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Does anyone ACTUALLY have a role model? A REAL role model with a positive influence with moral discipline not some crazy lunatic who just does anything they want because they're careless????? I got asked it today and I couldn't think of one.

I realize that he was way more nervous then I thought he was. I know english is not his first language, but he acted just like I did when I met this INSANELY attractive Korean guy for the first time. I literally had a hard time speaking, was insanely nervous, could not stop laughing and stuttered just as much as him. I know it could have been just nerves, but I honestly think it may have been more then that...... It is weird that I pretty much got to see myself mirrored back ... read more

I'm slowly becoming more and more content with the idea of becoming single for the rest of my life.

I actually like that idea. Instead of having leeching kids, I can have businesses that will be my kids.

Honestly I dont understand how people more importantly this women who have these talk groups with each other and they talk about issues within the context of being a female. I get it. Women get mistreated HOWEVER we dont need a bill for every f***in thing thats wrong. From bitching about Black Community to Just Being a female like please I get it. But arent all women in the minority? Its hate that creates these divides, its intolerance that spreads this sort of hate against m... read more

The tec1-12706 thermo electric cooling chip can be used to generate current as well as be used as a cooler.
There are 127 thermo-couples inside the chip, and each one of them, when opne side of the chip is exposed to 200 degrees, and the other side was at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, a test unit i set up generated approximately 1 amp at 2 volts. So, there are 127 thermo couple junctions inside the chip, so math shows that each junction produces, under those temp conditions I listed... read more

My best friend of 3 years is becoming the type of girl that tries to find out what is going on in everyone's lives and says she won't judge and then talks sh** about them and tells others what they said. She says her life is horrible but when I try to help she won't tell me anything. She tried forcing me into a relationship so that I could have sex because "it's amazing" because I'm still a virgin, and it would be fun to go on double dates. Well one of my guy friends asked me... read more

Hey you balding idiot, you look slightly less creepy and disgusting when you're not talking

Just think the older I get the more attractive I become
The longer you spend in your lie the more it shows on your face and trust me, its showing hahaha

The funniest thing about married cops
They're wives cheat on them with the minorities they try so hard to imprison injustly hahhaa

I don't understand the whole "at least you tried your best" reassurance people give me when I fail. It was my best - that's the point. My best isn't good enough, so I'll never be good enough.

You hide behind black and white

Face me in the dark

You think you were f***ing made for this sh**
b**** you hide behind a vest and your community of racists

Lets do this
You woke up the evil boy in me b****
I will make it all burn

well im honestly in one of the worst situations i possibly could be in ive been with a girl for 3 years and 4 months we broke up for a short amount of time and then got back together like a month and 2 weeks roughly and she says she loves me but she also loves another "man" some guy that is like 8 year older then her and only wants to have sex with her he lives like 6 plus hours awaya nad has no way here so i know he hasnt done anything with her i try and trust her but i dont... read more

My best friend is drifting away from me. Ever since we went to college it's been harder to stay as close as we were in high school since we are at least an hour and a half away from each other, but I always thought we would stay friends forever because we have a bond with each other that I've never had with anyone else. But this weekend, I went to visit her at her school, and she had this great group of friends that spent every day with her and had a ton of inside jokes and m... read more

Now I know what your face likes popo

Keep smiling :]

Now I just follow your cruiser to your car you take home
Dont f*** with me

#issues #foryears #forever

As a child i could never fully comprehend my perdicaments with my family. Now that I have grown and learned more about "common sense" and "right from wrong" I can see what had truely went on in that house. I am happy i can understand my childhood past but still sad that there is no solution to my depression and stress from it. I resent my entire family for the sh** they have done. Annoyingly though, they keep trying to get in contact. This frustrat... read more

I couldn't help but ignore you yesterday, and I'm gonna ignore you today too. I love you so much, I can't stand not talking to you, I want you every minute of my life, and you don't feel the same, at least that's what the universe is making it appear like. But obviously you're annoyed by me right now, because I want to talk to you all the time, I'm sorry, I knew I shouldn't have been reaching out sometimes, but I couldn't help it. You're so sweet though nat, you respond even ... read more

Just when I thought I saw Baby Ariel because I live in the same state as her

I can't think of a sound that is worse than the cackling laugh of a drunken, college aged douche bag trying to impress his friends. Maybe I have no chill.

I hate you for what youve done to me rene. When your rise comes to a fall just know thats your own karma because of how bad you broke me.

I feel bad because I pretty much insulted my friend and called him old yesterday. He was joking around and saying how he likes to go to nature more then in the city and how that is an old person thing to do, I agreed that it was. He seemed to be upset by it and mentioned it later asking why I thought he was old.