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I googled 'vent' & here I am. Okay, this is totally lightweight venting. I'm an older worker employed as a dock worker, pays well comparatively & is quite physically difficult for me. Also, I have hearing, memory & some anxiety probs that affect me. An upgraded position became available, & so my boss shoots me down b/c I'm "slow-er." 'True 'dat!' His boss says, 'oh, you were injured twice in a year & we take safety seriously." (There's a sign on the dock floor saying to repor... read more

I'm sick as a dog. I'm scheduled to work 1-9 tomorrow but I honestly can't even walk straight. So I asked some of my coworkers if they could work for me tomorrow and they both said no... pieces of sh**. And my boyfriend's calling me out because he's got what I have (though I have it way worse) and he's like "I've been working! All you've been doing is sleeping!" You're a sh** leader you piece of sh**! And the only other shift leader can't work this weekend! Bet your a** you'd... read more

My boyfriend thinks I won't find a job on my field, he keeps convincing me to switch into his. I find this quite discouraging

I'm a teenage fast food worker. I have a double work load to graduate early this year, and my job keeps scheduling me for tons of hours. They promised it would stop , but they kept on until my mom came and threatened them by not letting me work if it continued. My manager is a big b**** who smokes and eats all the time but never works. Anyway I am sick and I cry all the time, I feel like sh**, everyone at work talks down to me, old men sexually harrass me, and I am completely... read more

I have two more paychecks coming, and in theory they should entirely cover the rest of my rent. Really hope my boss doesn't schedule me for the days I asked off though, I gave her three weeks notice...

I went to work today...turned out better than I previously thought. I see things being better in the future.

I'm helping to build a house, because I'm enrolled in a program that's pretty much an introduction to the trades. One person I don't like, she's really outgoing and two people told me that she's arrogant. Today I was throwing away garbage and heard that jealous arrogant b**** calling me useless. I knew she jealous of my body and wants to act hot for the guys. Well I'm not like her af all, she starting having kids at age 13 and i know my life is better and easier then her.

Dear publishing houses,

Whatever your reading fee is I can't afford it.


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Be responsible! If you say you'll get back to me by 'tonight', do it!

I knew you're always like that. Can't you change a little? Don't you care how people think you're unreliable? I'm not the only one you know? They don't even really want to give you task because of it!

If you have to reach across the desk to get that pen, then you need to ask to use it before reaching for it.

#CommonCourtesy #StillAppliesToCustomers

What kind of idiot starts a chat five minutes before we close and wants detailed instructions about how to use the new calendar?

My supervisors don't know how it works or what all the abbreviations mean. How should I know? The entire website was remade and nobody told us about any of the new features.


Im off today but One of my coworkers is sick and my boss wants me to come in and cover her shift. But two days ago, on my off day, I came in to cover my boss's shift AND yesterday I came in early because they needed the extra help. Honestly if I come in for her today, I'd feel like a guinea pig on a wheel. But the guilt of not helping out when I'm asked eats at me a little.

It would be so cool to say out loud 'why can't he just work within the structure of our workflow and be assumed trustworthy?' AND to have someone answer with an accurate, illuminating answer. It would make this stop being so. creepy. #amiapawnorjustmental

The boss of a small company has two employees, Jack and Jill…

Just recently the company has been doing badly, so the boss decides one of them must go.

Arriving at his office on Monday, the first person he sees is Jill,

so he asks her to step into his office and explains his dilemma.

"Look Jill, I'm afraid I'm going to have to lay you or Jack off."

Jill replies, "You'll have to jack off then, 'cause I've got a headache."

I really hate my job im in to deep and have no way out

I'm angry in my relationship. I want him to pay more attention to me and stop thinking I'm nagging in my long distance relationship - it's only fair that he calls me at least once a day in lieu of seeing me. I want to go on more actual dates not just staying in and watching films and cuddling. I want to go on a walk or a movie or something! I also want him to do nice things for me like when we were first dating : write me a poem sometimes or play me something! I understand he... read more

For the first time in years I have met a wonderful man whom I can officially call my boy friend. In a few weeks he is taking me to Maui for 2 weeks. It's been years since I've gone on a fun vacation or had someone great in my life and all of my family and friends are happy for me except one coworker. She is my age, has told me she hates her job, she doesn't have a boyfriend and seems to resent me having someone in my life. She's openly telling other coworkers it must be nice ... read more

Since I'm feeling down I started re-reading my book. AGAIN. For the millionth time... And oh my goodness. I guess I forgot how much hard work I spent in those five years. Come what may, I'm proud of what I made. It was the best I could do.
If you don't like it go build your own fantasy novel! I dare you! :)

#author #ImGoingToMakeANewOneSoon

I wish you stay away from my business forever