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Not looking forward to work tonorrow.

The type of people you bring in to work for your company affects your business

About a month ago, I got hired by a fast food chain. I won't say which one for confidential reasons. I desperately needed a job and they hired me, so I was excited. They were hesitant at first because I'm so young (15 so not that young when it comes to hiring someone). Once they hired me I thought they were on board with me. They were telling me that I was young but I showed an excessive amount of maturity so they had high hopes for me. It's been a month and they still haven'... read more

I can not believe this lady is a doctor she's so stupid. She's a loud mouth moron the only reasons I continue working here is because A) I'm not gonna make this much money somewhere else B) It's entertainment to watch her interact with patients even they tell her she's stupid.

I'm the repost troll.

yaaaaaaaaaaay! we're almost done.

I swear its been more than five mintutes.

Well, I officially hate the new girl. She's at the desk that patrons usually approach, while I'm right next to her. She will routinely sit and ignore patrons until I address them, meaning I take the bulk. Every annoying question is one I have to answer while she sits there and teaches herself f***ing French.

I f***ing hate my job.

Okay, it seems the gravity of my incompetence is increasing. On the bright side, I am acknowledging one of my weaknesses out of God f***ing knows what else I'm struggling with, because the only explanation I can find for my f***-ups is "I'm just not good enough". Only thing I can do about it is to treat each paycheck as an event to celebrate while venting about work in between said celebrations.

Speaking of, can someone suggest me a good way to celebrate "not getting fired f... read more

Things I never thought I'd have to say: "Ma'am, this is a library. We don't provide urinalysis."

Women need equal rights when it comes to wage gap. Remember ladies we are for "All humans are equal, but some humans are more equal than others."

As soon as I got to work, I was left alone at the desk and had to deal with a patron in front of me and another on the phone. Both were impatient and rude, reminding me that I went into debt so I could be treated like sh** by strangers. Now I'm depressed. Yay.

Well thank you to the person who tried to put a real downer on the fact that I'm trying to better myself. First and foremost, I have not got the job, I've only interviewed for it. All I did was fill in an application form, a thing that ANY member of the team could have done if they'd got off their backside and checked to see if they were eligible to apply for the job.

It appalling how completely and utterly disrespectful my coworkers are to each other, in exactly one day a member of our staff who have been working 38 + year has decided to retire, this woman is a extremely nice, kind and has always helped people, even went above and beyond her call of duty. It discusses me how these other coworkers won't even take about 5 to 10 min's out of there time to write a simple "enjoy your retirement" or "thank you for everything" for a 10 min slide... read more

Dear boss

When I work over time I understand you are frustrated. I'm not over joyed either. You told me after I finished too late in your eyes, that you don't want people to work 10 hour shifts, get cranky and complain, looking to you as a bad guy. I don't want that either. But here's the thing boss. Unless I have after work plans, or by the time I get home, it's so late I can only eat and then go straight to bed, I don't mind the overtime. Oh sure, I'd like to go home on ti... read more

At this point I'll do anything for some money anything I don't care

Well, it's 7:34am just got home from work and I've already chugged a bottle of wine. God I'm only 21 and I'm a f***ing alcoholic.

I've put myself on a countdown as a way to get through my hell job. October 1st I'm going to start applying to other jobs, I'm aiming to work at a hospital. I don't mind the work in long term care but I am not built to work five days a week. A three day a week schedule will be so much better for me. 101 days left and counting

"Equal Employment Opportunity" what a joke. If it were true, why is it the only people I see working in places like McDonalds and Burger King either African American or Hispanic? Where's the whites and asians? You're telling me if I submit a job application with "white" as my ethnicity, I won't ever get a call back, but if I put "hispanic" as my ethnicity, you want to suddenly interview me for the job?

I hate my job, I worked so hard to get here gave up everything just get a foot in the door (and it's f***ing hell).

1. I only have a job there because half the people quit and no one else wanted it!

2. I am the newest so everyone tells me what to do, and they all want me to do it their way. K says do it this was, T says do it this was,I says do it this was but ask t or K first..... And since one of the people who quit wa the supervisor there are floats who come up from anot... read more