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Once upon a time I was sweet and innocent... Then shit happened.

Muttrs by nise099

Met a piece of my boyfriends past, his best friend who is actually fairly cool. Now he (my boyfriend) sleeps in the bed too which is pretty cool. I think I love him actually.. But I'm mostly confused about it only because we were friends for so long and now the dynamic has changed. Which is still okay, just different. I like it though, it's new and exciting and we already have a good base for our relationship so it works like a well oiled machine. We aren't afraid to be open ... read more

Okay, need some reassurance here Muttr friends. My boyfriend and I are fairly new to our relationship even though we've been friends almost 6 years now. He moved to Florida two years ago and moved back here and in with me 10 months ago. His best friend from Florida is coming up to visit us, well him, and will be here tomorrow. I'm a little worried of what this guy's going to think of me. I know that my boyfriends a good guy and doesn't really care what other people think but ... read more

I miss him badly today. I don't know why.

Just got a snack crate in the mail... I think I fell in love with this box of food!

My boyfriend said he was going to break me of saying goodbye and kissing him; so I stopped doing it to see what he'd say, he started doing it. I love him and don't want to spoil it by telling him that too soon so I'm over here biting my tongue.

Boss just dropped all my overtime, it was like 3 hours worth and it isn't accounted for on my check. Going to raise hell if she throws some bulls*** reason at me again.

Feeling spread thin and underappreciated. Maybe if you'd listen every now and again you would know why I'm not very happy with you. I'm too f***ing tired for this sh** today. f*** this sh**. Do your own sh** and leave me the f*** alone. I refuse to put out 110% and get absolutely nothing back from any f***ing body. So f*** this bulls***.

My boyfriend asked if I was thinking about when to say "I love you" because I was quiet and not my usual talkative self. I wasn't, but now I question if he's been thinking about it. I wouldn't mind hearing him say it, an I'd love to say it... I just honestly haven't said it because I feel like it might scare him off.

My dad was just transported to the hospital. He's having chest pain. He's already had a heart attack, three stents, and a quintuple bypass. Happy Easter.

Okay, so I might be a little overly jealous. I trust him, I know that he wont hurt me like that. It doesn't stop me from wanting to punch her in the face every time she bats those stupid eyelashes at him. I mean, at the end of the day; he comes home to me. He's in the bed every night, he lives with me, we are a good match. We are okay. It doesn't mean that I don't get jealous when some stupid little girl who's shorter and thinner than I am flirts with my boyfriend. I know he'... read more

I'm tired of feeling fat and ugly.

You were right. I have something on my mind. I just don't know how to tell you that you terrify me. You're a runner and it's just what you do.

This boy is either going to be the death of me or he is gonna be the one we all search for. I'm not sure yet and it terrifies me how anxious I am to find out.

I got the guy. I managed to make this happen. The chubby chick got the guy she's crushed on for 6 years now. He's mine now :)

I wonder what he's thinking too much now.. Things are so different. So new and shiny. I just want him to wrap his arms around me.

I am so afraid of messing this up. I know I'm not perfect, I'm weird and loud and over the top. I know all this, I know that I could use some work. I also know that I'm not just another girl to you. I'm more than you think. I play guitar, I bake, I like to get down and dirty, I like to play in mud, I like to be pretty, I like to work on vehicles, I like me, and I like you. Music is my life, and my heart is so big that it gets broken more than dollar tree toys. I can't help bu... read more

Why is it that all I wanna do is talk about him? His eyes, his hugs, his kisses, his techniques, his life, the way his voice sounds, how his eyes smile before he does, how he looks with a dip in, just everything about him.

He told me I deserve a trophy that says "Worlds Best Cock Sucker" hahahahahahahaha I fell over laughing

My best friend of six years moved in with me about 10 months ago. I've been crazy about him since Freshman year and now he's living with me and we laugh and joke and flirt and it's nice. About a week ago I was fed up with it all and decided to move on since he was showing vague interest and giving me mixed signals. I met a guy and we were talking and a few days ago my friend dropped the bomb that I mean more to him than he originally thought. I told him to take his time and t... read more

You. Are. Weird. I like it.


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