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Why is my cat such a freaking turd? She acts all nice and inviting and cuddly, but when I get close, she turns into Beelzebub and decides to shred up my arm meat. I KEEP YOU IN MY HOUSE AND FEED YOU AND CLEAN YOUR POOP YOU UNAPPRECIATIVE WHORE.


Me and my girlfriend have been together for 2 months. we live 30 min away in car. I don't have a car so she always comes and sometimes I fill up her gas tank so I don't really see why she's telling me that I'm not trying? I work night shift and I feel she expects me to bus it in the night? I would take uber but I'm on a tight budget, and honestly I'd prefer giving her the $$ for gas. I'm 19 and a girl. I have strict parents so I can't really go out all the time (especially at... read more

I had a friend, A, who gaslighted me. It tore me up for weeks. Then I came to my senses and cut her out of my life. Then A took up with another one of my friends, B, a mousy, isolated little thing that lapped up all A's complaints about me. B and I had remained friends. The other day B came over and started telling me everything that was wrong with me, all the things A had told her. I put up my hand and said, "Stop! This conversation is over." She continued. I said, "All righ... read more

It seems to me like Russia's indulging in some unholy matrimony between the Soviet era and the old pre-World War I Tsarist regime.

I'm scared of love

I will be engaged soon. My stomach is in knots over everything that comes with it. My parents don't really have the money for a wedding, so I'll have to save up for the ceremony. It's surreal. I never thought I'd get engaged.... I thought I was done with dating half-way through college. I'm now rounding out my 6th year, hoping to finish soon (I took some time off). Life is weird right now. Really weird.

Woops I forgot what I was going to say. Just like I forget the names and birthdays and dates and times and events and all my other memories.

Corey Taylor's neck.

"You Ever Love Somebody So Much You Can Barely Breathe When You're With Em?" ;_;

It's funny how my mom awake up this morning and accuse me of stealing her bra wtf we don't even wear the same size why would I wear a bra that's not my size smh Oh mothers ?

i love him. here, i will call him k. k is the first thing i think of when i wake up and when i go to bed. i cant him out of my head. verything reminds me of him. every time i try to move on, a little thing like someone smiling reminds me of him. the closest i got to moving on is cuddling with someone. i hate the person i was cuddling with. i felt like i was betraying k. last night, i though of him in my arms. it was amazing. it was the happiest i have been in a while. i cant ... read more

How can you say that you love someone when you treat them so poorly? So f***ed up.

I can't believe this is what it has come to, Kayla. I'm so utterly disappointed, and hurt by you. We've known each other for the majority of our lives, and you and were thick as theives. Only last summer, we thought our friendship, despite all the troubles, could make it, with a reconcilliation that took place and long phone calls. Yet as cancer, depression, and suicide attempts set in, and you knew, you did nothing. And each time I asked you about it, you apologized, and sai... read more

Had a thought... What if the times I thought he was staring at me he was actually staring at my boyfriend????? Lmfao oooh that would so be my life. Then again he's stared when I was alone.

Trying to pick a username that won't sound too try hard, or too ditzy, and that one that correlates with my real name. I torture myself caring about what others think of me :/

I still like you and I don't know why.

I was so upset before I started typing this.... And now that I feel like I can say what I want, and there is nothing to say. Thank God for everything I have. Everyone has their issues. It really does help to just feel like you can be heard. Its crazy how your whole attitude can change once you feel heard. If there are any men in relationships on here. Listen to your women, hold them when they cry and are acting irrational. Usually we are only acting that way because we just w... read more

Psychology Question Of The Day:

If you could update the human race, what feature would you include and what features would you remove?

You REALLY need to calm down. It's only a cat in the house, you act like it was the bubonic plague.