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So I had an interview and they called before it and told me that they are going to hire me and they have me on the schedule but they want me to come in that day. I rode my bike at the time they asked and they made me wait for 3 hours to tell me they didn't have f***ing time today. So They said they had me on the schedule the next day on the phone so I show up prepared to work....They still don't have time when I am the only person in the restaurant!...I am very angry that the... read more

It's almost 2am, I still love you and I miss you more and more every day. But I can't speak to you, you hurt me too much. I just want to stop loving you..

Damn why did I have to be born so ugly

Wheeeeeere arrrrrrrrre yooooooouuuuuu?????? My other half of my soul, my twin soul. Where are you? Will I ever see you again? I'm ready I won't run from you this time, I want it. Cmon Karmic forces bring us together! ... or not. Who knows maybe one day,a girl can dream right?

I'm bored. I'm so f***ing bored that if somebody handed me a needle with some heroin in it I would probably do it... just because I am THAT bored. I'm broke, it's Sunday, my friends are busy, I live alone and I'm f***ing bored.

After a completely awful month things were finally starting to look up, and a big part of that was my mother-in-law just being an insanely awesome and supportive person. I love the woman dearly, and she's one of the best people I know.

Today we found out she has skin cancer. It hurts. It hurts really bad.

Forest Whitaker's facking one droopy eye annoys the beejeebus out of me.

How does anyone like that get cast in any roles besides those of deformed people?!!?!?

Why the hell do I get attached to people so quickly!? It's so frustrating and painful for me, I don't know why I keep doing this to myself over and over! I'm so happy that I'm able to connect with someone but in the end all it does is hurt me, to know I can't have someone, that they won't like me that way, yet I get my hopes up from the beginning, what the hell is wrong with me!?!?!? I wish I couldn't feel these things anymore, that it would just be taken away from me, I don'... read more

Im going to kill myself tonight

I can't help but feel like I am an anxiety ridden piece of sh**....

I hate feeling depressed for no real reason...

Nun, 42, is arrested for helping five priests sexually abuse hundreds of deaf children at Argentinian Catholic school.
She has also been accused of abusing the children at the Catholic school.

If your sexual preference is kids ... join the church.

i hate it when school counselors ask me about college/career plans bc i can't even see myself being alive by then

Remember as you suffer through this day, that your fellow human beings are suffering right along side you. No one is alone in their pain. Nearly every stranger you look in the eyes today is struggling to deal with some hardship.
Be kind, offer a smile, offer a compliment, reach out if you see any opportunity.

I'm so f***ing horny right now. Ugh. Sucks being single sometimes and poor. I don't have anything to f*** my wet warm p**** with. Any objects you recommenced I can use around the house?

I'm finally happy. Life is going good for me right now. So why do I still want to cut? I can't stop the urges. It drives me crazy because I feel happy and I wanna stop cutting but I cant. Does the addiction ever go away?

I always have a little romantic thought that maybe, the occasional strangers I talk to online (where I'm not necessarily anonymous and have a username) are people that I know in real life or used to know in real life. And I think it'd be so cute if any of those online relationships were kept and cherished long enough that the other person and I do choose to meet in real life, and it does turn out to be the person I thought they were. (I only know people with super common name... read more

I'm a 17 y/o SINGLE mom! no job. with no friends! no body! no nothing. my grandparents help me support my 1 y/o baby. his bday is 12/8/11. I been having sex but with condoms. around last week is the first time I didn't use one since the baby. he didn't ejaculate in me he pulled out. but that doesn't always work. I'm soo nervous, I'm stressing & depressed. so there is a possibility I think. but if I become pregnant again I WILL kill myself. I have nothing to live for besid... read more

Is it fair that I keep getting passed up for Assistant Manager? I have been working there longer than anyone else and they have yet to pick me. Yeah I'm the youngest but I know I can do it. I already know how. It is so not fair that I keep getting passed up. It has happeed 4 times now. Maybe one day my douche of a boss will get it through his head and pick me :(

what does it mean to be friend zoned?