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Everyhing around me keeps either braking or going wrong.
Today sucks.
Hoping for a better day tomorrow...

it's only been a week but i feel really, REALLY selfish for still loving him and having all these feelings. he wanted me to go, after all.

They should make a website like muttrbbut for sharing pictures so you could just send a cute selfie or a pic of the rain or a big Caribbean dick pic. That'd be cool

Making everything political sounds good in theory. I mean, if you truly believe your political beliefs are true and will save the world, why not slip them into every conversation, every chance you get?

Problem is, people can only handle so many blatantly political screeds. At some point, they'll start tuning you out. Push it further, and they'll become more and more intolerant of your opinion.

The best way, the only way, to guarantee an audience is to know when to shut the ... read more

what are the signs of an abusive relationship in your opinion?

I bought my friend some REALLY expensive tea since he also got me a gift. It is a lot smaller then I expected, but the reviews seemed really good and there are instructions on how to brew it properly inside. I already know that I want to decorated the tin box with a red ribbon sash on it that will represent good luck. I really wish I could give it to him now and it see his face when he gets it, but he lives in a totally different country from me...

I posting on facebook that my job has not been going well. Luckly, my dad caught it out of all people and told me to change it. That could have been really bad! I wasn't even thinking about that to be honest! I should only post positive things about my job from now on and only complain to family....

Men with big dicks do it way better

Big Caribbean dicks are big

Why does everyone think theres something wrong with you if you're a girl and a virgin at 25? I've had guys openly dump me when I told them I was a virgin becusse they "didn't want the drama". What the f*** am I supposed to be a Virgin till thE day I die just because I f***ing wanted to wait for someone I love?

While I'm happy we're in a less judgmental society, I wished people would judge those of us that are a little less confident with our sexuality less. I feel like a lau... read more

I want to get so high I can't see and listen to music so loud I can't hear myself think and drink until I ache. ://

I am becoming so powerful in my own right. I am more intelligent, quick-witted and hyper-observant.
My mind is not what it was before. I feel as though I am coming through a haze, a veil.
Before what I had considered in my youth to be the makings of a "smart man" quickly became "a path of transcendence".
Although I envision and assimilate this ideal self, I continue to accept a path of regret and mistakes.
In scolding myself for my behavior, I look outside for answers and fin... read more

I gave too many f***s and now I'm just about out.

I am so sick of this f***ing world, it pisses me off that I have to live in this world as a black woman and people wonder why I don't believe in a god, what god would allow racism to persist in this magnitude?

Donaldson = Pig b**** c***

f***ing Tanki Online ruining itself. YOU CAN'T CREATE A f***ING BATTLE WITHOUT A PRO PASS?! This was free since two thousand f***ing nine. Why change it now?!

i haven't seen my full family for seven years since they live in a different country and we finally went to visit. so far i'm not having a pleasant experience here for reasons and while i'm writing this, my mom, aunt and cousin are talking badly about the LGBT community and i'm trying so hard not to snap because some of my
closest friends are part of the community. they keep making my experience here sh**ier and sh**ier.

My mom died when I was 15. My sister just got married and my dad's getting old. I'm 28, successful but alone.

Th worst part?

I have always been alone. No matter what I do or what anyone tells me, no one has ever been attracted to me or wanted me as more than a close friend.

I believe I am unlovable and will die alone. In fact there are times where I wonder why I haven't offed myself already-- the loneliness is so crushing. When my family dies I worry that the heartbreak wi... read more

I f***ed up today.
I talked to an alum of my school to get advice on how to break into entertainment after my masters. He thought I was an idiot. i don't think I've ever felt more embarrassed especially since I laid myself out there. He works at my dream company and now he thinks I'm a moron who knows nothing and wasted his time. I feel like I have no hope of reaching for my dreams any more and am defeated. I just ruined my chances of working at a company I've been working to... read more

Anyone have any fun activities to do that will keep me from f***ing murdering everyone around me thanks