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Show me the asshat drivers who think its funny to try and hit pedestrians while they are walking ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

I live in a country that is not my home, and it is so difficult every day to speak a language so different from my own and deal with me strange, society. I stay here for the man I love, but I cry often over missing my home so much. I don't deal well with heat weather and my homesickness is so very overwhelming. Bare ta meg hjem.

next time i see some jack*** on their phone while driving im going to straight up get out of my car and lose my sh** on them. can i just take my car that i havent even had for two weeks home without someone merging into me or damn near rear ending me? thatd be great.

What if I make it one of those "challanges" you sheeple are so found of hmmm?

Sure like I challenge you to get the electoral college to change its mind


Hey White people! Watch out. Islamic terrorists are coming for you. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, is now explicitly telling its lone wolf jihadists in the West to strictly target white people so that the US government and its allies in the press dont get the wrong message about the Islamic group's motivations.

In an article entitled Inspire guide: Orlando operation, AQAP tells would-be Muslim jihadists to avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are g... read more

Can people choose which floor they'll be staying in in hotels like Mercure? For example, if I specify a room at the 22th floor, would they be weirded out?


I am obsessed. I desperately want to live in Europe for an extended period of time. Specifically, somewhere in the UK. I am currently trying to find a way to do that. From what I have read about the people and culture, I really feel like I truly belong there! I have more in common with them than with my own country...
I would au pair, but I am not good at getting on the same level with children. And as for teaching English, well I am not a college grad...
See, I feel like I n... read more

I'm traveling overseas for the first time to England in a few days and I can't deal with planes. The thought of it crashing just keeps on playing in my mind and my anxiety is just overwhelming right nowSomebody help

Id like to say one last final goodbye to Stan my little hatchback that has carried me through the good times and bad. I always felt safe in you and like nothing bad would ever happen to me in you and I will miss you very much. Goodbye buddy I loved you a lot.

When a camper lady is trying so hard to get rid of a snake on his way, it may not because of the snake is ugly, she might be just scared because its venom is potentially deadly...

I don't mean to affect anyone.... I always thought I was in solitude cube where I won't give any bad effects on anyone... and I had been avoiding them while I can...

I smell something really wrong in this place already.

Based on my research, New York's strength is diversity and experience, while its downfall is the cost of hefty money. I'll move when I have a high-paying stable job and the money and time to do so bc I want to meet someone. Is NYC reaaaally worth it?

Btw that was the first one I write past rip. I was just awake.

This place aint safe anymore.

Pecos Texas must be the a**h*** of the Earth. This town can suck it!!!!

I was biking to work sick af and it was raining pretty hard and my back tire had been shooting dirty a** water all up on my back so I was pretty stressed out at the moment
And I was going on this one part of the street where there was no bike lane and I was on the oncoming lane going towards traffic in the gutter and all t he cars were driving into the middle of the two lane road
So driving right on the dotted line whenever they would pass me
But they didn't need that much ro... read more

When the traffic light is green to turn left AND the street sign for pedestrians is on the walk sign, who gets the right of way? I'll usually cross first unless some jerk speeds past me before I get to cross.

I have been driving my dads hand me down ford focus zx5 for a few years, I learned to drive stick in this car, it never did me wrong in a squirrelly manuever and has an exhaust louder than hell making it the most fun car in the world to drive. Its very rusted and its issues are getting ahead of me so I need to sell it its very emotional. I love this car more than I loved any of my boyfriends and am sadder about losing it than the break ups. I am going to miss the sh** out of ... read more

Don't get excited, it was just your birthday. Notice I didn't get in on that action, eh? No thanks, I'll pass. I'm totally done with you, and I hope that is getting clearer and clearer over time. When he got off the phone with you, you know what he said to me? "Always a pleasure.", rolling his eyes before heading off to do something else. Even *HE* can't stand to talk to you. It's always such a painful conversation. You can't just be happy to hear from someone - you've always... read more

I just took my second driving test and got 16 errors (15 to pass). I am arguing for one point so that I can pass the test. The manager at the DMV said she is going to call me after talking to the tester. I hope I get good news!