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I don't want to be successful. The moment I'm successful, all the people I've always hated will act like they never did the things that made me hate them and try to cozy up to me so I will give them money. I'd rather just be getting by on my own without anyone else around me.

Tonight is my husband's first night back at work since our baby was born almost 3 weeks ago. I know it's going to be a long night.

If he talks to me one more time, I'll break his teeth.

my family is christian, but not too extreme. but recently i realized that im an atheist. i dont want to tell my parents though. its just annoying to go to church on sundays, then 2 different church groups discussing things i dont even believe. i mean its not too big of a problem, im only living with them for a couple more years, its just kinda annoying

It's really hard for me to vibe with people . I hate that so much it really bothers me . I wish they could just see da real me

I have another reason why I do not like the mother in law I have. See, about 3 weeks ago I went to a store and bought this really cute dress. I thought to myself that I should wear it for thanksgiving. Instead I first wore it to a small luncheon after church services that was being held for my husbands' birthday. The mother in law said "oh that dress your wearing". That was it. Other ladies said that it was cute and flattering. Well yesterday I decided to wear it again but to... read more

People! Please list some songs that are motivational for working out. I want to create a new playlist to listen to when I exercise. It could even be your favorite song, just as long as it has a good beat to it.

I hate the fact that deep down in my guts i know im right, but it takes forever to prove that im right. Thats all I want is to know that im right.

As soon someone pisses me off the the max, I start crying and yelling, basically I have a break down and throw this whole hissy fit. It's embarrassing. I act like a 2 year old and it's ridiculous. I don't act this way in front of other people in public and such, only around people who are close to me. I don't like them seeing that side of me though, it's childish and it leaves a bad image. Ugh I wish I could handle my angers and frustrations better than this. #venting #emotio... read more

I am f***ing done with being heartbroken would somebody please come and put it back together. I am so insecure and dumb and ugly and ahhhh no one appreciates me at all I can't

Hi, I'm Olivia, 19 years old, and I'll probably kill myself one day. Don't try to save me, just help me cope in the meantime! :)

I’m sorry I get astray so uncontrollably
Possessing this mind adapted to be
Like a biological computer
Programmed, ironically
To be pessimistic, hopeless and frail
During an eternal rapid-cycle of unfortunate downfalls
That eats away at all it left you with, like a starving tapeworm
That dodges strikes, whilst begging for defeat
Cause the only th... read more

So my daughter goes to a school where there is rule that you cannot have wet hair in the school building. One rainy day they name all the kids who got wet stand under the pick up station (its covered and dry) outside by the door until they had dry hair. What the hell is wrong with this picture folks?

I don't know where I fit in. I haven't found a group of people i connect with and feel i can be myself with. It sucks so much. I feel so lonely. The feeling actually worsens when i am with people.

I wanna be good. I want to do the right thing. And I want to be a good person. I know I can. But I can't make myself do anything. I feel so out of it. I feel so exhausted from life. How am I going to make it through the rest of my life being this way?

i'm going to be real honest and straight to the point. i am done trying to be this girls friend. she's either mad at me or talking about me behind my back and i'm done trying to save a one sided friendship. this has been happening since f***ing middle school. i'm tired of having to find out from other people how she feels about me. i'm done. i'm cutting this off

I have the most useless child care in the form of my mother and my father in law. I tell my mom don't give him eggs yet. She gives him eggs. I tell them I've spent four days getting him to nap in his crib so don't nap with him anymore and they nap with him because my father in law didn't know he fell asleep while watching cartoons and my mom can't put him in his bed because she can't reach over all the stuff that's around it. Can you not clean that up so you can put him down?... read more

I am alone. I have a great life, great job but thats to the outside eye. When you look hard enough I am a guy who is all by himself. I just want someone to lean on and wants to lean on me.

okay well I had a bf a few months ago and we lasted 2 months and then he broke up with me for no reason and I was devistated and confused and heart broken bcuz I didnt understand why. then he got with 2 other girls with in a month (hes kinda a player) but they both dumped him so he started talking to me again and telling me how much he wanted me back and how big of a mistake he made. I ended up taking him back. his cousin told me he always talked about me and he loved me a... read more

If I could hibernate for a few years, that would be great.