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Lightning. I love lightning
I also love the rain

who likes this frozen wasteland American Siberia thank God for radio and television I never chose this place

Ptsd when the f*** did i actually say to enter my life. f*** right off

Please.he scares me ao much

When i'm not mentally breaking i'm actually really quiet

Comment the time and who you are thinking bout:

Damn, got a flu again.

Punished your whole life for being different?
There really was a genocide. Or artists.

Now art attack. NOW.

Skips around and smiles*
Slits throat in the goriest of fashion*

I'm trying to get better but really. f*** my life.

Headache has still not left me... Thought i would sleep it off

I cant fall asleep.
And i need to stop thinking anyone cares how i think they would care vecause no that is stupid

I have the worst headache

Feeel free to waste my time!!

Not like i plan on killing myself. Right?

I get excited and talk about stuff no one gives a sh** about. And then people get pissed when i dont share whats going on in my life.
See this is why i get sad. I swear if i get all in a muck just because i start thinkinf like this...
Or if i could not get sad when people say they don't care. And like keep going that'd be cool.
Cool new life skill for me!
People only care if your alive not happy. Or maybe im too self centered and get mixed up that people may like to hear what... read more

Idk why i thought i'd be cool with injecting sh** into my bloodstream all for a high

Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Making it difficult

Also my kidneys are f***ed

I hate the recovery period after suicide and heavy drug use. Because all doctors know and stuff so its just really awkward

I'm not going to get better. Don't have faith in me. Give up and move on. People like me aren't supposed to live long and happy.
I shouldnt have reached out. I was supposed to be dead long ago.
Leave me alone. And don't check back. If its easier i'll leave you a note saying that i left to go follow my dreams. Just forget about me. Nobody here expects me to make a life of myself, theyre just waiting