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I never know what minefield i'm walking into when i come in every day. You're like a kid with miniature dolls which you pull and chew on at will. Maybe my next job should be an actress on stage because it takes unfathomable strength not to scream out at you. I've tried looking elsewhere, i don't know what else to do, God help me.

My dog just ate a flash drive with all of my work for the last 5 months on it. I know it was stupid not to back it up. I feel like an idiot. I've been working 60+ hour weeks and now it's all gone. Everything was on that drive. Everything.

I feel for people that hardly get paid enough to be bitched at for a living.
I just had an encounter where the customer was inconsiderate and and lazy she had the mindset that everyone around her was nothing more than dirt to walk on. She didnt have an empathetic bone in her body that I swear shes never had to work a day in her life with other people

Dear Women in Corporate America Today:

You all disgust me.
I would like you to know that you are bringing down the entire evolution of the human race. Just because I am an intelligent, classy, elegant, creative, educated Black woman, who just HAPPENS to be a beautiful petite brown-skinned sister who is proud of her natural locks, you won't even give me a chance because I don't look like Black Barbie with long straight hair. And you talk about progress as a gender. You, an... read more

I like my job. I hope I can work there for 50 years.

Im hesitant to just straight up hang up on these scatterbrained callers who iinsist on calling me while they are driving..when all I can hear is background noise and wind but most importantly I will have no part of it if you cause an accident due to your lack of attention..


Guess who gets to work 12 days straight?

Holy sh**, I'm gonna shoot myself in the head.

back from meeting ugg theres stil another 7 hours tommorow. i hate meetings so tiredddd *falls asleep while taking notes*

The people I work with are awesome but my boss sucks at life. I wish I had a money tree. I would shove it up his a**.


OMG I'm so excited!!!

So that it'd be easier to relate, I'm referring to my job as a part of the food industry.

Right now I'm working in a McDonald's type of establishment. I've only been here a few months, but it feels like years. Recently, I've gotten back in touch with an old friend who's opened a business of P.F. Chang's quality. I reached out to her about how the qualities of my job were terrible and I wanted to quit the industry overall. And she offered me to wor... read more

f***ing broke.
Hate it.
Can't save for college because i work minimum wage and still live at home, helping my parents with their bills.
I'm stuck with no hope of getting out of here.

Valarie I dont give a sh** that you are in a hurry. .if your too busy then dont call us ...and please dont call while your driving

Don't ever use (LAZY) Registrar

Registrar: BRANDON GRAY INTERNET SERVICES, INC. DBA NAMEJUICE.COM is a registrar where you buy domain names to use for your website. They are inefficient and RUDE. Let me explain.

I have a customer whose domain name is and I had him get his name in the place of administrator of his domain name he has since the 90's. He had no control over his domain until he did and I am hosting his site and I changed over to... read more

Arrgg My math teacher who never actually teaches anything gave us a worksheet and told us it was due In a week and then today tells us we have to have don't tomorrow. Never mind that I have other hw I have to do. And now its late and idk how to do any of it and if I don't do it ill get a zero and probably fail the test and I really really need to do well in this class because literally my whole future depends on my

Ms Fligge let me break it down for you you rude b****...they cannot hear you for the 3rd f***ing that would be your queue to take them off speaker phone you lazy cow

I'm 18 years old and have never had a job. Every single person I've talked to has told me they hate working. The phrase "soul-crushing" has been used more than once to describe entering the workforce. Obviously I have to start working soon. When that finally happens I don't know how I'm going to handle the stress.

What kind of place is this?! I work at an ice cream franchise and first off, you might be surprised on the number of people that go get ice cream in a bad mood. It drives me crazy! Ice Cream is supposed to make you happy, right?

Well last night I worked with a shift manager, we will call her P, whom had been on 'break' for 2 weeks. It was my first time working with her as I have only worked there for a week and a half. A customer, we will call her C, asked for a Peanut Bu... read more

I am a child minder and I hate my job. Now don't get me wrong, I love my actual day job, what I hate is the parents constantly taking the f***ing piss out of me. They never pay on time, they constantly let me down, they assume I don't have a life as they text asking for longer hours 5 minutes before they're due to pick up their kids....Just 15 minutes ago, I did an extra four hours *I didn't charge time and a half for bank holiday because I understand this one parent doesn't ... read more