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This super crappy Chicago weather is so depressing . So gloomy all day you'd think it was night time. If this bs doesn't zap your energy , nothing will . Sucicide watch on high , who wants to live in this sh** hole place.

This f***in weather is so depressing . Always overcast , one day 50 , the next 15.
I f***in hate Illinois , it's so ugly.

Visiting the Art Instatute in Chicago on a typical cold , snowy day .

The national weather is not too screwed up.
Snows 7 feet in Buffalo & then hits 60 degrees .
Slight flooding expected , I'm sure .

We need some snow I'm itching to snowmobile

What would happen if everybody in the world farted at the same time?

This f***in Chicago weather sucks. Never any sun , always gloomy. Today 47 and rain , tonight 20 and snow.
Day after depressing day of the same crap until March , it really sucks.

It's being said that the Buffalo snow storm is worse then Chicago's 3 record setting majors since the late 60's.
I've been in all 3 , I feel very bad for those people in NY.

the weather here isn't as bad as media is making it out to be.....

just sayin'

Was able to get to the store and back between rain storms. Which is good. I can't afford to shop at the supermarket near my house so I have to take a bus cross town to a big discount chain. I feel grateful.

Chicago winters are disgusting , but I sure wouldn't want to live in Buffalo . 7 feet of snow in one storm ?
WTF !!

My brother insists on going 55 mph down the icy and snowy road while the wind is blowing and windshield is barely clean enough to see out of. Meanwhile I'n in the passenger seat tensed as all hell trying not to yelp every time the car skids. He's gonna give me a heart attack.

This is going to be another horrible Chicago winter .
Already mid January weather in mid November . 15 when it should be 40 .

There's a snowstorm happening right now and my brother is a half hour late picking me up from school. I'm worried.

There's 45 mph winds outside, why the f*** am I going to school???

OMG , here it comes !! 16" of snow forecasted for today in central Wisconsin and 2 feet in upper Michigan .
Temps are going to drop into the 20's tonight in Chicago .
Another BS polar vortex.
This will be another piece of crap winter.

i suk fat chodes <3

Winter=Horse crap.

I hate you more than i hate anything in my life seriously you gave me nothing good you are the worst thing someone should experience i hope you die miserably from cancer and you never get kid

Stupid white f***ing f***s. g**d*** wish I was never born in this world where there are so many stupid racist white f***s running it