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nuthing is heeere

Ew amazon sent a reply to my email about my stupid order telling me to call them about it, that they could not help over email



In the future, girls will shave their legs in cool patterns and guys will decal their nails like a car.

is there anyone else not able to get into google drive ?

When I see something on the internet that I don't like or agree with I just go look at something else. It's painless, actually.

my iphone f***ing deleted all of my notes. everything is gone.

filler text ugh

this is just some filler text, ignore this

tfw you ping a short name in ya group chat and it also pings you for a different name that has basically the whole name in front of it :')

f***ing hate this chromebook piece of sh** computer, i accidentally restart it and i cant get into my email or docs. it tells me they cant be accessed on this network contact admin
is there anyone who knows this stuff help????

What's up with state testing, like you would think being confident that you'll get a 4 on the AP world history exam would be enough right? Like no student is going to pay $90 without learning the material. Tomorrow, I'll be taking the standardized World history 2 (more like European history) that's loaded with inaccuracies (like who wrote the first novel, why did the Protestant reformation begin, etc.) JUST TOOK A REALSED ON IN LIKE 20 MINUTES AND GOT A 98% SO DID EVERYONE IN... read more

I am nearly 50, and have been watching this rise in technology over the last few decades. Gotta admit, this dick pic thing is the most outrageous. To me, it's like if I am sitting in a coffee shop reading a book, and a gent says "Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here? Can we maybe chat, get to know each other?", and I reply "Thanks, but actually I am just waiting on a friend, enjoying my book. Maybe another day.".... only to have him say "Oh yeah? Well get a load of this then!... read more

Is it just me or did everyone here search for "a website where i could just vent" in google?

I hate when people say fml on snapchat!

Someone on the internet said they git my IP adress. Is that bad?

I love this site. It's like an online diary complete with the once-in-a-while supportive and useful advice/comments.

Thank you so much to the inventor of this site and whoever keeps it running, because if it weren't for this site, I'd still be the emotional wreck I was and still sort of am.

Why the f*** is windows defender taking 24 hours to scan my PC Jesus f***ing christ

My two year old niece just cried and said she wanted to die after the ipad stopped working. :|

There's a lot of cool people out there that i'm dying to be pals with ,even some that have contacted me once. But I get so worried i'll leave a bad impression on them and f*** it up. Sometimes i'm never sure what to say to someone even though I want to say something, I feel like sh** for not talking but at the same time I fear i'll seem random. I'm uncomfortable yet too comfortable in my current situation. I SHOULD branch out I SHOULD be brave, but I worry about leaving my co... read more

My father asked for the Wi-Fi password...

“It’s taped under the modem,” I told him.

After three failed attempts to log on, he asked,

“Am I spelling this right? T-A-P-E-D-U-N-D-E-R-T-H-E-M-O-D-E-M?”