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The reason I called myself Cinder is one because I love a book character called Cinder and two because it seems that my world is falling to ashes.

Muttrs by cinder

Hey guys I have a venting/advice account. Please follow if you want a second opinion or someone to talk to. I dont believe in gossip and I won't share your issue. I am pretty good for advice on friends and relationships. I have a private acc so you have to request

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#ventitout #followmeplease

Old feelings of isolation coming back up. I can’t succumb to feeling sorry for myself again I need to keep positive and I know my friends like me and support me I think i need to be less talkative about myself and let them come to me. I know I have friends that support me. I just need to reassure myself. But I see so much of it everywhere. Everyone has a friend that sticks by their side. Maybe I expect too much of people. Yeah, thats probably it. I expect everyone to be tex... read more

lol never mind hahaha..... gotta stop tryna figure him out or whatever. I mean its called a crush cus it hurts.

Your supposedly "dating" someone... yet you keep looking at me. I don't get it. I am not usually in your general direction but I can always feel a pull in the back of my head and when I turn around I see you amidst your friends. I don't really think I have feelings for you anymore so you can stop worrying about that if you are 'cus I know you used to. I will continue ignoring you until you say something your friends started making weird comments again like before.... I don't ... read more


When one is obsessed with a guy/girl they would have had feelings for but their imagination gets the better of them,

Example - Me

Beauty The Beast
A Lyrical Poem by Nayla Nasr (me)

It's hard to be a beauty when you're acting like a beast
You could go talk with your friends but you hang out with them the least
You think your "haters" make you stronger cus at least people care
You act out for attention but inside that makes you scared.

You suck in your stomach cus you think it makes you pretty
But in reality no one really cares if you look pretty
Well except for maybe dad but that's okay
Plus you got in... read more

Oh my god! I am so nervous for softball tryouts! I want to do well but I don't want to look stupid i mean I am going to be playing with High School and stuff. I am also worried that because a certain "someone" will be there he will see me. I want to make it so badly but that means we need to practice 4 days of the week. including weekends! I can do this. My dad really wants me to make it. I have tryouts in one hour wish me luck!

~ Cinder


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It was fine for some time now nothing was weird I thought the whole crush thing blew over and stuff. HA! I was wrong I guess.... I mean all today he was acting weird around me. Like before lunch he walked up to my locker then saw me and walked away with his friends (maybe it was crowded and he was forced to go there.) But today during lunch my friends and I hangout under the stairs coincidentally near his locker. (PURE COINCIDENCE) He came back from wahtever he was doing duri... read more

Valentine's Day:

A Pointless Holiday yet I understand it so well. If you love someone you should have one day dedicated to them. Have the rest of your life for that. You can be romantic at any time of your life not a specific date. Yet I get you want a whole day to celebrate your loved one no distractions

I have a problem I take peoples comments and pinions to heart. I know I shouldn't. Here on Muttr, YouTube, in real life etc. I don't understand the point of hate comments without relevant points. Why would you want to take your own personal time to write a comment like "kys gay ****** " (or something else). You will never get that time back.

I am a mess... I never find enough motivation to do my homework. My dad and mom are always mad at me (or so it seems) for not doing my homework because I am always watching some TV show or reading or face painting or doing literally anything else. I always leave my projects to the last minute and I end up crying about it even though I had a long time to do it. I am in 8th grade and am going into high school next year and I really would like to learn some useful study habits t... read more

OH sh*t! Oh shi*t Sh*t SH*T!!!!
Idk why I am freaking out about this I mean the worst he can do is not respond thats it. A failed attempt at not even friendship, just to stop the awkwardness I guess. Or we could talk about things. I don't know. I mean I just typed "hi". Not that big of a deal right?
Then again "hi" leads to a "hi" back or even "sup" and then we can just talk or he could be like "cool cool gtg bai" cus he is kinda wierd-ed out that I would be texting... read more

This is in the wrong category. This isn't love it's infatuation and I am sick of it! I am sick of wanting you to like me or to talk to you. This is working me up too much.

Im sorry. I am sorry if i annoy you or creep you out and I don't mean to. I don't understand what's wrong with me. If I try too hard people think I'm mean and when I be me people think I try too hard.

Please whatever I did to break up a potential friendship I am truly sorry,

Okay I have Muttr-ed about this a lot and it is usually all I Muttr about (because I don't want to bore my friends with this)

There is this guy (lets call him Bob). I have known Bob for as long as he has been in my school (only 3 years). We weren't best friends but we talked a lot. In 6th grade, cus we wanted to avoid the stampede of middle schoolers, waited near the stairs and talked after lunch. (not like all the time but he was usually there and I thought "what the heck w... read more

if we want to get something off of our chest does it always have to be bad?

You may think my crush on you may be weird and maybe even creepy. But please have the decency not to talk about it all the time to your friends. Its kind of embarrassing when your friends come up to me and start telling me about how you say these things. I mean at least they come up and tell me that it is funny or make a joke. I get no reaction from you but my friends and your friends tell me you talk a lot about me behind my back. PLEASE just have enough respect for me so th... read more

Dude I am really pissed off right now.

How is it that by a simple glance you entrance me in a wave of memories and possibilities? Why is it you do this? We were friends or are we still? I thought you actually talked to your friends? Or is it too awkward now? I get it you are shy, I am too but I kind of miss talking to you. I see you everywhere. Do you still like me? As friend? As maybe more? UGH THIS IS SO CONFUSING! Please when you for once aren't surrounded by your gaggle of guys and I by my gaggle of girls then... read more


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