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I wish my weeaboo brother understood he is not Japanese, that just because other people dont speak Japanese doesn't mean they're dumb and won't notice HE doesn't really speak it, that adding "kudasai" after a bunch of random "Janapese-like" sounds does NOT make him sound japanese and that looking down with a hood on his head and whispering gibberish, does not make him look dark and cool. It just makes him look like a Fuc... read more

I don't think about ending my life, I just think it would be better if I never existed because I put the people around me through so much pain. They deserve better and I know I should become better, but I'm rotten and can't change. I ruined my family's gathering tonight. I'm the most horrible person ever.

I feel uncomfortable in my own body. I have pretty mediumish breasts and even the word makes me want to gag and scrape my tongue despite not even saying it aloud. They're so f***ing annoying and useless and disgusting and I f***ing hate them. They get in the way of everything and I can't even run anymore without feeling like someone's staring at them. I could be alone in my room and still feel immensely uncomfortable with how much they bloody move. I don't know why but I ment... read more

Being selfish is not bad thing like most people make it seem. They say do good and expect nothing in return but it's really a ploy to constantly sacrifice your time and resources to other people until your left with nothing and they find someone else to leech off. Well, actually do good for those less unfortunate because that's how we can make the world a better pla... read more

Since when does being 40-50+ years old equate to being old despite medical advances extending the human lifespan? As a matter of fact why are we quick as a society to deem others useless when they hit a certain age? A lot of mature people have energy, ambition and goals, and a will to live life to the fullest. Did you forget you're gonna age one day?

I said something so unkind about someone once. It was heartless and uncalled for. I mocked, I laughed, I made my friends laugh. I was hit with a twinge of guilt, just enough to know it was wrong but not enough to care. It was forgotten. Years and years later, I was paid back in an ironic way. It directly related to the way I mocked these people. It has been one of the most impactful paybacks of my life. I recalled what I had done, long ago. I haven't been on the earth too lon... read more

dear people boasting about speeding through our small village,

i hope you accidentally run down your own nan and smear her across the road

me xxx

my sisters a f***ing attention seeker. ive had depression after my fathers suicide and Ive never told my mother and my sister.
my sister hated my father and hates me because we both would raise our voices at her.
she's a brat. a complete f***ing brat. all she does is whine about everything. if we try to help her, she claims she has a panic attack and begins crying.
were at a convention this weekend, and my sister claimed to have a panic attack because I told her to be more re... read more

What topic is fun to talk to with other people in waiting room?

I don't usually do this but have a lot I need to get out. There a problem with this generation small talk became real talk people stopped giving a crap about people. I'm a nice guy but am constantly been used by people and I'm really sick of it. My whole life I've just seen people using people talk too i dont understand how im so lonely i tried everything i just dont get it i dont wanna do this anymore i just wanna go away but there is no place for read more

I am a woman. I am in that small percentage where I don't hate all men. I mean there will be a**h*** , there will be psychotic men, the rapists, the racists etc. But there were good men in my life too. people are all capable of being hateful or full of love. So no. I do not hate all men. But I do hate evil and mean hearted people. It really has nothing to do with gender.

Some people need to be chained in f***ing basements, away from civilization. I am so done with sh**y people who have no filters, no tact, no diplomacy, no integrity, no grace. Just sh**y people who have no clue how to treat others. The parasites of society. Just let this day be over already.

yo if you don't give people some food when they knock on your door asking for it, do they come back to kill u cause i'm freaking out rn 😂😂

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See the people walking down the street
Fall in line just watching all their feet
They don't know where they wanna go
But they're walking in time

They got the beat
They got the beat
They got the beat, yeah
They got the beat

See the kids just getting out of school
They can't wait to hang out and be cool
Hang around 'til quarter after twelve
That's when they fall in line

They got the beat
They got the beat... read more

I'm kinda tired of really fat people. You can control your eating habits and your exercise routines. There is no reason to be that heavy, seriously.

This doesn't mean I think everyone can be/should be ripped and fit. Some people by genetics just can't make it that way. But my god if you are extremely over weight, do something about it.

Omg!!!! I hate my f***ing job!!!! can't wait to get out of here!! I just hate everyone.. The people I work with are 50 years old and they act like high school girls so much drama ughhhh

Why am I here in the first place.
If I'm aborted in the womb I could f***ing not live this life and I mean it.
Trying to reach my dreams and help people and be the greatest. Oh, f***. Is it real? No! I just came from a broken poor-a** asian annoying f***ing family. BROKEN ANNOYING FAMILY. Dad left, just an annoying mom who doesn't let me explore myself. And 2 horrible brothers. In fact, I expected a loving family. Sadly ... read more

Where all the interesting people at? Anyone have good news to share?

I just want to know why some people's advice to relationship issues or break ups is "become a lesbian!!11"
Like we obviously can't switch on and off our sexual orientation, sorry.
It's some of the most problematic sh** I've ever seen on this site.