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We have a financial manager for our company that sometimes I think treats me like I'm dumb because of my work title (the lowest person on the totem pole) and because I'm Asian. Everyone else, even the senior staff members treat me with respect but the financial manager will ask me for things that I don't know because I'm not privy to the information or my employee status does not give me the luxury of that type of level of access. Sometimes, she'll come down hard on me for no... read more

b**** I think I sacrificed a job for you!

Great job, very lenient, better than the job I had before. No more intimidation or hostile work environment for me. Fired the chicken very conveneint.

I be really wanting certain people On here to drop their location so I can drop kick they a**! Like You real tough behind that damn screen... probably a p**** in person.

I hate this jobless b****es who ask for money online when I am busting my a** at a minimum wage job. b****, you think that you're gonna sit there and look pretty for the rest of your life? Get a f***ing job!

I can't stand this stupid b**** coworker of mine. She annoys the hell out of me. She brought some chicken and pasta for lunch and when I was on break I opened it and spit in it a couple of times. I wanted to do something even more gross but people could have come in. I hope it was tasty.

I love how whenever someone is rude to me at work the next customer in line usually will laugh with me about how rude the person before them was. Makes the day a little easier.

I hate this place with every fiber of my being. I already feel like a useless piece of sh** and somehow this place ALWAYS makes me feel worse. I was trying so hard to rush myself into the ground and hoping cause of my hypertension that either over working it or drinking too much caffeine would cause me to collapse, no such luck unfortunately...

I got picked on a lot in school & I started my first job at a fast food place a few weeks ago. I don't know what it is, but now my coworkers pick on me. I was in the break room and 3 of them were laughing at how messy my hair was, how they are surprised there are clothes to fit me (I am fat), & how ugly I am. I had to get up & go to the bathroom so I wouldn't cry in front of them. I wish people liked me.

HEY! I want to try something!
Put any questions you have on things like life or how to get through something or ANYTHING and I'll help you! FOR FREE.
I will try to get back to you asap but its hard when this is anonymous BUT I will.
Why do this? I LOVE LOVE LOVE HELPING PEOPLE!!!! GIve me a chance!
- Christina (::

Nasty people makin a mess everywhere lik please, not while I'm on the clock. Do it I jimmy like damn.

New chapter in my life. Moving on from that sh**y job. Let you guys spend all day fighting.

Dumb a**es. All working so hard and competing with each other. While the boss sits back and laughs.

i swear elderly customers are the WORST, don't constantly ignore me telling you not to go into the large hall because of construction, and then complain that the restaurant is closed and how DARE we tell you it's open.

if you listened in the first place you'd know that we have 3 other eating halls and we ARE open, so don't get angry at some random waitress, ye c***s

I'm taking care of a child to make extra cash. And the other day this kid goes and potty on my new couch!!! And my bf told me to wash it or our dog will pee on it. So I washed it in the tub. And the cushion is so puffy it sucks in so much water that I can barely squeeze out. This couch gave me anxiety. For six hours. I'm done with it! And my bf decided to put it in the darn dryer?!?!?! With the zipper open?!? All the little pieces went out. Come on! And this morning my son fe... read more

Awkward moment.. I'm friends with my coworker and his girlfriend. They are going through a rough patch and me and him are very flirty. That's my personality in general. Well, last night we worked late and we were finishing up all the silverware (I work at a restaurant) and he was joking about the
reflection on the the table so of course my reflex was to look. I saw a dick pic. He showed me a dick pic. I feel guilty and like now I need to draw back and stop talking to him on a... read more

I'm really paranoid I'm going to get fired and I really haven't done anything wrong im just worried about something my kinda boss said.
We were leaving work and c said
C: "Another day at work gone"
Me: "and hopefully many more to come"
C: "yeah that's something to hope for"

I'm just worried. Pretty sure it's just paranoia

Why can't I f***ing paint good?

What's the best way for me to become a singer? Like famous and discovered

So there's a woman at work who teases until it's practically bullying and my so-called "friend" who keeps laughing about the joke. She insinuated that I got close with a male friend of the family I saw in the same building I work with. My friend has no problem when the laugh is at my expense, but if you DARE speak a bad word about anyone, she'll defend them till the end. She is so incredibly two-faced but will expect me to listen to her as she cries about her delinquent daugh... read more