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If guys had periods they would brag about how big their tampons are.

So my wife came up to me and said, "Take off my shirt."

So I took off her shirt. Then she said, "Take off my skirt." I took off her skirt. "Take off my shoes." I took off her shoes. "Now my hose, bra, and panties."

I took them off. Then she looked at me and said, "I don't want to catch you wearing my things ever again."

I'm a 13 yr old lesbian, and sometimes I really hate my life. I wish I was straight. Not because it's the "norm" but just so I wouldn't have to hide it from my parents. I've always know my parents weren't the types of people who would be like "oh your gay, well good for you" to a stranger but I never really knew how they felt. I've tried coming out to my mom by starting with "there's this girl in my class that just said she was gay" to see what she's says and then be like aha... read more


I have a dig bick,
You that read wrong,
That awkward when you read that wrong too...
And said "moment" after awkward..

You triggered?

To those who think the fetus is just a 'clump of cells'.
I dare you to go up to a mother
that was pregnant(by rape, accident, or purposeful, married or unmarried)
and wanted to keep her baby
but lost/miscarried it somehow
and tell her
that her child
was a clump of cells.

are we not gonna talk about what kind of animal the muttr logo is? like is that an elephant

I started out as a Democrat. Thankfully I wasn't old enough to vote at the time.

You quickly grow out of that garbage if you've got a healthy mind.

Lol i love torturing/teasing my boyfriend. I deliberately wait before he goes to work to turn him on and make him sexually frustrated all day😂

Being on my period
Is the worst I'm
Always horny
And can't do anything about it


Hillary won without the help of Russia or racists. Instead we get Woman hating pig who can't even get his wife to live with him costing us millions every day while they make million dollar deals and wipe their a**es with the constitution.

Melania needs to move into the White House or divorce drumpf either way I don't wanna pay so damn much for secret service to sit around her NYC penthouse as she gets her a** bleached and their autistic son gets breastfed by Muslim Mexicans.

This c*******er !!!

--- Let's cut Meals-on-Wheels -- You could feed 5,967 homebound seniors for a year on what Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trips cost so far

---Trump could fund homelessness agency for decades if he stopped visiting Trump properties

I lost 40lbs. I let my hair grow out and dyed it blonde because that is what you like. I got colored contacts because you didn't like my brown eyes. I did my nails natural because you like them better like that instead of the colors I love. I got new clothes because you preferred me in more "girly" clothes. I stopped talking to my friends & family because you wanted all of my attention. You became my entire life, everything I did was for you. And now you left me, and I feel l... read more

I'm so glad I voted for Hillary and not a treasonous p**** grabber that lies about everything, even his real name. She won without Russians or gerrymandered racists She's not perfect but she would protect this country from hostile countries like Russia and would not put profit and greed ahead of the presidency. She showed her tax returns. How much Russian rosneft oil is drumpf invested in? What's the real kompromat? Wake up and resist.

I just saw my teachers not gay f*ck him

He keeps walking through here singing "...treat me like a fool, treat me mean and cruel..." at full volume. Evil Elvis singing bastard. I'm gonna have that dumb song stuck in my head all day now.

What gives the ignorant savage the right to insult and harass, and defame our characters? Do we tell the ignorant hilllbilly to drop dead? no. So why is he trying to make us drop dead for with his want of our demise? ignorant warmongering tree killing a**

Who says people who smoke cannabis has no rights promised in the constitution and bill of rights? Jeff sessions - Who says our constitution has the right to be voted away by any group of bigots? jeff sessions does. What wou... read more

Why is trump being treated so differently? He should be treated like every other president before him. Whether you like him or not, he deserves equality. IMO, i think hes doing a bit of good. At least hes honest with us. He intentionally ignores the press. With the corruption that goes on in the media, dont you think thats worth something? I think before blindly hating someone, you should look into the facts first. And not use the media to do so.