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Muttrs by terrorss

Ne-Yo Miss Independent. I'd love to sing this to you.

I really enjoyed giving people advice and trying to help people today. If anyone got any of my advice and it helped, or you just needed a pick me up I really so help it helped. Much love people!

Being on this website really makes me think about just how many people there are in this world with their own sh** going on and their own stories. It really is quite interesting. I wonder how many books we could write if everyones life stories were written down. These are my thoughts right now haha

If anyone needs help or just someone to talk about things going on I'm here. I know I dont know any of you but some of these posts make me sad and I want to help lol. If anyone does just let me know have a good night everyone

Im sorry for anyone me and my partner annoy on here, just know the only reason we are talking on here is because it is for a reason. Hopefully we will be gone soon. Much love hope every one has a good day.

Wish the best for people even when they aren't good to you, because they are the ones that need it the most.

Sending out positive vibes to everyone going through stuff. You can do this :)

I love you baby have a good time at camp :) I know it can be stressful sometimes and your boss and people might be down your neck but I hope you've made lots of friend's that make it worth it, and of course all the horses and animals. I know you don't want to say goodbye when camp ends but they will definitely have you back next year. I was happy that you had off the fourth. I'm so happy I got to talk to you for our anniversary, I just wish I could have seen you. It's been so... read more

I can't wait until you get back babe, it's almost time for that special day. I love you

This song is actually beautiful. Idfc-Blackbear

One more day, I'm so excited <3

Sleepwalker (Feat. Joni Fatora) amazing song, especially the beginning.

Nujabes-Eclipse These songs are for you

Relient K-Who I am hates who I've been. (Acoustic Version)

I can't wait to get out of here and start our life together, it can't come soon enough

Can I go back to bed yet?

I love you you're my heart my soul my angel and the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. You were and still are the best thing that ever happened to me. I cried and prayed for the person I could spend the rest of my life with, to love cherish and hold for the rest of my days and the next day god brought you into my life, and I could not be happier or my grateful. I didn't know life could be so amazing when you find the one :)

Fresh muttr waiting for when you get home from work dear :) I love you I hope you're having a good time!

Life comes at you fast sometimes




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