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Ooohh...Ahhhh... That feels so good... soooo goood....

Muttrs by earpickingfeelsgood

I have such itchy ears again.... I feel tempted.

I wonder if I should have my ears picked tomorrow. There's that tingly feeling inside my ear again!

Today I was browsing Youtube and I came across some videos of people who have discovered the 'Joy of ear Picking or asking a friend to 'Clean my Ear' Ahhh.... It make me happy to know that more people know about the 'Art of Ear Cleaning'. It feels so good.

Pick my ear and make me feel whole again.

I wish my ears had some crunchy earwax in them now. I need someone to pick my ears and give my soft ear canals copious ear sex.

Man, my right ear has been bugging me for 5 hours now! Grr.. So after taking a nap today I poured ethyl alcohol onto a Q-tip. Yes I know doctors say you should not do that. But after a few minutes of trying to find the source of the itch, I finally managed to pull out that small flake of ear wax that was responsible for driving me crazy. Ahh... That was a bit satisfying....

Back in February (as some of you probably know) I had an appointment to clean my ears. That was such an awesome 20 minute ear cleaning session. There was more wax on the left side of my ear than my right ear according to them. One month later in March, there was some wax in my right ear. I didn't feel as if that ear cleaning session was thorough on the right ear. Yes I know doctors say you should not do it but I probed a Q-tip in my right ear. And YES, there was some wax insi... read more

So just about 1 hour ago, I had this tingling feeling in my right ear. I was quite annoyed so I finally gave in to that urge again. I had my ears checked several days ago and there was allegedly not as much wax in my right ear compared to my left ear. So with a bent Q tip I started probing and massaging my right ear canal to find the source of the disturbance. And yes, there was an overlooked piece of ear wax that was responsible for that annoying tingling sensation! But mass... read more

My ear felt a bit itchy again today. I know that doctors say that you should not do it; But I used a Q - tip to pleasure my ear canals. I bent the Q - tip to avoid accidentally puncturing my eardrum). Ahhhh... Got some wax out too. It felt nice. Mmm....

My right ear canal feels so tingly and it feels a bit itchy too! The itch is deep inside the ear canal. It's calling me to touch it but doctors say I should not put things in my ear. Grrr... I must pleasure and relieve myself somehow.

Blessed are those who have their ears picked,
for they shall be satisfied with an eargasm.

I just had my ears cleaned. WOW! 20 minute ear cleaning session. Not so much wax on my right ear but my left ear had more wax. You know what that means! More time with the surgical ear currette! Man, it felt so good feeling that thing slowly digging in my ear. Just feeling that thing deftly putting pressure and pleasure on my soft ear canals gave me an eargasm!!! OH YEAH~!!!!

Ear picking is truly sex for the ears. The touch of a cold, metal ear currette gently scraping and rubbing the ear canal is luxurious. The friction creates brilliant orgasmic pleasure.

[continued..] So, I went to the ENT on Tuesday. The doctor looked inside my ears with an otoscope. She said they were clean! No ear wax! I was disappointed. (But the otoscope inside my ear felt good, even if it was there for just a few seconds). She said my ears were itchy due to dryness. Come on ears! Make more wax so I have an excuse to have my ears picked next time!

(Background: In my previous post I was irritated by my itchy ears. So I was hoping ENT would find a reason ... read more

ENT appointment tomorrow. My ears are so itchy. I hope the doctor finds a reason to scrape and gently scratch my ear canals with the metal ear currette. It feels so good. I also hope the doctor ends the session by dipping a thin roll of cotton in isopropyl alcohol before rubbing my ear canals with it. That really helps me climax and get an eargasm.

When I feel a bit lonely on some days, I get off from fondling and scraping my ear canals. It feels good. You guys should try it some time. It boosts my mood so I am sure it will boost yours too!

My ear canals are hungry for the pleasurable sensation from a cold metal currette. I hope my doctor's appointment pushes through because my ears are DYING to be stimulated by the delightful friction when you rub the currette against the ear canals. ...OOohhh....ahhh.... Ohhhh... ahhhh....I need an eargasm!

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