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    you're not a dumb****. Don't self-hate. Self-love yourself. The world is harsh enough, you should at least have yourself on your side. It's hard in a world that promotes thin girls but advertises fast food/convenient food at the same time. If you want to lose weight, do it slowly and in a way that's healthy. Start with cutting just one thing out from your life like candies or sodas and then other sweets that could be contributing to lack of weight loss. Take walks instead of the car to places. Having someone that will diet with you is also a huge help, because you guys could be accountable for each other. Wt loss is a major issue, but I think the greater issue is the self-esteem that's correlated with weight. I wish the world was more forgiving and accepting of all body types. I'm sorry I don't have a magic cure, but I hope you find what you need. Gl. :)

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    please stay safe. i understand completely, currently dealing with weight myself. sometimes it feels hopeless. love you and please stay safe hun <3

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    always remember that you can starve yourself all you want, try to lose weight in hopes of fitting your ideal reflection. but your personality will always be more important because it defines u.