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im here for the broken..because i am one still but slowly getting better.. :/

Muttrs by imbroken

can someone tell me or can anyone tell me what they know about this supposed Operation Gotham Shield and this nuclear "drill"??

i had a sh**y last night because i woke up with jaw pain that felt like someone was sticking a knife in my jaw bone and turning it. then at work i kept messing up on orders. and heres where my night went from bad to f***ing sh**. a girl comes in probably late 40's and a smoker comes up to the counter after walking around for a minute or two. she's wearing this bad and yellow batman hoodie. i had a friend that i did date a while back, junior year it was that had that exact ki... read more

working on cars does teach you every curse word in the books, even fixing a hinge on a tailgate

okay never mind my muttr about Mobile Strike..a friend tried it and we ran into a SNAFU

okay i don't expect anyone to have it but does anyone play a mobile app game called Mobile Strike? you know that game that got the sh** advertised out of it during the super bowl with Arnold ?? if you do please for the love of everything good in life comment with your name on the game! i need a huge favor on the game since i haven't been able to access it in a month!

so i just realized something. now that i just got $315 from my formal employer and once i get my pay check from my current work, im gonna have a lot of money and can go do stuff now that i wasn't able to. yay

um so i went and got the mail and got something from my former employer. i kept it out of site from my parents thinking it couldn't be anything good. i opened it and found that i have an uncashed check for $315.03.. WTF

whelp im screwed. american government has yet again proven to be more complicated than it needs to be and the f***ing textbook doesn't help me get what i need. ugh f*** this american government homework

does anyone want to do some american government homework? or does anyone know a lot about it???

it's f***ing killing me not knowing if i made my girl upset at me today. i know i should've used different wording for what happened at school today that involved her. i hate that she has no wifi at her place and she doesn't have a personal phone nor do i. its killing me not knowing if she's upset with me or someone else or for what happened...i hate having this OSS ( out school suspension) sh** and not be able to hangout with her at lunch and keep her out of f***ing trouble.... read more

four months and 20 days i have been in a relationship with the love of my life. two days from now this relationship will be five months long. longest relationship i have ever had. its been the great with a rough spot here and there but that is normal i guess. its kinda amazing that this girl that i am with has been with me for nearly five months. i know other people have had relationships last longer than five months but no other girl has ever put in the effort along side me ... read more

does anyone by any chance play an online game called Raze? just wondering...

i think my girl is upset with me for being a bit of an a** to her when i wasn't trying to be an a**...i need some advice on how to undone my f*** up..

haha uh sorry for being an a**, i just get mad and pissed when my girl is possibly in trouble. turns out shes not in any trouble, thank f***ing god!

i am very pissed....and whoever laughed at my last muttr is a complete a**,

oh sh**, well it turns out my girl is in some deep sh** at school....and she was on her last strike with the school...i hope to god that she doesn't get kicked out..

and my day just turned to sh**....f***

i can't wait to get paid, i hate not having any money and not being able to go wherever whenever i feel like it. its gonna feel good getting a pay check well over $170.

good night to all.

nothing like drinking a good cup of tea and watching a show about super meth, what a strange but yet good night



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