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Here's the game she plays she posts as cherry then as flowers battling it out, then flowers pushes cherry to kill herself and then cherry threatens it, and the cycle continues trolls TROLLS the both of them both left at same time four days ago and then both pop up 4 days later within 2 hours hmmmm
Stop wasting our time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

multiple personalities is a b**** especially when one is a witch

Cherrychapstick and flowers in december leave on the same day and come back on same day hmmm

Hey cherrybomb how's they hanging I thought you killed yourself hahahaha

Hey flowers so they finally caught you huh how far did you get hahahaha

Come on somebody dress your five year old like trump and do a youtube video.

Sitting at a table with an order in front of him to sign
Go ahead donald sign the executive order.
But I don't want to!
Sure you do donald people will like you for it.
People will like me?
yes all over the world.
OK give it here I want people to like me :)

Does anyone know what other site i cant vent to anonymously apart from this one?

What are some great blogs to read and type about besides this one I can't find any goods ones?

My earbuds broke today. Great. Just great. The only things that have been holding me together are gone. And I don't have enough money to afford the luxury of a new pair.

I constantly talk about Facebook groups on here, but I don't care. JUDGE ME, I KNOW I AM A LOSER

anyway, I belong to this one group that is supposed to be like a venting thing, all the posts are just people raging about one thing or another, and absolutely petty, #firstworldproblems are encouraged.

but, much like this website, the real raging takes place in the comments, with people meta-raging, ie raging and critiquing the validity of the rage contained in the original pos... read more

If someone tries too hard on social media, it's pretty obvious they have no energy left for real life, so #bye

Just cleaned my mouse. Note to self --- and to anyone reading: DO IT MORE OFTEN

When you disable the comments you get a laugh by default ha ha


So I was trying to catch a pidgey when randomly the "Oh?" Message pops up. Then it says I got the Ditto Pokémon, but when I looked at my eggs NONE OF MY EGGS HATCHED!! I googled it and the Ditto Pokémon is univaluable to catch?! If you look up Pokémon Go rareity chart it'll show in bottom row!


it says the name right there, right there

Omegle is still a "thing?"

This is better than encountering perverted a**es on Omegle

!!!can i borrow $120 please i dont know what to do i have 23 mins left!! i have to sign up today! please someone please help!!! please!! ill send proof! please i need help right now this could blow everything for me please ill send any proof needed ill show proof it was paid

the more i go into my medical training, the more i think smart phones are just cancer boxes. hopefully my funeral photos will get a few likes.

What are some good android games or apps to train your brain and keep it strong? I like free flow. What are some other games?

Why are people with brains so hard to come by?

Why internet trolls never want people to find out who they are could they be a child molester, a stalker or a serial killer