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I have OCPD thing for video game accounts and pretty much anything technology. I have created thousands of email, steam, league of legends, warframe etc accounts. It makes feel depressed if I don't do this. It is like a itch. I need to stop before it gets worse. I have also bought games multiple times or the same thing multiples in video games. I need help fixing this before I end using all my money in this.

#HELP #advice

i can't be the only one that freaks out a bit when i see a muttr that applies to my current situation, right?

Could someone hack an iPhone without having physical access to it? What about wifi? IP? How would you know if you've been hacked? Asking for a friend.


OH MY F***ING GOD! So I've been playing Clash Royale for a few months now. Just on and off, but I found a decent clan and they got me to play a lot more. Fast forward to today...its 2v2 week and I'm super excited because I kick a** at 2v2. I'm at the top of my clan for wins and I have a ton of donations for this week. And so I play a 2v2 with a clan mate named Preston a.k.a. Stupid Mother F**ker and we lose. Hey, whatever, it happens. Can't win them all. Well, he gets so piss... read more

People who post videos to YouTube with robotic voices reading the same sh** you could find on google should be thrown in jail.

Trees don't get their mass from the ground, it's primarily carbon that gets absorbed through its leaves.

So now we have to create these gigantic carbon scrubber machines to do what trees do naturally.

Didn't they cut down real trees in The Lorax, and put up plastic ones?

We're heading in that direction.


I can’t see an end, I have no control and I don’t think there’s any escape –

I don’t even have a home anymore...

Definitely time for a new keyboard.

Okay so I am a big gamer and the game that I mostly play is League of Legends. If anybody actually reads this and knows what this game is or what you do in it. This post might be for you. In this game there are 5 total positions you can play as: there is jungle, top lane, mid lane, ADC, and support. The role that I play is jungle and in this role you roam around the map clearing camps of monsters to gain XP, levels, and gold to buy items. It is honestly the most mentally taxi... read more

I often wish the internet would implode. A magnificent crash and all of its casual, social functions vanish. Maybe then you'll look up and start talking to me again, the way we used to when we were kids in love. :_(

Aliens have abducted you and have taken you to a planet 12 light years away.
The planet is like tropical regions on Earth. You must survive for one year before
the aliens will bring you back home.
You may take only ONE of the items listed below:
1 a bottle of cologne
2 a pin
3 a pencil
4 a pen
5 a TV remote
6 a Rubiks Cube
7 a lab mouse
8 a book of matches
Which would you choose? And why?

Is it pronounced Gif (like give) or Jif (like peanut butter)?

I ordered my mom's phone case AFTER I ordered mine. My mom's phone case arrived first. Excuse me, but I'm the one who dropped it and had to pay five-hundred to have it fixed. WHERE'S MY CASE?!

Why do women show off on Instagram? (I.e. Constant selfies, pictures of their partner, presents, trips and outings)

Twitter makes me dead inside! Everyone is so f***ing hostile! I got the biggest troll war! The troll war to end all troll wars! And because the numb skull original tweeter person blocks everyone that disagrees with her, right on the spot, I look like a super villain! OH MY FREAKING GAWD! Everyone is so angry! And I get it. We all got problems. But really?! Really? Can't say anything positive ever? And I'm extremely politically involved. Just not on my author twitter... But th... read more

Consumers routinely give Comcast, Charter (now Spectrum), Verizon, CenturyLink and AT&T basement-level scores for customer satisfaction. This collective resentment is fueled by the sense that we don’t have a choice when we sign up for their services.

It’s about to get worse: President Trump’s F.C.C., under the leadership of its fiercely deregulatory chairman,
Ajit Pai, wants to let these companies become even more powerful by letting them do whatever they want and allo... read more

I've taken on a project where I ask people "Can you explain, in your own words, what white privilege is?" one of the responses was already so racists towards people who already have a hard life I don't feel comfortable putting it in my collage.

#Privilege #Racism

can someone tell me where i can get PhotoShop for free..?

This makes zero sense