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Muttrs by jaire

7g of protein
90 calories
460mg sodium

Oh ya that sounds good...wait, per serving?

Nutrition Facts:
Serv. size 1 cup
Servings about 2

You tricky bastards, who in their right mind would only have half a cup of soup for lunch! Then you make me do math to figure out what I'm actually eating!

So I wonder what I'm doing with my life. College is almost over and the more I learn, the less I feel prepared. My work is decent but in the big scheme of things, I'm about as significant as a fruit fly.

Jeez. I hate it when people decide to stand right by your work station and hold an hour long conversation.

We never have time to work in the class to begin with, and now you disrupt everything with needless chatter! Yes, we know its raining outside...go sit down.

I want flowers for Valentines.

Exam schedules seem to be designed to keep me here as long as possible...I could be home by Thursday but no! Our grad. student professor wants us to come talk for our final project rather than e-mail him our written proposals....

Why don't my late night habits ever result in something more productive than muttrs...

I love how I go out with perfectly reasonable intentions of insulating my apartment windows, but instead come home with a miniature Christmas tree and cute gold and silver ornaments.

This year can't end soon enough. I'm ready for some stinkin' turkey, presents and some New Year's fun.
Nuff school!

Oh god. Any time our professor has us create our own music file,s we end up sitting listening to some of the worst audio files ever created...for two hours and forty minutes. I mean, is it really hard to compose something longer than two measures and not repeat it for a minute?!

Projects need to create themselves.

How not to pick up girls: Part II

Idiot2 was sighted throwing rocks at my window aprox 9:30pm when I refused to answer his text.

Most people would realize: not answering is just a polite way of saying go f*** yourself.

WHAT THE HELL MUTTR STAFF. I wanted my muttr to be :( and it said it was too short...

I hate going last in class critiques. Just because you're awesome doesn't mean you should have to sit through an entire class without internet...

You totally don't realize how empty your apartment is until your friend goes home after one hell of a weekend.

Don't you hate it when you have work you know you should be doing and all you want to do is sit on your computer...

So I'm all for enthusiastic groups that want to make a great effort in preparing for their presentation...but seriously, its nothing to be freaking out about! I hate when you get those certain people who try and micro manage things. I am perfectly capable of preparing my portion, kthx.

I mean, its a GYM class...It's not like we're preparing for the MCAT. And I do believe we all made it through first grade and can count backwards from 8.

At least they on... read more

The following is how NOT to pick up girls:

[setting-my door step, enter two frat neighbors]
\loud banging at the door
Me: Hey guys
Idiot1: Hey! Looks how she doesn't invite us in.
Idiot2: \laugh
Me: Nice to see you to. So what's up?
[idle chatter follows leading to this]
Idiot1: We just had a few drinks
Me: Oh, ya'll are back early.
Idiot2: We got thrown out.
Me: (thinking: that impressed me how!?) Oh, ... read more

Good news: Class ended early.
Bad news: There was a huge explosion.

Why the hell do my college classes take attendance? If I don't care about being there, no one else should. I like to think that being in college means you can handle a little responsibility....and if you can make an A while not attending, they shouldn't have the ability to lower that because of attendance, since clearly, you don't need to be there.

Ugh. Professors talk to damn much. They always have that tendency to chatter about the pointless stuff that's already stipulated in the stupid project outline.

I can f***ing read, thank you.

Why do they baby us!? Just because the average idiot doesn't bother coming to class or do the work, doesn't mean they gotta waste my time explaining sh**.


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