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I just don't know how people do this every day. I've got a good job, I like my coworkers, I'm respected and relied upon, I just got promoted! I even mostly LIKE the job. It's just so bizarre to me to get up and go to work every day. And like, I just do this... forever? I don't know, it's just all so strange.

Ok first off before I start this rant know, I love having patients and I know I have chosen to work in this industry, so I knew the ignorance of people going into it...BUT.
PEOPLE ! 1. Understand that pharmacys are NOT doctor offices ! I can NOT give you medication without a prescription from a doctor! 2. Understand that I can not do anything about you taking your drugs "too fast" or "losing them" ESPECIALLY if they are controlled. It is against the law for me to give you any... read more

I'm gonna lose my high school part time job just because my social anxiety is so bad that I freeze and can't answer the phone. I would love to come in on my day off, it's not like I'm doing anything here, but I physically can't get there cause my mom works night and I feel bad for them cause they're understaffed and it's a Saturday at the pool and I'm so so sorry please forgive me. I try my best when talking to people at work, but it's still really uncomfortable and I have li... read more

working on cars does teach you every curse word in the books, even fixing a hinge on a tailgate

The only way I felt I could get through the day seething that I had to do all the work that was supposed to be your responsibility, was to mix vodka into my vitamin water.
It worked.
I see myself doing that again quite often until I can leave this phony business "partnership".
I hope this doesn't mean I'm going to turn into an alcoholic.

One reason for Dallas' soaring home prices and labor shortage:

Immigrants aren't coming to work.

That'll teach us.

Last night the so last night the computer system was acting up and kept shutting down and back up ALL day so many technicians just walked out... I felt bad for the pharmacist so I stayed to help him, they approved over time hours which was good, but people are sick, they need they're medicine and I understand that but no one was understanding that with only TWO people in the pharmacy: the pharmacist doing his best to review and type in orders with the system booting him out e... read more

I recently left a company with an extremely exploitative boss. Essentially illegal levels of exploitations, mandatory unpaid trips, skirting tax laws, all sorts of problems. I was content to leave that behind me, but due to dropbox for business shenanigans he deleted my personal dropbox account. That had heaps and heaps of private stuff on there, including some important family things.

It is too late at night now to even confront him about it, and I am not sure if anything c... read more

My boss has been such a dick and brought up some very negative thoughts within me. I've been in a slump for 3 weeks. I can't get out, it hurts. I was just recently told by my aunt who's a nurse that its clinical depression. I'm not surprised but still processing it. I don't hate my job but I hate how some of the people make me feel. Or rather how I let them make me feel. It's always the people who are hardest to please whose approval I seek the most. Sometimes I just want to ... read more

Tfw you want to pour your feelings out through art but you /really/ f***ing hate your art.

When someone has let you off with "just a warning", chances are they're

avoiding work on their end, not just being nice.

I spelled customer instead of cxs at work fml

These guys just called me trying to frame me for money. Pretending to be the IRS! Call them and see how much money they will try to frame u for! 844-247-5315

um so i went and got the mail and got something from my former employer. i kept it out of site from my parents thinking it couldn't be anything good. i opened it and found that i have an uncashed check for $315.03.. WTF

I wish today was one of them days where I didn't care about going into work no anxiety no nothIng just have that I'm going to get these few hours over with. But it's not and plus I been f***ing up a lot lately so it's looks like my days are pretty numbered he probably regrets even hiring me. He doesn't see the good I do only the bad sh**. He's always on me like I'm the only one who works at that job.

I hate my boss! She is a total biotch!

My boss keeps yelling at me, I'm shy and I'm new and I'm really trying my best. I see the hazards when lifeguarding, I recognize, I think about what to say the person, and she (my boss) pops out of nowhere to point it out to me. Like i noticed it, just hesitated a little to tell the patron to get off the pool deck cause thunder. I feel so incompetent, I feel like I suck at my job and maybe I'm right. My boss try's to be nice about it, but her sternness makes me even more shy ... read more

To the interviewer who glared at me through my entire Skype interview:

f***. You. I know it's been over a year. I know I've gotten a different job. Doesn't matter. Your treatment of me has stuck with me all this time. But seriously, why the f*** would you have thought that was okay? I was fresh out of school and nervous as hell, and when that showed, you decided to glare at me with open contempt, making me even more nervous than I was before? What the everloving f*** is wron... read more

Wendy's replacing workers with machines because of rising wage cost.

Wendy's, which operates more than 6,500 restaurants in the US and in 29 other countries worldwide,

has said it will install self-service ordering kiosks at most restaurants because of spiralling costs.

It plans to replace employees who once took orders with self-service kiosks and to cut down

on employee hours further by introuducing mobile ordering and payment apps.

I just had lunch with my old boss who let me go in a really hurtful way. I'm still shaking from our encounter and I don't know what to do. I just want to disappear for a few hours and bury myself in something other than who I am. I know that I've grown since it all happened but it feels so fresh. + I leave on a trip in a few days that I was feeling prepared for but, since this occurrence, I don't. I kind of wish I hadn't gone but I know that if I hadn't, this would just be li... read more