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23 year old
Joined Apr 2017

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Muttrs by vaciva

People got no chill

Wait why are photos and gifs just now getting used on here

I'm here to make myself feel simultaneously better and worse haha but mostly worse

I know that a lot of people who are just trying to be kinda nice say stuff like babe, kid, and honey, but for some reason I get slightly angered when people use those on me? Like I'm pretty sure their words, intentions, and tone are all nice but I still feel like they're treating me like I'm a smaller person

I've got a shot ton of issues, but apparently I'm so good at acting that none of my close friends or family believe me when I say I've got serious problems.

What's wrong? Me. Look no further for the problem: here I am! Ready to f*** myself up and feel strong hatred towards me and only me.

Feeling of the day: disapproval

I feel the need to spam this site with all my feelings every time I long on whoops not whoops tho because the site was made for emotional spam but I still feel kinda guilty for spamming oh well

Person: why you so tired looking
Impulsive me: I'm d e p r e s s e d
Actual me: I have a headache

Who does she think she is though???? She tells my brother to not talk while chewing and then she does it herself?? She's way younger than us too?

I swear if she breaks my phone I will murder

Person: you can always talk to me! Blah blah blah...
Me: I wa-
Person: blah blah blah...
Me: ok then

People: omg why you crying
Me: I don't know
Person: but why

Everyone: you gotta forgive, forget, and move on!!
Me: ok yes but like, I don't really want to at the moment I just feel like being upset

Damn, I wish I was angry instead of depressed rn

" This is not a typical dating website "

Haha I went to a party today and it turns out I'm so socially inept that one of my closer friends gave up on conversing with me and casually walked away to sit at another table. Long story short I left after about 30 minutes. I don't belong here.

Someone: hey remember when ...
Me: hah no I don't remember sorry (and I don't remember your name oh sh** what was it)

Remember when we were 5-year-olds? Ah good times. Too bad I can't remember

For some reason I can't 'listen' to other accounts on here?? I try to push that little button with the speaker on it but nothing happens?


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