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I feel sad now. I went into the meeting thinking things were greater than they really are. Apparently, I'm not pulling my weight enough. I'm not being assertive enough. Being told that sucks a**! I feel like everything is weighing down on me and it's hard to get support. When I did ask for help I got no response. Oh, she didn't have anything to say about that. And why does she think people will want to come see me knowing they won't get any bus passes in return because I don'... read more

Treat her right before you lose her and push her into resentment.

another long day in hey I wish this day was over

In my life I have noticed that out of every 4-5 people that applaud my good work there is always 1 other person that is a troll. I love my fans but why do the trolls affect me so much? It is almost like they have a cooking timer and on a regular basis they have to be asshats. I used to work with 25-30 people and there was 1 lady that called me stupid all the time, 1 guy that would call me a b****, 1 guy that would call me a b**** behind my back and another guy that said I was... read more

I have gone without food before my electrolytes would go off kilter causing some unclear thinking a downward spiral

no jobs around here for somebody my age without a college degree preferably a masters so I will continue to live off scraps I assume I am supposed to blame myself?

My job right now is actually watching paint dry. #gettingpaid

I'm going back to my seasonal job this weekend, where I'll work until college starts again. I don't know why, but I have such a weird feeling of dread (even though I quite like working there).

Anyone have any tips to get rid of this feeling?

My husband and I have been try to find work in the IT field we get the interviews just rejection letters. It's like f*** what the point in the degree. we even have certs but damn...

I hope the people at this meeting are nice to me. Be nice to me! It's my first time...

I was feeling sorry for myself but then it all changed. Amazing what a simple hello how are you can do for someone

Ugh, I don't want to go to this meeting!!! But I'm forcing myself to go for the greater good. That's what it is about, not simply me.

I need to head to a meeting in about an hour and a half for work. I don't feel like going. I was notified of it at such a late notice. I hate when things pop up like this. I never been to the meeting before so I'm nervous as to how things will turn out. I wonder if I'll be asked tough questions or put on the spot a lot. I don't have this big plan of how my unit should move forward with the other. I just want things to turn out well. And hopefully it won't take long. I'm shoot... read more

I know I'm supposed to work, but I'm just too damned depressed. Yes, clinically. Yes, I have taken my meds. And while I'm at it, I'm kind of grumpy, too. So pass the coffee and say nothing. Thanks.

my boss didn't contact me about shifts until a few days before an appointment, and then i'm travelling a few days later

im so worried that if i ask for days off she'll get mad, but I thought she wouldn't give me any shifts next week because it's so last minute - should I just ask?

being super unproductive and im just DONE WITH MYSELF

I'm glad I actually enjoy my job and I don't work at a pizza parlor that gives my skin a hard time and is full of negativey like you losers. Just because I'm freelance...does not mean my job isn't "real." Perhaps you're just jealous that I make more money than you and don't dread what I do. So f*** you.

I'm bored out of my little mind

Please pray they call me back for an interview please

Any lawyers on here? (Please be honest)