b****, you can't escape the truth
Anonymous says


f*** it
I don't care if I go down, you said you and your mom would love me hard well here goes your own medicine

Monet, or Moonee, whatever you want
You have manipulated me after being used 3 times because you wanted a slave. You wanted someone to feel like you felt all the times you were abused and taken advantage of and I would let myself because I valued your happiness. This is emberassing I know, but you have to learn. And if you hate me for it so be it. You led me on as a permanent good lay for years so you never had to worry about someone loving you till death. I had no exprience with sex or love but you I trusted you to have sex without a condom. You told me it was "ok."
You told me, "I love you" I said owww I didn't think it would hurt. I said "I don't know if I want to" " I planned on getting married." and you said. "We will." And then it was over. A year of you cheating and lying to have your way like your mom...

All this time. You never were a faithful woman. You're just an easy lay who gives people STD's