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My mom likes to talk sh** about me to her friends and it sucks cause they always side against me and my mom doesn't give a f*** how bad I feel

i want to get back into school but i need a job first to pay for it cause my fafsa won't be reinstated till i complete another semester.. And its going to take a few months to save up, hopefully i save up in time.

That's what she was. She attracted abuse, she loves the attention, and she will even get rid of an innocent child's life if she can even though she has nothing to do with the couple's relationship.
How many times did I slice apart the evidence and threw away the bad?
Why can't I do the opposite and archive the bad and forget the good?
Any kind gesture had an equal or worse attribute of hers attached to it. There was always an unbalanced price for her existe... read more

I asked you out, ONCE. How foolish of me at that since you can't seem to keep that fact out of your mouth and two other girls have heard of that from you and it got back to me. You also seem to think and told one of them that I still have those feelings just because I talk to you still. I don't. That is called being friendly and an adult about things. I don't sit around mad or depressed about something that happened over a year ago so I speak to you like a normal person. It l... read more

I got a girlfriend whom I love and treats me great. The one problem is that our sex life is not as good as I'd like it. She is always stressed out because of her job and she tells me that it kills her sex drive. Well not getting laid stresses me out and when I get stressed, I want to release myself even more. We have had multiple conversations where I stated that I'm unhappy with our sex life and she says she is going to try to do something about it but it's always the same..... read more


Okay, back up.
I still think about you a lot.

I hate this one woman. I could say why but I really it is just such a waste for me to type and why am I even complaining about it? sigh. I think I hate myself.

I hate my parents and I've decided that the only reason I want them to live is because they feed me and provide shelter and the likes. I want them to stay alive until my siblings and I are capable of living on our own and don't need any support from them. This sounds awful, yes, I know. But they themselves are awful and should not have created any offspring. I know that that would lead to me not existing, but I am completely fine with it. The world sucka anyways.

I don't understand why rich/well-off people show off in social media so openly. Before the internet, us poor folks had no idea what we were missing from the earthly pleasures. And, majority of the world is poor, you know. Now, we are being bombarded everyday by other people's belongings. The things I thought only exist in commercials, are seemingly the way how some people actually live. I can't believe it. Wouldn't collective realization of this cause social unrest?

I'm upset. I am losing slot of friends because I stopped doing drugs and drinking because my now recent boyfriend wants me to stop. And he stopped bc of me and a friend who unfortunately pasted away. But I don't wanna lose the friends, what if I break up w my boyfriend? How can I get drugs again? Etc... Things like that made me nervous and sad. Please! Advice!

My older sister is a f***ing retard. Everytime she does something stupid she tries to escape reality. A year ago she stopped paying rent and her landlord went to court to force her out. And my mom and I were helping her and on the 3 days of going through her stuff a repo person and a lock smith entered. The repo person forced us all out. After the lock smith finished. While the repo person was talking to her she f***ing told her my name and lies and said I was her but they ha... read more

Please don't give up on me. I'm starting to fall for you while you start growing tired.

and what if I don't want to get over you?

People say the most shocking, asinine, idiotic, moronic things on the internet.

Are people really that stupid in real life?

I'm starting to get paranoid again... really badly. To the point where I think my boyfriend ignores me, that my best friend is only my friend because she feels sorry for me and that her boyfriend only tolerates me because hes friends with my boyfriend. It's getting me really worked up and I don't know what to do about it. I don't want to vent to my boyfriend about it because i don't want to dump all my problems on him and i don't want to dump it on my friend because i feel li... read more

If you are one in a million. That means there are 7125 people like you on this planet.

What does my fiance do to cheer me up? Blows air into my vagina so it makes funny noises. Gosh I love that dumbass <3

I just want to share this nonsense, it started out as a song rap as i was listening to some chill beats on Soundcloud then started randomly *rapping/singing to it. but then it became nothing really untill i edited it to make it rhyme at least :3 haha. sad thing is i cant remember the song..

i didnt want to go away even though i knew i had to
i didnt even get to tell you everything i loved about you
walking down streets fingers locked, eyes lost
you know that one word you tol... read more