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I want to say I'm sorry to everyone. I'm sorry for not being perfect. I'm not being sarcastic. I mean it. I'm sorry for not being as good as you wanted me. I'm sorry for letting you down. I left myself down every day, but it hurts me most that I let you down. I'm sorry, very very sorry.

Women don't know what they f*** they want. It'd be great if they could just admit it, instead of pretending they're so clever. It's like when you catch a child lying. They're not impressing anyone with their bull.

Men are constantly told to keep it in their pants and then are accused for not being sexually aggressive enough. That's what's called mixed signals.

Is it bad to continuously slam your head against the wall? I'm starting to feel it....

Don't EVER EVER EVER eat a raw egg. You will get salmonella poisoning. f***ing Rocky.

In today's society where guys are still expected to pick up the tab, if a woman uses a man and leads him on for several dates (not just one or two), then he should be able to sue her for half the cost of the dates.

Am I the only one who hears "poll worker" and thinks "stripper"?

You don't want to go out with me. Fine. THEN LEAVE ME THE f*** ALONE!

If you want the ice cream, you gotta buy the cone.

My therapist diagnosed me with major depression just because I think about killing myself every day. What a quack.

Don't worry folks. In a few million years, the sun will envelop the Earth and all our squabbling about immigration, guns, war, hunger, crime etc. won't matter for diddly squat. (And you can abandon hopes of leaving the solar system in search of a new Earth-like planet. We would've had to have left millions of years ago for that to have worked.)

That is of course if an asteroid doesn't destroy us first. That is course if we don't kill each other first.

So part of me wan... read more

No wonder I'm off today. I forgot to take my medication. lol

There's a bit of sexual tension, I think, between me and someone on the management staff. Not good.

People say I should get over get. You don't think I want to?! She pops up in my dreams. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO CONTROL THAT?

I'm now convinced grateful people are my favourite people on the planet. It's you f***ing ingrates that can make this world a sh**y place to live in.

I don't mean to sound cocky, but it definitely helps to have an above average intelligence when the pressure's on.

I don't know if we should continue being friends. The feelings I've developed for you are just too strong. It's come to the point that I hang on your every word and my heart skips when I see you online. You haven't changed, I think. Why would you? But by comparison, it seems like you don't care. And that just hurts too much.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've met online but not in person? I chat to this girl all the time. We both have the same mental illness and i think we understand each other incredibly well -- well, at least she understands me. I'm worried that she won't or doesn't feel the same way.

Why do people who are admittedly techno-ignorant buy gadgets?? It'd be fine except WE have to troubleshoot your damn technology problems! I really have better things to do than activate and update your device. And, no, your little jokes about how I'm the tech guy don't make things better.

You mean all this time I've had Borderline Personality Disorder? Why didn't anyone care enough to help me see my mood swings and impulsive actions and erratic behaviour was not normal, instead of calling me an a**h*** behind my back? I hope it's not too late.

How pathetic is that I can't get over someone I dumped months ago and had only dated 3 months?


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