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20 year old
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Stay Weird.

Muttrs by mrlonely

Sex is Overrated .

Ever just wish you had a reset button ?
And wipe away all the awkward and weird sh** you did and said.
Because it all comes to haunt you when you actually try to move on .
And it all becomes a cycle that you can't break out of .
Because the repetition is all you've come to know now .

You know you've hit rock bottom when you go to the internet to get tips on how to get a girlfriend .
Shoot me now !!!

f*** !!!



So I'm turning 20 in Five Days. I used to look forward to this moment as a kid . Had so many grand images of myself at this age . All the grand plans I thought I would've accomplished . Now that I'm actually here . I realize that really I am sh** . Not a single thing I wanted to do is done . I wanted to have a vast social network by now . I had imagined a big a** party with all of my friends . But now I can't even dare talk to my former Schoolmates . I have a Facebook account... read more

Ever have this feeling where you really need a Million Dollars ?

Sometimes all you need is to forget how to feel .

My earphones split and play on one side only .
Today is a dark day .

When the conditions are just right to send your mind into a state of depression.

When you get called out for being a D R E A M E R .
And its the only reality you know.

You know you haven't got over her when you accidentally bump into her and everything stops momentarily and you can still feel the rush you had when you saw her for the first time .

An entrance to the dark side .
The sad lonely pride.
A Sense of sadness.
Past tense of regrets.
Crushed down by secrets.

I cry when Angels deserve to Die !!!

You know how you're supposed to be glad that you finished your exams and that the stress is over ?
Well not for me .
I got hit by a truckload of feelings I had seemed to bury in my preoccupation with studying .
I fell back into the abyss.
Hope my demons haven't grown too wild though .
But I got myself a half finished bottle of brandy .
Which is nice .

Ever seen a face so B E A U T I F U L you knew it was going to turn into an obsession ?

I hate how I might have a pretty chill day .
Then suddenly when I'm alone at night
I get hit with an intense wave of despair .
And I lose interest in everything and sink into darkness.

The worst kind of feeling .
Is when you feel Nothing.

Born in the late 90's
With a personality from the 80's
The golden music of the 70's
And the trippyness of the 60's

I can't drown my demons they know how to swim .

I just want someone who will chill with me in my f***ing weirdness .
And be like "Damn ! That was fun . Lets do it again !"


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