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19 year old Female
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Once upon a time I was sweet and innocent... Then shit happened.

Muttrs by nise099

So I just found out yesterday that I have yet another cyst on my vocal chords and that they wont operate this time until it gets to the point I can't breathe. I honestly just want to be done with all of this bull crap. I started taking my Bipolar meds again too and now I feel worse. But I know it'll only last a few days. The dark thoughts will subside and I'll make it through. I wont dream about killing myself anymore and I'll be able to pretend that I'm happy again.

*HELP PLEASE* I keep getting calls from a number and when I call it back it says message MO22 and that the phone is no longer in service. The number is 304-851-3270

Don't know what I did to deserve someone on here stalking my sh** just to be hateful but okay. Thanks Muttr. It was great while it lasted, really helped to vent. Now I guess I'll go back to just bottling it up since someone wants to be a jerk. I hope everyone on here has the day they deserve.

Really starting to dislike Muttr.

I think you finally pushed me away.

Why does it still hurt to think about you? Why can't I move past this hurt? I think you finally pushed me away, but that doesn't mean I'm over you yet.

Polygamous relationships... Yes, no, tips and tricks?

My friends are looking for a gf for their poly relationship. I was over there last night and he kissed me, in front of her. It was the hottest thing ever.

You suck. That is all.

I am 210 pounds and wear a size 16. I am admitting that I want help to lose weight because it has become more and more depressing to look at myself in the mirror. Most days I feel like a fat cow and I am tired of it.

My feet hurt so bad from the doubles I've been pulling. I think I might fall over today

*Advice Please*
So, I love(d) this guy, R. He's was sweet and funny and we lived together and we were best friends. After 10 months of nothing but emotional games we decided to date, it was great. About one month and he started acting weird. Two months and he decided to break up with me. A week later he left without saying goodbye. I went home to an empty house, his keys were left on the table and that's how he let me know he was leaving. It's been two weeks since he left now... read more

Gotta love people who think they know you.

Hey Anon, the one who asked how old I am. I act like a child? Okay, I'll give you that one. I'm only 20, how old are you anon? Old enough to tell me that I'm a child? Let me ask you something, how much do you really know about me? you know what I post, so what you don't know is that I'm 20, have 2 full time jobs as a waitress and a secretary, I also am a full time student who receives all A's in my studies (By the way I'm majoring in Business), I own a house, I own a car. Wha... read more

I think I'm tired. I think I'm tired of putting in all the effort I do. I think I'm tired of loving and losing. I think I'm tired of breathing. I think I'm tired of feeling numb. I think I'm tired of hurting myself. I think I'm tired of being tired. I think I'm tired of living. I think I'm done with all this.

My life shouldn't be complicated anymore; but it is. And I'm tired of the complications.

He called me. That prick called me. He left without saying goodbye, cheated and now he has the guts to CALL ME?! After everything?! Are you kidding me!

Honestly just want to drop everyone right now. I can't keep putting my all into everything and receiving absolutely nothing back. He used to be my rock, he was my person, and now he's the cause of so much hurt that I can't breathe, I can't function without a heaviness. I used to think I was better and now I feel like I'm nothing. I'm not even a blip, I'm just a casualty. And he thinks he going to find happiness elsewhere? He wont. I'm going to be the one that got away and by ... read more

It's starting to dawn on me that he cheated on me.. And that she tried to be my friend.. And I feel like there's a ton of bricks on my chest.

You played your games with me. Now it's time I return the favor. You ruined my life and now I'm going to pay you back. I've got my sheep clothing on already, it's just a waiting game now. You're gonna wish you never started this.


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