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WildFire says

What the f*** is 'stupid fanfiction'? It has been on 'what's hot' for a while now and I am slightly confused

  • Apr 17
  • 0
Anonymous says

I wrote cough- " stupid fanfiction " on my account on a website.
It was an interesting one to say the least??

I was so proud of it at first, and I literally made a pact with myself that I'd keep it on my account no matter what the reviews say.
But a few days later, I'm nearly having a heart attack because I'm so worried about the reviews

Well, I got one that was the final nail on the... read more

  • Mar 31
  • 4
Waterfalls says

stupid fanfiction seems to be on the "What's hot"
But you know its fine because, yass!! I used to write fanfics and if I had the time I still would, I still read fanfics but apparently pinterest has a problem with smut, so I have to get everything back

  • Mar 27
  • 5
  Anonymous says

So I apparently can't write redemption fanfiction about Dolores Umbridge without being told I'm stupid for writing a redemption for her.

  • Mar 15
  • 2
  transf0rmersfan says

i wish i had had the bearings to write and post sh**y fanfiction when i was like 13-15 and had no shame. in fact, i admire people who do that: my ideas never flow freely because i worry too much if what i'm doing is stupid & pointless & "i'm an adult, i need to have perfect grammar, duuuuuuh". it sucks :'0

  • Mar 7
  • 3
  transf0rmersfan says

hm can someone tell me how to post on the stupid fanfiction tag? thx

  • Mar 6
  • 2
Anonymous says

Disregarding the potential murderers;
After all this time, "stupid fanfiction" is still on the "What's Hot" section. A long time ago I said that it will never die down, I was right.

  • Feb 22
  • 0
Anonymous says

Fictional characters? I've had my experience. Literally two days after my latest stage ended, I almost broke down crying right in the middle of class because I'm not stable without an image of a person by my side. This sounds like the most stupid thing ever to be posted, I know. But my imagination, "having my head in the clouds", somehow kept me grounded.
And it all started with a fanfiction. One, just one. And it was a complete accident I read it. I just HAD to know if... read more

  • Feb 7
  • 4
  Anonymous says

Sometimes I notice how alone I really am, even with people who I feel comfortable with, or my family. Because there is no way anyone can tolerate all of you. There is always some part that doesn't agree with them. And yesterday night, I felt so lonely that I just hugged my pillow all night long. I was saying hurtful things to myself and then I thought to myself sweet words and affectionate, loving mutterings. At that moment, all I could think about was if this would be the on... read more

  • Jan 22
  • 1
Anonymous says

wtf is the stupid fanfiction tag

  • Jan 15
  • 0
TheDevilismyTherapis says

Since stupid fanfiction is trending. I have a recommendation. It's a very good read.

Shrek is Love. Shrek is Life.

Search it.

An All-Time-Favorite for the entire family.


  • Dec 22
  • 2
Anonymous says

So. I know I probably seem stupid but sometimes I read others fanfictions and I get so selfconcious and awkward. I guess I don't believe in myself but still.

  • Dec 6
  • 0
Anonymous says

I listen to people's stories and tales all the time and create my own as well. My stories always feel less though, like some angsty fanfiction . net story written by a teenager or something like that. I wish my stories were something that you'd find in a beloved cartoon or book. I put my heart and soul into them yet all they turn into is goop. Everyone else's stories are practically mona lisas compared to mine. Mine are either too complicated or too little.

Like ... read more

  • Nov 25
  • 6
Anonymous says

literally all the posts that are on "stupid fanfiction" are basically all just people asking why it's trending lol joke's on you

  • Oct 25
  • 0
Anonymous says

What's Hot
stupid fanfiction


  • Oct 19
  • 0
Anonymous says

"stupid fanfiction" has been trending forever, wow

  • Sep 9
  • 4
Zainax says

Me: (asks why the tag, which is literally 'stupid fanfiction' is trending)

Imbecile Anonymous that refuses to look at what is trending on the front page: (gets triggered and basially calls me stupid, because I'm asking about a tag that literally has 'stupid' and 'fanfiction' together in one tag)

Don't you just love it when someone just completely misses the point of what you said, and why you sa... read more

  • Sep 2
Zainax says

What's up with the stupid fanfiction tag trending? Did another poor soul discover the infamous My Immortal fic again?

  • Sep 2
Anonymous says

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The Yardbir... read more

  • Aug 20
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  Anonymous says

maybe my obsession with fictional characters is because i'm unable to connect with myself and deal with my own problems so i just project them onto everything else. "oh negan obviously has childhood trauma because they're just like me and i have that!" or "well duh obviously waylon park has schizophrenia because he's a lot like me and i do too." i can't disconnect myself from media. i latch onto every single character i care about or relate to and it's f***ing ridiculous. eve... read more

  • Jul 26
  • 4