and I wonder if he thinks of me as I sometimes think of him. I wonder if we would meet again or that it is better this way. I don't have a single photo of him and I can't search for his image online. I would dare not contact him as the devastating expense of both of our spouses. The last he emailed out of the blue was to ask if I completed my studies. I deleted it and brushed it aside. I... read more

I love n***ers! They come in all shapes and sizes!

The fact that my parents take money from me. I feel like theyre unintentionally kicking me while I'm down. And that I would be ten times better without them. And I'd be more confident. I think my mom grew up with coeependency issues with her mom. And is why she expects me to give my all to her when I dont have much to give her. I'm on minimum wage and yet I participate in paying my parents' bills. I don't believe anyone who stays with their parents shouldnt pay bills. I'm all... read more

love handles. Just go awaaaaaayyyyy!!!

Can't get enough of your love, babe....
Sing it to me, Barry!

Dear man I used to love,
I hate you.
I hate how you left me alone, and let the hate fill me up.
I hate how you make my heart burn and sing with the songs of an olden time.
I hate how you flirt with her, and left me to dust.
I know, this was my fault.
You told me to smile by your side,
and my jealousy turned against you.
I am sorry that I was never the best,
but I am broken.
Yet, you are broken as well, you just turn off ... read more

I just dreamt of my ex and I getting back together and kissing and being happy. When I woke up I felt sad that it wasn't real. I have been having these types of dream for 6 months after our break up. If i can't have him then I don't want these dreams I don't want to yearn for him everyday I don't want to have my whole body respond to him. But I do want him I want to kiss him and hold him I want to give him the world and him giving his to me I am still in love to come
Back in your life when the realize no one else gonna have or do have their back like you once did . Smh but it's to late for you now.
You're cut out of my life and we're going to keep it that way

It's not like I lost her to a next dude and she's happier, I would've been okay. Slowly losing her to mental illness is what's killing me. I look at her and I still see the person that I fell in love with, my best friend who I couldn't do nothing without. Every time she looks at me now, it's as if like she doesn't even know me or remember what we've been through together. I want her back or at least happy and healthy aga... read more