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You don't (and never will) understand how bad you hurt me. Please leave me alone now...

Just f*** everything tbh, i feel like quitting and kicking my coworkers in the face LMAO

I don't think I'm smart, really. But it seems like I'm surrounded by idiots! Even people I normally consider intelligent surprise me. A while back I started playing Minecraft, for the oral week or so I was asking the girls I was dating for help. Nothing I couldn't find on my own just asked so I didn't have to minimize the window and find it. After that I started answering their questions and figuring things out for them. Now I'm running a small server and my brother and fianc... read more

none of my close friends like each other and i am caught in the middle. i don't want my other friends not to like me just because they don't like my other friend

currently sitting up at night with nothing to do with my life. Its at a stand still. Like I'm slowly drownding

I know you miss me, I know you still love me, so why can't that be enough? It's so f***ing unfair. LOVE SUCKS

Well, I can't vent to anyone I know about this without too much bulls***, but my life feels so g**d*** pointless I don't even know why I bother anymore. I bring joy to no one and I have no one, whats the point, you know?
Happy f***ing New Year.

I feel so f***ing micromanaged. Just let me do my f***ing job!!! You can't b**** at me for not doing a good enough job, but then control every little thing I do and compromise all of my student's time with testing. Here's a thought, if we didn't test so much maybe our kids would be able to learn.

ahhhhh i cant stand this girl. she and another girl on our team just make me feel so excluded all the time. we all play the same positions and they are best best friends and make sure everyone knows it and im just kinda there. today our coach asked what was up and why i was struggling. she was refering to any pain or physical problems. i said "no i just have mental issues". (i actually do - like i have been diagnosed and take meds and see a therapist.) and the girl next to me... read more

It's really disgusting how you guys (not YOU GUYS) sign in as listeners on a website that's supposed to be for venting to nonjudgmental strangers and then just disconnect or say some rude sh** when the other person is saying something you don't want to hear. Why don't you just stay the f*** away from the website if you're not ready to listen? Do you think people like me go to that website to feel like "oh great, another person that just doesn't give a f***" after al... read more

I just can't seem to stop screwing up...

I mentioned this in the comments section of a muttr, but I'm putting it up here so it has a better chance of being seen:

For f***'s sake, that bit about Obama encouraging illegals to vote was taken out of context! Here's the full exchange:

RODRIGUEZ: Many of the millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens — and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country — are fearful of voting. So if I vote, will immigration know where I live? Will they come for my fa... read more

Really trying to pay attention to cover art. I think my last book keeps falling into the hands of children because the cover looks cartoonie. It's cute AF and I love it but I think the next cover needs to look more daunting so babies won't get nightmares from reading it... I'd feel terrible if I gave folks nightmares... But sometimes I write just to stop having nightmares...

#author #nightmares

Roger Rabbit- Sleeping with Sirens

Highly recommend

This may sound very strange but im in a happy relationship with my boyfriend and iv been told oh he aint like the cute guys i use to date his even better! His tall a little heavy but that does not affect the way I feel about him. Im not trying to sound narcissistic but im always complimented on how pretty I am. Anyways we have this couple we are great friends with an we got pretty wasted well i did and i agreed to thing i don't even remember. I agreed to switch her man for m... read more

My mom said, and I quote, "Well why do those Muslims keep moving over to America if they think the western world is so horrible?! I know I wouldn't want to live in a mostly Muslim country!" *facepalm* sooo many things wrong with this statement. Of course, I TRIED to explain that not everybody who is a muslim was born in a foreign country, or to foreign parents, but she wouldn't have any of it. Then, when I said "only radical islam hates the western world" ... read more

I am so f***ing fed up with the religious spiritualist new age nut jobs who think the universe is some specially created place for their idiocy and that they are inherently the most special thing in the universe. These little f*** twats are devoid of any higher thought process, show an utter hatred for logic and they're all f***ing arrogant stupid little a** sh**s who need to f***ing die so we can get on with life and live in peace.

I was so proud of myself because I did a really deep cut on my shoulder that was long enough I had to put my biggest bandage diagonally on so it wouldn't bleed all over my shirt, and then I remembered I'm going home from college in a week. f*** f*** f***ity, I'd been so good about only reopening old scars so I could pretend that they just looked different on this light, no, yeah, that's from two years ago, I'm so over it now. But there is no f***ing way to pass off a week-old... read more

Bring back lynching

The United States is an evil country.