Today I approached a customer at work with my usual friendly tone and asked if she was looking for anything in particular. She just stood in the doorway staring at the displays and I was worried about her, so I asked, "Ma'am?"
Her face went cold and she looked at me as though I'd stepped on her foot.
"Can you just let me look around before you come at me like this?"
Oh, okay, you're that kind of person. Got it.
I pointedly ignored the stupid b**** as she shopped, not informing her of any of the promotions; I vowed in my head to "forget" the $12 off coupon she would receive if she actually bought something, which I knew she probably wouldn't. She stayed in the store for twenty minutes to f*** with my racks before walking out. I told her to have a nice day as sweetly as I could and when she didn't respond, I flipped her off under the counter.
I hate retail and I HATE people. I really hope I hear back about that other interview.