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Wish I could just be alone all day tomorrow with the cat. Must work though and get asked over and over if I'm a mother. No. And then, "well, you must have a mother"... Well, she died over two decades ago... Just looking forward to Monday. Bah.

So you let people in a bit too much and it comes back to haunt you. Then years pass and you do it again because you need support and they ignore you.

Really? I'm talking about 20-something year olds AND people upwards of 50. Do I really mean that little? After listening to all of YOUR woes and pain and being there for YOU?

I'll just talk to my cat.

Grrrrrrrrrr. Bad day. Rude customers. Awkward moments. Just found an online support chat group for a huge issue in my life. I was responding to the person talking. Silly me didn't read the rules first so I got the smack down. That's my own fault. I was just excited to find it...Then attempting to be supportive. Oh well. Life continues. Why?... I have no f***ing clue. Mine's pretty empty at this point. Woo!

The older you get the crazier the competition becomes for who has the most trauma. It's so ridiculous. I don't proclaim mine unless specifically asked about my mom. She died 4 days before my high school graduation, at Disney world. I saw her collapsing to the ground, fallen down, letting go...Of everything, bladder, bowels, her shirt as they attempted the paddles. I couldn't FEEL for 15 years or so after that. I'm 41 now, remembering good times and the years with her. The onl... read more

Is punctuation use no longer taught in schools? Not referring to here.

Actually, even my sister who's in her late 40's doesn't use punctuation.

Yes, I am somewhat of a grammar freak, but by no means perfect. I also totally get auto-correct flaws........BUT having 20 lines of text without any commas or periods???? Shiver. How can anyone take that seriously? I mean, heck...At least use "...". Lol

The difference between me and selfish people... I care when you ignore me as I'm attempting to relate to you. Guess what though, I'll move on and you'll be wondering why you're so lonely. Gee, the world doesn't quite revolve around you. Shocking, isn't it.

Unless you have walked 41 years in my shoes don't tell me how NOT to feel. This is a freaking venting site. That's what it's here for.

I don't know why he still surprises me with his accusations and egotistical attitude. There are better days...This is not one of them.

I work at a very large retailer and I've been there 2 1/2 years. They raised their minimum wage last year so I got that immediately whereas new hires must first earn that. This year wage increases are 2% across the board. So basically just a tiny initial increase long ago was based on merit. Just read a post on a FB page from a stranger about how much he's now making. He said he's worked his butt off for 10 months and he was very pleased finally. It's the exact amount I'm now... read more

Age does not necessarily make a person smarter or more considerate. My 51 year old brother is a prime example. He hurt me so much today... I'll get over it soon enough, I know. At 41 I have a far better grasp at how to speak to people, especially friends and loved ones. He's arrogant and lets that get the better of him. It's one thing to be Real and Honest, quite another to be condescending and rude to make yourself look better. I kind of feel sorry for him, but his words, ac... read more

Every "weekend" is the same. Days off for my boyfriend and I are during the week. He gets 3 in a row as he works longer days as a manager. As a functional alcoholic he gets sarcastic, nasty, critical and even delusional. We share two of the same days off... It's been a year and a half. God, I can't even focus right now. Basically tonight he said, "when are you moving out"... Work day nights he talks about being with me forever. How we're fated to be together. Tonight's argume... read more

Why is the flag button doing nothing here anymore?

If you feel like killing yourself please call a suicide hotline.

Note to self...Some people don't want to hear from you unless your stroking their precious ego.

My boyfriend sets the kitchen timer then ignored it for 5 minutes when it goes off!


Life does not get easier as you age. At 41 I'm much stronger mentally and emotionally than prior, but the hits keep coming. And they will continue. Some days are harder than others. Issues will always plague us... But you ALWAYS have to put things into perspective. For myself I can get caught in dwelling. Just sitting in whatever unpleasant situation that arises. At the end of the day though I have food to eat and a place to sleep and of course so much more. Venting is good..... read more

Some people want to just talk. They feel what they say needs to be heard. If you respond it's almost inconsequential. Unless of course you're telling them how wonderful they are... How happy you are that they've shared this information with you. When it's your turn the tides also turn. What you say IS in fact inconsequential. It doesn't matter unless it involves them and inflating their ego. You can speak about matters in your heart, head, soul... Unless you lift them up pers... read more

So tired of neighbors in this apartment complex who bring their dogs outside without a leash and then yell at them when they get distracted. New neighbor just did that and then I heard a loud slap. Really, what a lowlife piece of scum.

Burnt out at work. The other day I was called a b**** for carding both adults in the party because they looked under 40 (store policy). Today a man said I falsely advertised prices because an item didn't ring up at the price he saw. If only I had that much power... I offered a price check, but he said he didn't have time for that. He originally asked if we price matched... And I said yes, with a current ad. Much later he mentioned a sign. He was so nasty about it. If he would... read more

At 41 I see more fake friends then ever before. Maybe I'm jaded. Or maybe experience has taught me. I get much more positivety from strangers than anyone I know on a regular basis. I'm no different though. I'm jaded myself. I strive to be grateful...don't always succeed. Just so tired of the relentless drama, negativity, and one-up manship. Just tired in general.


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