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45 year old Male
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I'm not you!

Muttrs by alibooboo

You ask which news I watch?
I watch whoever trump is crying out as FAKE NEWS
Cause we all know how honest he is! hehehehehehe

Truth in advertising is a funny thing. if they really told you the truth, you wouldn't buy it!

Check out this brand new product it'll cook your food in only thirty seconds, it's amazing!
And best of all you're cooking with radiation and we all know how much we depend on that
we wouldn't be alive if it weren't for radiation! So come on down and buy this new wonder oven!

It's called the microwave and ummm can't you taste that microwave radiation goodness? :)

I'm sorry if I can't agree with your life philosophies
but under the right circumstances it is ok to steal
but under the right circumstances it is ok to lie
but under the right circumstances it is ok to die
but under the right circumstances it is ok to kill
but under the right circumstances it is ok to cheat etc..
life is not a game of absolutes and morals are defined by a culture!

Question of the day "How can we spend a $100 million?"

How is everyone doing today?

How can YOU prove to ME that the moment you die, reality continues?

I am back and I want to thank Nate at muttr for understanding.
Apparently my account got hacked! Valentines day was the last time I was on here
then I got a notice that I was banned because of down voting and linking my account
to multiple other accounts. So if You think I said something or did something
That I didn't to you, feel free to unload here, I don't blame you!

And to all the brain dead trolls out there, I could hurl all sorts of epitaphs
at you but you reall... read more

Roses are red
violets are purple
my balls are blue
just because of you!

Hi Everybody!!!!
What are we gonna do tonight?

Who's up for a sunset picnic
With chocolate covered strawberries and champagne?

Why is it that our species can have the heart of an explorer
and yet be so afraid of the unknown?

And why are there so many people living in the past, a dead thing!
rather than wanting to explore the unknown wonderment that is tomorrow??

this guy or gal that goes by the name Anonymous sure is gruesome, aren't they??

Ask Alibooboo a question and I will answer.
anything you want to know any advice you need just ask
You might not like what you hear but I promise always to tell the TRUTH!

That is after getting back from store, my belly calls.

It can be a real burden to always be right! Why is life so hard;)

What's the point in even having a conversation when every time it's just about you
and if I even say a word I'm mean or evil?

Well that's all for this morning folks, Have a great day! and to those of you who want to know why I do it? Post the jokes I mean...
Well I'm the producer of a morning show and just before work as part of my work I need to come up with about
a dozen gems just for filler if need be. between writing jokes, finding jokes, and scheduling interviews it can be
a lot of grueling hard work for ninety minutes of routine.
But I also believe that laughter is truly the best medicine in t... read more

.......('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
.........''...\.......... _.•´

Just a general vent about my dissatisfaction with the world not aimed at any body
in specific and no... read more

To those of you feeling like you are being censored improperly, You are!
And it's not just you it's even members of the site who signed up are being censored
and I have to ask why?
How many times have I seen people here say f*** you to the world and it's left up?
And yet I make a general vent about the world and it's deleted why because I was creative?
well I am going to post it again in a moment and I would like a mod identified as a mod
to tell me why it was taken down?

A beautiful night is when you hug your teddy and go to sleep, but a horrible night is when your teddy hugs you back!!!! =)

Since reality is what your senses tells you what's real
I.E. you see a house burning, feel the heat, smell the smoke, hear the screams etc. the hose is burning!
and since we know that dreams, hallucinations, and comas etc. Can fool your senses,
How do I prove I'm even alive and not the product of a coma?
So yes the world does revolve around me, and when I sleep you die to be recreated when I wake! Rap your brain around that one:)


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