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Damn these false fire alarms! Why so loud!?

You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.

not letting someone know they didn't get the job is as thoughtless as a company can be.

Why do I ALWAYS WAIT until the last minute to do sh** that needs to be done by tomorrow that is really suppose to take several hours to do?!

Why do some days Draaaaaaaag by and then other days... like TODAY... THERE ISN'T ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY TO GET sh** DONE!!!

Just spoke to a someone who immigrated from Russia several years ago and she taught me more about patriotism than anyone else. She spoke of how it was in Russia - no matter what you did for a living you all pretty much got the same pay check. No need for a checking account - because there was no extra money! And housing - 5 people to a room. Goverment controlled everything. She says how much she loves the US and that it's time to speak up for what this country stands for... read more

Why is it always the most stupidest people that get to run the company? And why are they always French?

whats wrong with you george, stopping pee-ing arounds with your johnson!

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I've been in my job nearly two years and I don't feel like anyone would even notice if I stopped showing up. No one listens to what I say, even though I get paid to give my opinions on things. There's no self fulfillment, I don't know why I bother.

I cant stand people who think they own the bloody halls in high school. its just like the road pick a bloody lane and stay in it, it is not that difficult!

I really really dislike our CEO.
And 4 sure I am not the only one. It is about time he gets ditched.

99% of websites are of website developers advertising their services.

I am so disheartened to see so many people so afraid of losing their jobs right now, and those that are unemployed not being able to find one. I swear that some of my associates will die young worrying about it. So, I worry about their health, too. We need to STOP THE MADNESS of this economy! Anyone out there -create some jobs! Then people will start buying and that will create more jobs. You can do it - it's what made this country great! Let's all be creative out there.... read more

why do Americans always add -ization to everything? De-nuclear-ization (what next)?

CMS watch are a bunch of wankers

I love work, but not with my boss!

There's not just one dominant female in the office - there are three of the b****es. Air con wars, nagging emails, its too much!

Why dose the f***ing unemplyment rate have to be so high?! why the f*** cant anyone have any jobs errrrrm

Good God I'm stressed. Got suspended from work in a city with current 14% unemployment and don't know if I have a job to go to anymore. Just want a place to scream!!!!!!