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Only 13 more days to go until this boring archery only season is over and I can go into the woods with a real weapon that actually kills deer cleanly and ethically.

I had to use A535 In the area near my armpit and accidentally with out knowing I rubbed some on, NOW IT BURNSSSSSS!!! ARRRGHH >:@

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong honestly. I try to correct people in the nicest way possible when they make a mistake on something and yet they snap at me. I'm only doing this to help you as well as the team so we can all get better. But, how could we when everyone does not accept constructive criticism? Like, okay sure you're having a bad day but you know what... Other people have it worse.

My basketball coach is so frustrating! Like, okay, he's nice and everything but he's really old. He does not even keep a consistent first five(basketball terms here)! The first five always switches and he only plays the people he likes! The people who actually suck up to him! Even though, they suck really bad. I did not pay $200 for this crap of a team. I want a new coach and NOW

Hey Mariners you are done not in the race at all so do the rest of us a favor and just lay down for the Orioles so we can have one post season without the yankees. It would be so nice not having to hear the national media suck off those overrated douchebags for once.

I Just won my soccer game today, but what are great drills to get better at defence

miami heat won!!!!hahaha!

Is there a dumber site on the web than Yahoo? The NBA finals are going on, and in there Scores area, they listed MLB, Golf, and the WNBA. The WNBA- wtf?! No NBA. Yahoo = retards, yet again.

so today was okay i guess. i didnt get any family time in , but i dod get to sit and think for awhile. which i guess was okay. thinking time is always goos times to me.

Awesome. After the tightest series in NHL history the Capitals defeat the Bruins in game 7 due to lucky bounces all game long and especially in overtime...go figure. Really hate games won like that.

Hey Tim Tebow! Where has God put you now? On the bench. LOL!!!!

Superbowl, lol. No disrespect to anyone performing, but if I wanted to watch a concert I'd simply watch Palladia. #Palladia

Would just like to say...GO PATRIOTS!!!

Just as I was about to say, "No luck for you this time Eli, HA!" BOOM out of the sky...Luckiest QB in the history of the game strikes again, lol. Rematch time! Hopefully Gronkowski is good to play.

So now I'm out for the f***ing season because my shoulder keeps dislocating. It happened like 6 times. I told the doctor 3 times hoping I would just be out for a couple of days or so, but the doc freaked out and now I'm out. And I need to see some physical therapist to help strengthen my shoulder so it won't do that anymore

I hate the f***ing lakers and all their fake a** fans!

Hey jerry Jones I want half my money back for last night I came too see a football game but your defense didnt show up, hire a real gm a football guy I think your a great owner but a below average gm I want a 6th Super Bowl before the steelers get to 7.

Looks like my world champion dallas mavericks are acting like the old florida marlins, win it all and let most of your good players walk to free agency, that sucks I wanted to defend the tiyle with a real shot at a repeat, especially after watching the Rangers choke away the world series.

San Diego Chargers are pretty bad, they make millions and cant even win a dam game, and they are also demanding a stadium.

what a joke.

I love how the big sh** talkers shut the hell up or resort to blaming the referees when their team was clearly outplayed in the end of it. That Cowboys and Patriots game was a great game. I don't usually say this either, but the ref's actually did a good job.

If you're going to b**** about the "running into the kicker" penalty call, you might need to re-think watching football. The dude ran into the kicker, whether he meant it or not, it's still a f***ing penalt... read more