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You know what brought this on don't you? TECHNOLOGY! is cancer

oh? you have an Android phone? that's pleasant

When you're a regular here, you begin to feel like you're getting deja vu when you read through the recent pages. There are a handful of people who seem to post the same sh** line for line every day. Like could you guys be just a little more creative? I don't know, would probably pack more punch to your inflammatory efforts.

Don't be getting down on flowers, after all it's not her fault that he/she is a pathetic loser with no other life than muttr

What's up with all the blank comments

OMG I got a whole page here and I feel some gifs coming over me

Tried to update windows 10 security update, it fails to download 3 times now, this is why I hate laptop and PCs.

Does anyone here remember Kazaa? Or Limewire?

See all transgenders ARE Demons here to steal your soul

I keep telling myself I'm not going to use this site anymore but then I'd feel sh**y for abandoning the decent folk here and leaving them to be shat upon by the trolls.

Ah yes, muttr. Where a loser can abuse the system leaving thousands with no help, aren't you proud of yourself?

Breaking news:

The manhunt for flowers have led the police to an open field on a sunny day
where they found a mass grave of men, at least 50 or more bodies
have been found all of which have had their dicks removed and the words
kill men have been incised into all of their chests.

And the manhunt continues!!!!!

I deactivated my Facebook account today. I realized that I don't have friends. And Facebook just reminds me of that.

All your base are belong to us

Flowersindecember leads to baby in august!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want an idiot button vote love
If you want an moron button vote laugh

No the woman category would be much more used but not as vicious
I wish they would bring back the idiot button

Anybody know a good website or app for free textng? I dont have an email or phone number so it cant require those. Also I dont want to have credits. Idc if it has calling too.

I stuck a bunch of cherries up my butt now I'm pooping cherry!!!!!!!