You were born in Ukraine. You left with your family when you were like 1 year old, and settled in another, non-Russian speaking country. The languages you know are Russian, from family members, the local language of your country (like Italian, if you live in Italy, French, if you had migrated to France, etc.) and English, 'cause they teach it in your school. You don't know half-sh** word in Ukrainian. But if you want to drop a visit to distant family and you need to renew your Ukrainian passport, then your f***ed. Only if you were born in Ukraine though, not if you're originally born in any other country, then you're just a visitor, get your passport for free if you care. But if you're originally born in Ukraine and want to visit the consulate gives you hell. It takes MONTHS TO RENEW, IT'S f***ING EXPENSIVE, What the f***ing logic in that?! You have to go to the Ukrainian consulate, and they interrogate you about everything which is fine, but here's the problem:

They do it in Ukrainian. Like, every, EVERY word they speak to you is Ukrainian. They can ask the purpose of your visit, or you birth date, your parents, names, what city you're staying at, why where and who, and you can ask them everything including what time it is and where the f***ing bathroom is, and they'll answer you in Ukrainian, and YOU can answer in Russian of course, GIVING YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY'RE f***ING SAYING! LIKE, you tell them "can you PLEASE speak to me in Russian?! or even English? I can't understand a sh** you're saying. I don't speak Ukrainian. about a third of Ukraine speaks russian, you literally have millions who speak RUSSIAN." and they say: "NO. we MUST speak in Ukrainian." And i'm not even talking about the native language of the country you're staying at (Italian in Italy, french in France, etc...)

What. The. f***?! I was born there! I should be able to go back for a f***ing visit if I want to!