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I'm a sprinter who physically cannot train like a sprinter. My genetics have cursed me with gargantuan, stiff and inflexible calves and ankles, which prevent me from doing cleans, deadlifts and any type of squat. I've spent the past year working on ankle and calf mobility but I haven't made any progress, and my physiotherapist basically told me that it's not worth trying anymore.

School track starts up in late April-early May. Let's see how well I can do while only doing qua... read more

god im so nervous im doing my testing for taekwondo today and im hoping i do well WISH ME GOOD LUCK!!!

we exist was written on the gym floor the top looked like a mother ship ufo

I wish I was surfing at the beach hang 10

Oh my god! I am so nervous for softball tryouts! I want to do well but I don't want to look stupid i mean I am going to be playing with High School and stuff. I am also worried that because a certain "someone" will be there he will see me. I want to make it so badly but that means we need to practice 4 days of the week. including weekends! I can do this. My dad really wants me to make it. I have tryouts in one hour wish me luck!

~ Cinder

Hi bro!
Good verified cc shop!

If I'm dating an athlete whether it's a basketball or football player should I post pics or just keep them private some say if they post pics and brag about dating one it's thirsty yes or no ?

Is it just me, or do all girls have a designated bra for running the mile in school?
I'm a girl.

‪Anyone still thinking the Boston Bruins made a mistake by firing Claude Julien, simply does not understand the game. Especially after finding out how he was running practices...Bruins "fans" continue to just blow my mind with their ignorance.‬

Failure as a director of operations to get more than one team in the playoffs gets you elected President of the organization. BYHI.

Parents who teach their kids to use foul language during sporting events are a**h*** . Decatur. PYHI.

So frustrated!! My son is brand new on a team and we missed two optional last minute practices due to illness and plans we had weeks in advance. I had a mother on the team voice her dissatisfaction and feels the need to gossip rather than bring the issue to my f***ing attention!!!!

Any time a girl dares to complain about unfairness I just tell her to shut up and get off tumblr, it's all I got besides aids. 🤷‍♂️

I made varsity pole vaulting for my schools track and field team but I'm sick and didn't go to practice at all today (one before school and one after) and I have my first meet this weekend. very, very nervous...

-H.S. Freshman

Continuation of cheer cuz i hit submit on accident.
So for our christmas party we have a stunt session where we can just try whatever we want right? So my normal flyer, Scarlett, comes up with a stunt to try from youtube. (Broccoli hates it when someone gets something before her) We put it up great. Switch to her flying with our base group, its great. Scarlett and I were actually attending the same visitation and she got to fly it at a game before Scarlett. It kinda ticked me... read more

Ok so I'm a cheerleader right? We started with (for example) 20 but lost three and now have 17, but there were only 12 of us at practice today. For the sake of this, there are three girls who have terrible terrible attitudes called apple, carrot and broccoli. Now broccoli has the worst attitude and is a year older than the rest so we've had to put up with her the longest. She corrects everyone else but cant take corrections and is super rude about everything. That kinda attit... read more

Why watch a bunch of dudes fall down a million times on a field when you could actually watch something interesting? Or do concussions get you off?

Track tryouts are all week. This is my first time and I'm f***ing scared...

-H.S. freshman

Lady gaga was f***ing hotttttt today. sh**.

GG Patriots.......