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You dont care about me. You just want to make it even so you dont have to atone. I hate you.

I'm writing a script for a feature length film and I'm terrified it's going to suck.

Hmmm...a sales lady just brought in donuts, no one else knows they're here. To eat them all or share?

You "father figure" just gives me the creeps!

I have never tried to frame anyone for sexual harassment. You tried to frame me and him remember. Oh was this a part of the question and answer sessions with her. You guys are f***ing creepy. Remind me never again to let anyone from the company in my personal life under any circumstances.

Yea why do you want to restrain me from standing up for myself?

That was not love that was just entrapment. Ensnaring a woman into your web of lies and deciet when you know what is going to happen because it is already scripted. FOrcing her to talk so you can play your f***ed up games knowing that they never loved you they just wanted to use you for awhile and then dump you. That is a really twisted f***ed up thing to do to somebody. Just you guys are f***ing twisted seriously.

Yea you hide that sh** well Sir! Very well indeed!

I am going to stop listening to everything you say. Get new cover!

I dont care about sales. I care in so far that my job involves some form of it. I don't have a direct need to know about sales on a regular basis. I am more interested in the tasks at hand. If we are having a problem with sales the managers usually pass it along.
Furthermore i am not trying to advance in the company currently I am focused "taking care of myself"as you all so eloquently put it. Being accused of fighting dirty to advance is kind of a stupid thing t... read more

Stop trying to control my job search. I choose WHERE I look, WHAT I look for, and WHEN I sign up for things. And right now my health is more important than a job. I want my employer to see my best effort, and I cannot give my best effort when I am at risk of having a dizzy spell every single day.

Besides, all of the jobs you want me to sign up for are forcing me to either program (not my strong suit), lift heavy objects (can't due to health reasons), or speak Spanish (I am... read more

Figures I'd fall for the one girl I really shouldn't date. Dating a girl I'd have to work 12 hour shifts with would end badly methinks... pretty sure she feels the same since every time we've drank together we've ended up finding ourselves secluded off somewhere

Oh you sh**piled me? Well good considering that your a man cheating on his wife possibly regularly I guess that is no real loss. Hope it hurts!

You know when he and I worked together during the day most of the time we couldnt get regular help if we paid you for it. Just kind of interesting. Good for then but interesting.

You do not think you did anything wrong because I said yes. Your such a pathetic juvenile little t***. I hate you.

WHY DID YOU TELL THE STORE MANAGER ARMANDO? btw I HATE YOU! And no it is not because your not sleeping with me a**h*** . It didn't have to be this way. This could have been really easy and amicable but no you had to be the a**h*** . God I really do f***ing hate you. a**h*** .

grr....don't wanna go to this meeting. Okay. Just grit your teeth and get over it. -_-

Bhuj from strength the tiger for free to southland at times for certain

I need advice but have no one to talk to. I want to help people. That's what I want most out of life. My heart keeps pulling me to the poor of the world, the folks living in slums without water and stuff like that. I have no ties to any one place, I would love to travel there to help directly. I am not a rich person, nor do I ever want to be. I don't care if I make money helping people. Actually I would hate to make money. I would like to be in a situation where I can be dire... read more

And no I am not going to stop coming to any websites just because your doing what your doing. Eventually you will stop and i will go on. TA TA