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Every one grab the first gall you see and c.u.m in them

My boss isn't acting differently since I turned in my notice, and it's making me wonder if she's ignoring it thinking I'm not serious (one of my coworkers said she's done it before). My last day is this Monday and I can't imagine the storm that'll hit when I don't come in on Tuesday.

1 cheque and it is still pending signatory for 1 month and going. if the service is down you guys would demand it to be down. is it even fair to us?

Yay! Muttr is working again! What happened the last couple days, more #trollboytantrum attacks and #brokebutt spam? That supercreep still obsessed with harassing female posters while endlessly whining about sjws?

I don't want two jobs I don't want to stress myself out with two jobs and school and no sleep I want to focus on myself why can't I find a job where I make enough money to support myself such a sh**y life I'm living off 600 where my coworker who makes the same as me gets almost 900

every time i walk through the bar area my boss and her husband stop talking

i KNOW i haven't done anything wrong, but im worried because they've done this to other people and ended up making them quit

they create problems and scenarios in their heads and then treat their victim like sh** in "revenge"

i hope they haven't made up something that i've done and im just being paranoid, but i've watched this happen so many times before

I have to go to a meeting today, and I don't feel like it. These meetings are usually short but there's usually not much for me to say. So, I feel like why bother? Oh well, it will be over soon.

I just graduated from the academy! Now I get to kill people with impunity yea!

My distributor is this annoying fatso who thinks he's better than everyone else. I hope his business sinks and he goes bankrupt soon. Stop acting so fancy a** uncle -.-

My coworker is this annoying woman who bosses me over even though she's not my boss. She makes me feel little and she build on my insecurities. She gets me to do things for her and she takes credit for my work. She really needs to take a course on how to treat people nicely. I wish I could send this msg to her directly but alas. I'm just waiting for her to fall down a drain I guess

ive been working for a month now, everything is fine, the boss seems kind, my job is good, but sometimes(it's because i've been on "break" like 6 months after my previous-hell-job, so i still have the laziness on me) God help me, i even procastinate the easy task, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU b****, SMH

I graduated months ago. I've been unemployed ever since. Every day I have to again tell my mother I still don't have a job kills me a little more inside. I feel like a failure and a disappointment.

*Filling out online job questionnaire*

"My main reason for working is to earn a paycheck"

Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree

Are you deadass? Is this a trick question?

What places give you weekends and holidays only? I need a new job after I finish my summer one.

I'm a college girl. So you know that I've probably gone through a million boy troubles by now. So which best friend do I Google? Allwomenstalk. You can't not know the website. It's one of the best places to get to know all about being a woman in the 21st century. It is a magazine which has 12 MILLION readers monthly. Now I have a fashion blog which I decided to start taking seriously. Last night, I started an Instagram account for my blog. 24 hours later, who follows me? An a... read more

so i just got in trouble with my boss for letting the waitresses come behind the bar to pour their own drinks when i'm busy

see, it's fine when the one waiter (his son) comes behind the bar, and it's fine when the chefs come behind the bar, but the waitresses??? ABSOLUTELY NOT

I feel queasy. I know that taking this new job is gonna be good for me, the days and the pay alone tell me that. But the idea of going into work today and hanging in my notice is making me sick. It's not that I don't want to leave, I'm just terrified of getting chewed out or fired on the spot. Plus I can only give a short notice since the new place has an orientation coming up quickly and if I miss it the next one won't be till September.

Anxiety is so much fun

I hope you find all the success and happiness in this world and prosper Pradipta

#Justdie #sarcastic

I work at an animal shelter. Today 6 cats were euthanized. Two of them were too young to eat on their own, and one was 12 years old. They were all healthy or had easily treatable sicknesses. The shelter just didn't want to "waste" money. My two babies just sneezed a little....that was it. A simple case of upper respiratory that could've been cured with a $12 box of clavamox...why did you kill them? Why did you kill all 115 of them? Why do we even have grant money if it isn't ... read more

almost gave away free pairs of shoes because this confusing stuff on the receipt that my coworker added didn't make that much sense unless i really really focus on it. i had another customer to deal with, so it was hard, but thankfully my other coworker double checked with me-- which made me realize the wrong in my action when i said it was an exchange and to just bag it up for them. it could've been so bad, lol. i'm afraid she might tell the managers about the mishap... i wo... read more