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Bruins are going top shelf where Momma keeps the penut butter and where I hide the pornos!

WOW I'm kinda nervous. I've been entered into a bowling tournament, and it is next weekend. I mean, my average is in the double-digits(eighty something I do believe, but I don't remember), and my team mates are all in the triple digits. only in the 100's, but the lowest of the other three on the team besides me is 144. Eep. Also, one of the guys on the team just raised the high game of his life to 265, and mine is still a lowly 120. -.- Oh well I suppose... I'm going to pract... read more

Basketball has got to be the pussiest sport around. I can't even stand watching it anymore...they need to fix the rules or some sh**, because these "foul" calls are out of hand. They might as well make it so you can't touch another player at all. *shirt brushes against guys arm* *whistle - FOUL!* it's worse every year...

I can't believe Matt Cooke was not suspended for the dirty hit on Marc Savard... What is this game coming to when a dirty player, with an already bad reputation with the NHL such as Cooke can get away with a blatant intentional head shot??

Savard was not moving after he shot the puck, and no his head WAS NOT down, it was clearly up looking at where the puck it's obvious that Cooke hit exactly what he was aiming for.... you can tell he forced his body and ... read more

Three days before I start my new rowing team course I injure my foot?!! f***. f***! f***! f***! f***! f***! f***! f***! f***! f***! Am I done? Nope. f***!!!!!!!!!!!!

the guys at my school are always talking about football. its like they live and breathe it. its soooo annoying. like right now' 3 of them are arguing about more football! i have to urge to just slap the piss out of them. But its weird cause they're like my best friends. I can't stay amd at them for long so idk how to handle this one...

Is it just me or do the Native American totem poles rising from the ground in the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics look like four rising erections? Bad choice.

Why do people insist the Peyton Manning belongs in the greatest of all time discussion?

Haha! Now the NFL comes out and says that the officials blew 4-5 calls in the Vikings vs Saints game all against the Vikings and stated the Vikings should have won. LMAO, too great!

Maybe it's time to screen your officials a bit better? Dumbasses... This happens every year.

ya nfl needs to change its overtime rules.. each team needs to get a possession instead of letting a good game be decided by a coin flip.. and as in the case of vikings and saints game the officials helped kill a good game

Yay for officiating in the NFL... The Saints and Vikings game was an amazing game... well, until the bulls*** pass interference call which put the Saints in field goal range in overtime. So sick of refs being the deciding factor in huge games. I would like to thank the officials once again for ruining a great game! f***ing fail.

Why are Packer fans such idiots?

I loveeee how I went to the Patriots game with my dad my brothers and my dads friends.. drank myself silly and slept the entire way home.. probably the best day everr... oh did i mention THEY WON?!

good god... why must the Patriots suck a** in the second half? WTF is going on!?

I don't get all this Tiger Wood's bashing... seriously, he's rich and famous, they all do that sh**. GET OVER IT!

I knew the Patriots defense weren't good this year, but this is just laughable, lol!

Thierry how will you get over your handball

Are you f***ing kidding me?! How much do you guys think the Patriots were paid to throw that one... just awful. They were clearly the better team by far.

I am getting so sick of seeing the "Celebration Penalty" being called in football. So pointless. It's a f***ing highly energetic game, yet, when someone does something good they aren't allowed to celebrate? It really annoys the hell out of me to see an amazing play turn into a touchdown. Then the ref throws a flag because the guy was happy he just scored. Come the f*** on! This dumbass rule needs to be erased for ever.

I have a confession to make....I didn't really punch a baby in the face in a McDonald's... The fact of the matter is...the baby punched ME in the face and had to be escorted out... I'm sorry everyone...