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Is technology going to destroy humanity in the next couple of hundred years?

Putting it all together, I'd have to say the original Nintendo DS was the best Nintendo system to date. <3 In terms of games, adventure and memories. it was amazing.

I wish there was something I can use to massage my lungs.

So I'm reading this book called hopeless by Colleen Hoover and the girl in this book had no access to the internet or a cellphone and I'm thinking to myself, how does that feel? Not having an connection to the world. Just being happy and nothing but happy.

I hate having a phone sometimes

It's 11:00 the night before i have to turn in my sources for a research paper and Galileio is the stupidest goddamned sourcefinder in the world. Finding sources for a paper should be easy, right? Not when your teacher is a controlling b**** who makes you use a search engine designed by differently abled amish people with parkinson's disease. I swear to god, every source I save to my computer saves it in a different format. I saved a scholarly essay, and, i sh** you not, this ... read more

I have a master plan to end my long-lasting addiction to Instagram.
Over a period of time, I will collect my friends' phone numbers and emails and add them to my contacts.
Once that is done and I have every contact necessary, I will log out of four of my accounts, but keep their passwords in case I decide to revisit them.

>tfw 4chan is blocked in my country and VPN doesn't always work

Tesla christens Buffalo solar factory ‘Gigafactory 2’, will finalize locations of Gigafactory 3, 4 and possibly 5 this year.

Social media was created so people can contact their friends quickly and easily. However, many people use social media as a tool to get praised. This eventually turns people into worrying that if they don't get praised, then they aren't good. Plus, it can lead to people wishing to be like the other person and could result in a loss in self esteem. First of all, just because you don't get likes and comments doesn't mean you are "bad." In fact, the number of "friends" and "like... read more

NASA's Big Announcement : Seven Earth-Like Planets Orbit One Nearby Star, The red dwarf has seven alien planets the size of Earth
Last year, a research team, discovered that a small, dim red dwarf star about 39 light-years away had three planets orbiting it. All three exoplanets were about the size of Earth and in the so-called "Goldilocks Zone" where temperatures can hover between 0 and 100 degrees C—the ideal conditions for liquid water and, perhaps, life.

My stupid f***ing piece of sh** phone won't connect to the f***ing wifi even though every other device will. It's the f***ing "obtaining ip address" sh**. I tried restarting my phone, forgetting the wifi, I even tried setting the IP settings to static instead of DHCP, and it SAID it was connected but I still can't f***ing connect to any websites or apps. I give up, f*** this phone.

I can't see any of these.


A new study investigating spills from hydraulically fractured oil and gas uncovered 6,648 spills in just four states over a ten-year period. Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania. Significant differences in reporting requirements across states made this analysis difficult.

God or the devil is literally out to get me. Computer got f***ed and I started doing the middle finger to god and right then my phone got f***ed up too. I started repenting because I'm an emotional b**** and my world is crashing down and right then my phone suddenly started working. But my computer got more f***ed up afterwards. Weird sh** like this NEVER happened before. My life is so f***ed up now that my computer broke and I'm a mess. Thank god though that I backed my stuf... read more

My f***ing phone sucks dinosaur balls! I'm trying to use this site but are pop up. And when I try to edit them out, I keep pressing the ads and end up on another site!!!

I saw an interesting paragliding video where someone used an electric motor instead of a gasoline one.
Others too are using electric prop motors for paragliding, and thought it might be fun to see how many thermo electric chips a person would have to sail along behind them to generate the energy needed for endless flight time with no worries of batteries going dead.
I read where people get only 6 minutes of flight time using a ternigy 100cc electric motor, and 4 x 6s 5300 mah... read more

A girl is witch hunting me on Facebook because we have the same name on our profile. I don't want to change my name but I don't want my profile being taken down for no reason. I honestly don't know what to do because my profile is at risk of being shut down because her 600+ friends are false flagging me. But if I change my name it shows this girl that she has permission to walk all over me. What should I do?

Holy crap, what are the g**d*** chances. The day my computer breaks my sister has to WAKE ME UP to use it after WEEKS OF BEING OK NOT USING IT just to friggin remind me before I even wake up and get out of bed of how g**d*** screwed I am.