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I'm leaving in a few days for my summer vacation but my mom got pregnant and she's acting all moody and I don't know how I could deal with it because she kinda bring my brother and I down when she's acting up. I just wanna stay positive and have a good time but I quess things doesn't always go as planned.

I have work in 50 minutes. My only ride is long gone. Id have to call uber but I barely have any money. I wish my job wasnt so far.

I'm studying abroad in France next semester and I'm so scared. What if I'm unliked? What if the language barrier is too much, even with my four years of french.

i just want to travel the world and experience different cultures and just witness beauty. however, all i can do is stay in one place and dream for a few agonizing years. maybe one day i can be free. maybe one day.

So f***ing annoyed right now. The person I was supposed to be travelling to Morocco with tomorrow has decided to tell me at 9pm at night that she isn't going any more. And this is the second trip she's done this to me on. I'm so frustrated right now.

dear people boasting about speeding through our small village,

i hope you accidentally run down your own nan and smear her across the road

me xxx

you think you are going to keep on driving until you are a hundred or just a skeleton grasping the wheel I hate to see you when they take your car away then what are you going to do

We're staying with my husband's friend/coworker while we're getting ready to move. We're supposed to leave tomorrow but my husband keeps trying to talk me into staying because apparently his friend is bbqing tomorrow. It wouldn't be that big a deal but our poor dogs are stuck in their kennels all day because these people have small children... One of which will not leave me alone. Any chance he gets he screams in my ear, pulls on my hair and hits me in the head with any objec... read more

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Sometimes I daydream about flying to Japan on a giant origami crane. :3

What's the best p**** you've ever had les community?

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally reached my home sweet home <3

What is better? Lyft or Uber?

Fried Chicken, Wurter Melons, Grape Koolaid, Muh boombox, Muh twerkin hoes, Muh cadilac, Muh gold chain, Muh white T shirt, Muh Jeans, Muh Nikes and Muh Dope is all da sheeeeit I need for this interview at duh Burga Kang.

I'm so dizzy with my dad's way of driving. He used to be much smoother.

I have a question. Why in the f*** has Donald Duck never gotten the same amount of attention that Mickey Mouse has received over the years?

Every picture taken on this continent looks like somewhere I've been! I need to get off of North America! South America? Australia? Random island in the Pacific? Take me anywhere for a weekend!


I hop into an Uber, and in the middle of the street, he stops and says that my ride is over, a full 15 Kilometers away