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What the hell is so wrong about punching babies in the face? I was with my friend at McDonald's and her daughter was crying loudly. It was gettin increasingly worse and we were getting attention, so I did the only thing I could do: I got up, walked over to the child's booster seat and walloped her in the f***ing face. Then management has the nerve to kick me out saying "she's just a baby, so she doesn't know what she's doing." WTF?! DUDE I had to watch my 4 BROTHERS when I wa... read more

Axel Witsel, is a f***ing a**h*** . Axel Witsel, he's a f***ing a**h*** .

Non capisco come abbia fatto ieri l'Inter ad aver vinto cinque a zero fuori casa!!!

So we're sitting here watching the some football with the kids and they here comes a commercial. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION! UGH! Seriously?! There are KIDS watching this! And they throw a commercial on that gets one of them to ask: "What's a wreck tildis function? Is that a hard math problem?"

Yes it is...

"Do you know how to solve it?"

I most definitely do.

I hate how bad officiating is getting, and nothing is being done about it. Each year it is worse, so bad that it's all they talk about after a game sometimes. That "Foul Ball" in extra innings in the Twins vs. Yankees game, was clearly fair by about a FOOT, how do you miss judge that from 10 ft away!? If I have to watch one more outcome of a game get completely turned over because of a dumb a** official, I don't know wtf I will do... oh wait yea I do, probably b**** more abou... read more

my fantasy football team that i got roped into managing is absolutely sucking. i can not stand to lose, and it's really frustrating me!