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We’re not very good of a relay team. I'm one of the slower veterans (1:30 100m free) and the others are all brand new swimmers but we had a pow wow right before our 400 freestyle relay which was the last event of the meet yesterday. Our time from our meet on Wednesday was 6:21 which isn't good and we came in last, we were aiming for under six minutes and I don't think I've ever swam faster in my life. I was first and when I got out of the pool the watch was on 1:20. Anyway,... read more

Is it just me or does Eric Dickerson seem like kind of a dick?

man, i just want to grab Trump's p**** and ride it to the sunset!

Actually I wanted to do morning run and afternoon run (each for 5 minutes)
But since I wasn't here in the morning I will do twice now

Next mission is running :))

I planned to do this several days :)

A decent swimmer my age should be able to swim 50m in 30-40 seconds
Today I swam 50m in 0:51 seconds off the block. This is my second year swimming and last year I didn't really know what I was doing. I've been concentrating on my stoke, and my coach thinks it's great, I breathe every 2 strokes on my right (sometimes left but it's really uncomfortable) HOW do I get faster, because I'm in fair shape, and a lot of people think my stroke is good, I really pull hard. Maybe it's m... read more

My mum just stresses me out I can never have a argument without crying and I can't say everything that's on my mind coz I know I will say something really bad which will get me in trouble if my dad gets in a argument with my mum he can just go out or work to get out of the house whereas me I'm too young to just walk out so I have to say all day and look at the face of my mother who after 15 years I know resent looking at I can't stare into her eyes anymore coz I just see my h... read more

Random survey
Would you rather go to a baseball game and be in the crowd with everyone else?
Or would you rather be the play by play announcer for that game?

Polling closes at 8:00 tonite

So I'm starting my boxing conditioning tomorrow. I'm both excited and terrified. I'm excited because boxing is something I'm interested in and I hope it's something I will be passionate about. I'm terrified because I'm a skinny white kid who goes to a school full of white kids. The boxing gym is in a much more culturally diverse part of town and I have no idea what to expect. If anyone at my school found out I wanted to box they would make fun of me because I'm too white and ... read more

I pooped myself at a talent show and didn't win. I mean I f***ing embarrassed myself in front of the whole town for nothing? Seriously?

I wish I had money to go to the JLA. I never been to a game. Never win tickets to a game nor get lucky to meet players like my family has. I never get invited. Always forgotten about since I ain't important enough. Been a fan of the Wings my whole life and it never got me anything. I just always get ignored and fake promised that I would go sometime. Truth is I never will and I will always just watch from home.

I gotta go poop!

Refs in NHL sucks the Tampa and Pittsburgh teams nuts. They called a penalty on Larkin which Stamkos clearly fakes being tripped. He knocks down a Wing player and doesn't get a penasty. He gets involved in scrum and then gets away with it and Detroit loses a player for the game. They cheated and it's bulls***. Gave Tampa a free win they didn't deserve. Bettman needs to go away. He only likes giving certain teams advantages that help them cheat to win. After Detroit was ahead ... read more

The City of Townsville.

Go Blue Jays! #Toronto #Playoffs

Im really surprised how I made the highschool soccer team when I've never played on a real team before when all these girls I seen them play on Ayso to elite clubs and they didnt make this team. I'm surprised and so blessed for having this opportunity.

so uh i love and have been riding horses for quite some time. and i belive next to horse racing and outright torture, cross country is the cruelest and most dangerous thing you can force a horse with no choice to do. these poor animals are forced to run miles and miles and jump over really high jumps and go down super steep hills and basically sh** a horse should never do. the jumps will not fall or break if the horse does not clear it, meaning it would take almost nothting f... read more

20 innings without one run. Comon. Comon

For those, or for anyone who read my previous post, I feel like I did great at soccer today! I blocked every goal when the other girls who are trying out as GK missed several. It was probably my lucky day, although I doubt the coaches saw my epic saves. For whoever who gave the advice to ben the knees and such, thanks. I got used to realizing when to pick up the ball and when not to pick up the ball. Now, can someone explain the best ways to punt, drop kick, pass, throw a bal... read more


I used to play soccer when I was young, and played with boys who were on teams voluntarily. I thought I was really great, although I hardly ever wore my goalie gloves. Now I'm trying out for the soccer team when I did not play soccer in a team for over four years.

I also do not mean to be conceded, but I was well known for juking out people in soccer, but after I had a health problem where my body doesn't take in as much oxygen as other people, I c... read more