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17 year old Female
Joined May 2017

I tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Sorry if im blunt but aye that's life.

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Well I caught the guy I was talking to holding hands with another girl walking down the street. I mean sh** if he told me he was in town I would have hung out with him but nah instead he has to keep playing game. I am done this time for sure. He is blocked on everything and I am moving on. sh** im a beautiful girl and guys tell me all the time that any guy is lucky to have me. So glad I have my friends and my fans to support me on and instagram.

Aye where are my baes from cuz its GlitterLover here!!!!!!

Ugh why did they have to invent cloths??? Like don't get me wrong I stay up to date with the instagram trends but some mornings I just don't want to get dress what so ever.

Hope all ya b****es have an amazing day!!!

There are so many relationships that need advice on here. Well here is my advice for all of ya... If She/he is cheating, dump them. Yea they can change but it takes time. It takes losing someone important for them to see what they have done wrong and for them want to change. Also if they keep messing up and you see that they may never stop, just leave them. Remember that there are plenty of fish out there and you don't need to settle down for someone who doesn't make you happ... read more

Honestly didn't want to do my makeup but then I looked in the mirror and decided it would be best... LOL

And guys wonder why im only friends with guys.... Like honestly how low can some one get. She gets out of a relationship with one guy that she doesn't even know and them she trys asking me out when she doesn't even know me and she doesn't even live close to me. Like come on ladys. Have more self worth. I cant believe she made a post about being single and guys that she didn't even know or live in America was commenting. Then when I called her out on it, they try adding me. li... read more

I honestly don't have a life anymore. All I ever do is spend time with my laptop or babysit. Like can I please just have a day to myself to go shopping? Oh wait I cant cuz I don't have money after paying bills. Ugh the life of moving out...

I love how youtube editing takes up my life... Like I am half tempted to post raw a** videos. Plus I hate omegle. Like that website is so nasty but I need the views. Guess back to editing. fml

Hey guys so I was wondering if some of yall could follow my instagram. I know I should stay anonymous but aye why not. I follow back! my instagram is Donnellys99. Thanks loves!

As I got older I started to understand why girls had so many image problems. They wanted to look like the girls that all the guys liked. They wanted everyone to like them because of what guys have said in the past. And I was one of these girls...
In 3rd grade I wasn't the prettiest girl. In fact, guys would say I was the ugliest... But that didn't stop me from being a happy little girl until the bullying started happening. It was not just name calling but it was also physical... read more

I wish that he actually liked me. Like what kind of talking is talking when you stay loyal and he f***s a new b**** everyday. Like and then he wonders why I would have sex with him. Like I really do like him but he doesn't understand that I actually want something. He says he does to but then he wants to still f*** other girls. I don't know if I can take any of it much longer. I have tried to stop talking to him 5 different times and he always tells me that im ugly and I shou... read more

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