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i'm suicidal again and each time it happens i wonder when my time will run out and i'm finally going to have the guts to do it

I don't trust you even thought I say I do, I still think your talking to her, I hate you for those thoughts I love you so much but I hate what you have turned me into I was so confident in myself before you and you ruined that now I depend on you to make me feel good I hate you but I love you, why did you do it after everything I have done? After so much strength I have put on this relationship after I brought us so far why are you making it so easy for me to walk out, I thou... read more

I hate my dad for f***ing me up so much. I don't know what you did to me Perry but you did something and you are a sick disgusting human being and I hate you for it. You f***ed me up and emotionally abused me as a child and possibly molested me. I'm almost 100% certain you did. You are a sick disgusting vile human being and I will be nothing like you Perry. Thanks for f***ing me up but I'll be just fine and if I ever have kids someday I'll be there for my kids, unlike you, yo... read more

i'm just kind of mentally decaying
it won't be long before i am suicidal again

Just looking at your picture made me cry. I love you H and ive meant everything ive said.

when people i love don't communicate with me, i feel so very useless
am i really that bad at listening? am i really that unhelpful?
if i am, maybe i should just kill myself, since if i can't help people i love,
i might as well stop existing

I can't speak. I can talk for hours with people I know and with people I don't, but I can't ever tell people what's on my mind. I can't finish what I've started. I can't do what everyone else is able to do. I feel like I need to be constantly moving so nothing bad catches up with me, but at the same time I feel like I'm not moving at all. I can't tell people what's on my mind. I can't tell the people I like that I like them. I can't tell my family that I need help. I can't fa... read more

You're the love of my life, my heart, my soul, my everything, my angel and the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I hope everythings been going well for you H. I miss you so much <3

All alone in the world and self help conflicts with a future purchase i need to make (laptop replacement), because the only places that the city has going for it are strip clubs; nowhere else for me to socialize.

Also, i seem to be in some kind of employment limbo as I am supposed to wait for info about training, though haven't heard anything in the past week or so.

Someone keeps asking me if I'm working hard, or hardly working, I'm tempted to punch them in the throat & ask them if they're hurting hard or hardly hurting. Geezus human! Mind your own business.

I started talking to this girl that I work with. I'll say her name is Sydney. So Sydney and I hung out once the other night and nothing came of it because my friends and family were there. But we hung out again the next night and had a lot of sex. When I went into this, I wanted to be just friends with benefits because there's a girl at my school that I really wanted to have a real relationship with. But after hanging out with Sydney for those two nights, I think I want a rel... read more

I cant seem to describe the way you make me feel. Breathless for sure, but theres much more than that. Your brown eyes always seem to capture my attention. And I didn’t even realize blondes could have brown eyes. And yours weren’t even light. Theyre a deep chocolate color that I get lost in. and it kills me. You know that feeling where its kinda like youre about to throw up, but in a good way, and your throat closes up and you want to breathe but your lungs don’t want t... read more

I can just feel our friendship falling apart because of me :))).

I feel so broken and lonely and I'll never be able to love anyone the same way because of you. Because of the six months of bulls*** you put me through I have panic attacks because I'm afraid if I do something wrong my partner will hit me or shun me or tell me they hate me. The worst part about all of this sh** is that you have no idea what the f*** you've done to my mental state, and I hope you're happy. f*** you and f*** everything we had together

I feel like I constantly compare my partner to other men. I am a very very needy person when it comes down to affection but he isn't, at all. He doesn't go the extra mile, details you know? Sometimes I envy other women that I see get showered with love and a constant reminder of how wanted they are, most of the time they don't even appreciate it. Why does that happen? I try not to let it get to me but it's depressing sometimes. Always feeling neglected by the person you love.... read more

I think I might possibly like you. Once again.

where the f*** were you, mom? you say i just b**** and get an attitude when i tell you what's bothering when you just go and whore around not even two sh**s about me. you force me to stay in the living room and clean and stay away from my dog that's in the next state over. you actually never cared for me, your own daughter. you let my father touch me. you let him put his drunken hands on his fourteen year old child. you didn't do anything when he'd do that. you never stopped ... read more

I can't help but think I rushed into marriage.. times like these it seems true. I think I was more caught up with the idea of feeling secure. Not financially, but emotionally? We were going through some things at the time and for a second I just thought maybe if we got married things would get better, I wouldn't feel so insecure. We are just two very different people and it makes me so sad to admit. I don't believe he is a bad person, he just isn't what I'd imagine my husband... read more

I actually love you and I can't stop loving you. No matter how much I try.

Very dissatisfied with me life. I work in nursing.. night shift in a psych unit. My schedule flip flops. I am tired all the time. My house is such a mess and needs to be cleaned, but I just can't seems to do it. My husband works a very part time job, but wont clean or pick up after himself. His free time is xbox or sleeping. We never have enough money for anything. I am tired and in a rut so deep, that I can't get out. I stopped caring how I look.. I never want to go anywhere... read more