TLDR: Can anyone's life be as perfect as it seems on social media? How can I stop being jealous of her and get the life she has? My acquaintence, let's call her Tanya, has the most perfect seeming life. I follow her on social media daily and am in awe of her. She is beautiful, tall, thin, ginger, great makeup and hair and wears lovely expensive outfits. She has had a great education and expresses herself very articulately in writing. After completing a bachelor, a master degree with perfect grades....she is living in australia, attending a 40k a semester university, enjoying the beautiful weather and beaches. Her attractive husband asked her to marry him after only a year of dating. She shows off the beautiful flowers and gifts he gave her....they even adopted dogs! They went on european vacations, had a wedding on an island with a private photographer and she got a beautiful dress. In her photo feed, Tanya posts lovely selfies, photos of the beach, dining in fancy bars and restaurants every weekend, the expensive jewlery and presents she treats herself to and compliments her husband and shows off their wedding photos (from a year ago). Im jealous because she has the life I dont: she has money, style, looks, love, luxury and a career planned out for her. Meanwhile, Im with a BF who isnt sure he wants to marry me because we both are in financial problems. My life isnt nearly as perfect as hers. How do I get a life like she does?! I can I find someone who wants to marry me, where can I get a good paying job, how can I afford to buy more luxuries? Is my life really that bad? No....but I cant help being jealous