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20 year old Male
Joined Sep 2015

Former Muslim, current Atheist. Frustrated with people trying to force their views and beliefs onto others. All for the right to choose.

Muttrs by frustratedatheist

It's a sad day when you lose respect for your mother. When you finally realize that she isn't the person you once thought she was and the person you used to look up to.

I feel suffocated by life. By society, my family and friends. Sometimes I just want a release, some alone time to be able to gather my thoughts and find myself. A time where there were no expectations put upon me and I could just do whatever I wanted and enjoy myself. It's all just a pipe dream right now.

I feel like people don't realize that Muttr was made for us to vent, not to turn into another Facebook.

I feel trapped. I feel trapped by life, society and family. I hate this feeling. I hate feeling powerless. I hate feeling worthless.

I hate when people go back in their word. I have no problem with people making their own decisions and choices, but I do have a problem when people saying one thing at one point in time and then later on deciding that they are not comfortable with going through with what they promised in the first place. I believe that if you choose to make a promise, you have taken upon a certain responsibility that you are obligated to carry out. Your word is your bond.

I hate having to hide as an atheist. I was raised a Muslim and my family is mostly religious, I fear I would be disowned. I'm not ready to not have a family yet. I've been an atheist for over a year now and I've come to realize a lot of things, like how suffocating religion is. I have no problem with religion in general, just with me practicing it. We all have our right to choose, I choose not to believe that there is a God, plain and simple. I respect other people's beliefs,... read more

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