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obviously not actually idubbbz, just a fan, move along ✌

Muttrs by idubbbz

Only been smoking for about a week and yeeaahhh no, it ain't for me. I mean I relax from it but I can't get over the aftertaste and feeling in my lungs. Also the possible cancer from long term doing it, yeah, that too. Not judging smokers though, at least now I kinda see what they see in it.

There's still feminist sh** going on?
I thought it was over. This f***ing site, I turn my back for 1 (one) moment and this sh**-

when people take you way too seriously though
my dudebros my icon is an animu waifu with real teeth
I'm so cringy and edgy I'm basically Edward Scissorhands ✂?

So many people's icons make me cringe on this site, doesn't beat tumblr though.
You guys just keep doing your thing though ✌

Alright, after depression hitting super hard and keeping me mostly in bed for 2 weeks it's time to get back in action my dudes. Gonna kick myself in the a** and get sh** done, depression can suck a dick. Hell yeah.

Confession: I pet the random dogs on leashes in front of supermarkets. No dog can escape my love. I don't pet the special ones with like vests or the obviously scared/aggressive ones. But I still love them from a distance. All dogs are good dogs.

So basically I've had dogs my entire life but since moving out of my parents place I can't have pets yet and miss dogs.

Some polls for you guys if you're bored
✌ remove the ()

I forgot me joking about killing myself is more concerning than funny irl oops

I'm sweating my f***ing face off it's 30°C and this bus is like an oven on wheels.

I see the drama goblins have come out of their caves and chose their new target on this site for today.
shoo shoo

I just wanna be with my love and cuddle right now, can't wait till we have more time to spend together

A few tips for you newly adult people about nudes:
Dont include your face in them
Dont openly post them on profiles with face pics
Dont send them if you're a minor, if they're distributed you'll get in as much trouble as the person that shared them
Only send nudes with your face/in which you're recognizable to people you 100% trust
Dont feel forced to send them if you dont want to, no one should pressure you

Really in the mood to draw plants, you guys wanna comment your fav plants so I can sketch them?

Hey @MuttrStaff can I change my info and icon now please

I can't change my icon or info on this site wtf

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