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Now someone is changing my comments, f*** YOU!


I feel so guilty, I popped my troll cherry!


I wish they would bring back the idiot button

why dones't this site give you notifications??

Dear Muttr, please add this feature where you can track views of posts who visited.

There you go Nate proof that she hates/loves me and it is the one that started all this
I have been here for 5 years off and on and have never caused this kind of trouble and
you know that! it's here 3 months and? do what you gotta do!:)

In this age of competitive gaming these games are virtually unplayable by yourself can people PLEASE learn the basics of the games and objectives!

I'm confused, I want to donate to this one guy that's streaming, but I don't know if Paypal will allow me to. I'm a teenager, I don't have a bank account or credit card of my own. Will Papypal even let me put money into the account?

I am obsessed with keeping muttr a place for everyone and not your personal f***ing blog!

WOW the troll left and now it's two hours to a page WOW

If you are a member and are to cowardly to use your moniker then you are a perfect waste of human flesh

Why the f*** is my f***ing internet so f***ing slow oh my f***

Hey guys! Could you please make a fix post where you can insult each other all you want? That way you can all be as stupid as you want and not bother the people who actually want to use this site like it is supposed to. Or you can just go wash the dishes and take a nap, that works too. Thanks.

All of you are clickbaiting mutherf***ers, why are trolls taking over this site?

my laptop is so warm it's worrisome... i feel like i should do something about it

Does reporting spam even do anything? I report spam every time I see it but it never gets removed.

This website is spiraling down into sh**. It barely works, spammers are everywhere clogging up the f***ing drains. God f***ing dammit I just want to get stuff off my mind without having to wait 10 minutes or have my sh** blown out BY f***ING SPAMMERS.

See I knew I could get the SJW commenting haha you are my puppet b****