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It feels so bad, having to tell everyone that your business didn't work out. Really stings. Feel like a bit of a disappointment. You almost know people are going to be gossiping about you, kind of laughing at you, like your a joke. I know, it's stupid to care what they think. But definitely annoying. Right now, i'm looking for a new way to make money. Wonder how I can do that.

I have changed so much. I'm not promiscuous anymore. I don't do drugs anymore. I try to do the right thing. I've learned how to be more responsible in my life. Being destroyed by Luis killed my ego which taught me to take more consideration for other people. I'm a better person now. I care more about myself now.

Her: you have three messages to tell me what you are like so I can weed out the boring people
I can do it in two
You're not worth my time

Damn, always had a problem with social interactions. Why do I always overthink social interactions? Why are they so stressing to me? It seems like most little things just slide off other people while they stick to me.

I know you raped him. I know you did. Nobody else probably knows but me. I see you every day in the f***ing hallway and I know what you did. You stole years of happiness away from him and I will never forgive you for that. Be glad that I choose not to tell anyone out of respect of my best friend who has to go through so much because of you. I hope you learn to become a better f***ing person someday, maybe learn not to take advantage of people in the country they have power over. f*** this sh**y country.

My housemate is a b*tch. I can't wait to move out in May and be rid of her forever. She is constantly (like from about 9am until maybe 12am, sometimes later) playing music, tv, online videos (all on full volume), or talking to her boyfriend. There is no soundproofing in our flat, and I hear pretty much everything. Most of the time I just plug in my headphones and listen to my music or watch a movie or YouTube, but sometimes I just want some peace and quiet, and I don't get th... read more

The law doesn't really help you if you're under a certain income bracket, I think that's what a lot of people don't understand. "sue!" "tell them off!" etc, sounds great in practice but the reality is that there isn't much I can do if a powerful, well respected person decides to campaign against me. I can't afford a lawyer, I can't afford to get into trouble. But it seems like trouble is coming my way anyway.

My upper-middle class neighbors complain about us enjoying our land (literally just walking around appreciating the land, it's beautiful) and they complain about the fact that we are "rednecks" (we don't have a farm so I'm not sure what he's talking about, he also has never actually talked to me) but then they turn around and think it's okay for their teenaged daughter to invite her sh**y friends over so they can rev their sport-car engines and blast the sh**iest music from... read more

So because I'm white I am not allowed to dislike Obama because if I do its automatically because he's black LMAO such BS I hate Obama because he was an awful president who did nothing for the poverty stricken. Also I didn't vote for Trump I know you're thinking I did because I'm white but in all honesty I hate the guy always have. I'm from Atlantic City look at what he did to that city he f***ed it up. Can't run a mf casino but yet some of my fellow white people who love me but. Just. Sometimes I feel lonelier around other people, you know? Because I know that some day they can't be there for me. And right now I know they want to be there for me. But I know something will happen. And in general I always get so mad at myself for the stupidest things, and I don't know if I'm just overr... read more

i've tried to talk to my closest friend about my depression but her response is always so infuriating.

she tries to shut anything negative out of her life and simply denies anything that isn't positive and happy. when i got quiet and zoned out because depression she told me to "stop thinking!" then assumed i was fine and treat me normally as if i didn't want to murder everyone that made any movements or noises within a four mile radius whilst simultaneously curling up into a... read more

This whole world is centered around right handed people, extroverts, people who are good under pressure.

Too bad I'm not any of those things.

I'm a walking contradiction. I have the biggest social anxiety you could imagine and I struggle with everyday tasks, yet I work a job where I'm constantly surrounded by people and talk in front of crowds. Anxiety attacks are common.

I really CANNOT make friends!! It's the most impossible task in the world. Either they hate me from the get go, they get bored, think I'm a huge weirdo or ignore me. What am I doing wrong?? How do I small talk or approach people? How do I get them to be interested in me?

I met her when i was 13, i remember how she had the bottom of her hair dyed purple, and i though we wouldn't ever get along. She left and then i would see her across the park, but i never noticed her really, i didnt even remember her name most of the time. Then later i left, and we ended up on the same team, i was then 14, she was 15, and after a while, i began to like her. I got her number, and we had long conversations, and then, i really fell hard, and i planned out a date... read more

I really hate when people are all like "So I have this idea for a novel..." *Spends half an hour explaining a half-way decent plot* "Will you write it for me?"
No. Because only you can write YOUR book.
I usually answer "You know, you can hire ghost writers for that."

#Author #NottaGhostWriter

I have decided that I will get better no matter what. I know that I may have selective hearing, but it is only because of the lack of attention I have. I just have to learn where to put my attention to and the appropriate times to do it. I have to learn to be patient and fully try to understand what that person is saying instead of just waiting for my turn. I really do want to be a great listener and want to be like Kurt Cobain where he just listened to people.

You said you "lost your wallet and needed 200 bucks", so I gave you a little, since you were collecting from other passer-byers too. Not that I actually believed you story. Three days later, you pass me on the same bus stop, and when you see my wallet you go to me with the same lame excuse and clearly don't remember that you did it with me before so I refused to give you sh**, so you make a face and call me ugly. You have the right to collect "Donations" and use whatever path... read more

I am pretty sure I have selective hearing or something similar. My mom told me that I always have ignored people even when I was really little. I know that when I was a kid it was a problem, but now it has gotten worse and more frequent. I have been purposely ignoring people now because my roommate was being an a** to me and I honestly got tired of hearing bulls***.... read more