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Muttrs by vaciva

Feeling of the day: apathetic

I get that people have some strong opinions, and that some thoughts and ideas may be better than others, but damn you don't have to start shredding people who didn't ask for an opinion?? Some people just kinda want to say stuff or vent, maybe receive a bit of support? Not an internet fight cuz you can easily find those practically anywhere else. I dunno man (not directed towards anyone)

Sometimes I look on muttr, scroll through some posts, maybe some comments and I think 'what on earth happened here?' Like some posts start out kinda normal and then some unspoken force appears and the whole thing just becomes one crazy mess

Haha whoops! Where'd my motivation go???

Burning bright until the end, you'll be missing from the photographs missing from the photographs.

Shut my eyes and count to ten. It goes in one ear out the other- oh- one ear out the other

What's gonna be left of the world if you're not in it?

Every minute of every hour, I miss you I miss you I miss you more. Every stumble and each misfire, I miss you I miss you I miss you more.

Dark early morning muttr show me the forbidden posts

Step 1: cry

Step 2: fall asleep in a pool of your own tears

Step 3: wake up kinda confused wondering why your pillow is oddly cold

I scream into the abyss

It tells me to shut up

The depression is strong with this one

I often think about being heroic and like saving people. I think about dying saving someone not only because I want to save them but because I kinda want to not exist but I don't want to actually kill myself

Man if I could get payed to scream at people

Sticks m legy out realy far

m legy breaks

Well sh**

Heart for me to trust him. Laugh for me to kick his a**. No other context besides that I'm getting bad vibes.

Late night muttr is better than day time muttr.

Probably the worst thing I've ever heard was a 16-year-old saying "sh** dude women are so dumb. When I'm married I'm gonna have an affair every day of the week- and two on Wednesdays"

What if I just posted some random song lyrics that I like

There's a lot of anger going around



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