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I have OCPD thing for video game accounts and pretty much anything technology. I have created thousands of email, steam, league of legends, warframe etc accounts. It makes feel depressed if I don't do this. It is like a itch. I need to stop before it gets worse. I have also bought games multiple times or the same thing multiples in video games. I need help fixing this before I end using all my money in this.

#HELP #advice

And if a criminal does get you, whatever he does can and most likely will fall back unto you! its like you were at fault! wtf is this sh**. plz world war 3 come sooner i know you guys want to do it.

She knows better than to wear those expensive pantyhose around me because all im going to do is tear them to shreds. Right around that croutch area . That's where I make my rip.

Life and this system is so f***ing stupid. Criminals get away so f***ing easily its a f***ing joke. Where the f*** is the death sentence?? where the f*** is the order?

All it takes is one to stand where others fall.

Shannon Messenger Keeper of the lost cities series.

Oh yeah I keep me a bad b****

Today I was hoping it was going to be a good day because I thought my mom was going to get better and I was going to my poster to my homework. She ended up getting medication that didn't help made her worse. I did not do my poster because I have OCD about video game accounts and I made one yesterday that I have been working on all day yesterday and today and now I want to make a new one. Also my dad is out of town and I need on some homework and I am stressed about that too. ... read more

i can't be the only one that freaks out a bit when i see a muttr that applies to my current situation, right?

You jive a** bastard. You thought you could run a hustle on me? Well, this old coon has been around the block one too many times for that. I ain't going for it. You know what else? I'm going to have to receipt you for it to.

y'all should go chuck my twitter a follow @whorifying thanks muttr for the free advertising

My mind must work differently than most people's. I don't understand why they can't understand me. It makes perfect sense.

Could someone hack an iPhone without having physical access to it? What about wifi? IP? How would you know if you've been hacked? Asking for a friend.

Champagne, cocaine, gasoline, and most things in between. I roam the city in a shopping cart, a pack of camels and a smoke alarm. This night is heating up. Raise hell and turn it up. Saying"if you go on you might pass out in a drain pipe." Oh yea don't threatened me with a good time.

Overheard my sister talking sh** about my boyfriend to her friends and calling him stupid.
Wow, f*** you, b****.
I'll admit, he's what you'd call a little clueless and socially inept, at least I don't have petty fights with him over the stupidest sh** like you do with your boyfriend.

why is it that whenever I read a post or a comment or something that I automatically assume that the writer is female unless otherwise specified?

i need you to give me your time...but baby just remember i don't want you to be mine

There is some sort of animal in my wall. He has been in there for a few days but I can't get access to him and I'm not paying for his bad decisions. I think it's either a bird or a squirrel. Life is tough.

i'm a girl & i might have a crush on some other girl. i'm not sure whether i genuinely like her or if I just find her pretty.. . ughhhh

I just love when I've waited a whole week to be with my boyfriend and he's more focused on his xbox then me and tonight when I wanted to make love after he promised we would late that night what does he do? lay in bed and watch videos before falling asleep but not before telling me things change and to get over it.... makes me wonder if he wants to be with me or not with the way he acts

I'm a 13 year old girl. And I've been pretty mood swingy lately. I know that's totally normal for girls my age. But I was just wondering, is it normal for serious suicidal thoughts/actions to come with it? I can't tell if I have depression, or just a normal case of the teenagers.