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Raisen Bread, Wheat Bun, Bean Pie, Selzer Water, Foam Cups, Plastic Plates, Brown Rice, Vinigger.

Some lame b**** named elevenelevenn on here needs to chill with posting her 700 message chat transcripts to get attention in the trending section. She's probably just talking to herself and I wouldn't care if the posts weren't just her talking to herself and boring sh**. It's not venting. It's pathetic and annoying. She has over a hundred posts and only 2 are advice. Lmfao.

My phone just got taken away again and apparently it's going to be taken away for a month. The past three weeks I've been giving my phone to my parents on the weekends because I was in trouble three weeks before for reasons I can't even remember at this point. But the reason was justified and I understood why I had it taken. Suddenly this week I'm forced to give my phone to my mom after school ends because my dad is pissed off at me??? For what??? What the f*** did I even do?... read more

Internet bullsh*t really rubs me the wrong way sometimes. I feel so bad for them, but also kind of mad at myself because I don't really like it either? But it feels super hypocritical. BLEH


Sometimes I look on muttr, scroll through some posts, maybe some comments and I think 'what on earth happened here?' Like some posts start out kinda normal and then some unspoken force appears and the whole thing just becomes one crazy mess

I was crying after watching moana, lionking, lionking 2, Pocahontas, equestria girls rainbow rocks, storks and Like all the Disney movies. Not gonna lie. I'm 18

Why all the pornographic ads out of control on this site?!??!

Love is a mental illness!

I wish my house's wi-fi is closer to my room :(

Trolls are unending
just like porn made the internet

Cancer is no more prevalent than it was a hundred years ago!
better medicine and longer lives, would you rather die at thirty?

I wish I could cure stupidity the world over
but then it would be a very empty place.

Hate it? Because it's stupid? No society with no love for art is.

Can't find your dream job? I'm making it for you! Join data academy personal. Accepting scholarships of any who earn it. Let's take back Harvard!
#amber Konkler fund go me! #4

me: *opens texting app*
friend: *is typing*

What if Siri could become your girlfriend

It would be great if muttr would just like..temporarily shut down when things get this bad. Like the government shutdown lmao.

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메이저사이총판/♬¬▷((Bgg-777 . Com))◁-♬¬카톡:come99사다리양방 다리다리양... read more


That social network where everyone only posts the best photos of themselves doing

cool sh** while people sit on the couch scrolling through those photos comparing

them to their miserable existence?

I'm so shocked that this has a negative impact on mental health.

I wish getting my cyberbullies IP was easier so I could report them faster but nope I have to wait.