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안전놀이터총판♬¬▷((Bgg-777 . Com))◁-♬¬카톡:come99메이저사이총판 사다리양방 /바카라사이트/홀짝게임/온라인카지노사이트/온라인바카라/♬¬▷((Bgg-777 . Com))◁-♬¬카톡:come99메이저리그픽/토토추천/온라인카지노사이트
안전놀이터총판♬¬▷((Bgg-777 . Com))◁-♬¬카톡:come99메이저사이총판 사다리양방/바카라사이트/홀짝게임/온라인카지노사이트/온라인바카... read more

I recently failed out of college despite doing everything i could (office hours hired a tutor studied everyday asked friends for help and more) and my parents know about it they are rightfully dissapointed as am I but towards the last month or so when i knew things weren't going to go how i planned i started thinking about plan b and I've decided to try and do event coordinating because I've always been really good at it and i enjoy it. Also alot places would rather experienc... read more


This dude who was interviewing me for a job kept staring at my breasts. They were covered, no cleavage, but the bastard kept staring. I forgave him because 1. I need job 2. I've stared at my gym instructors crotch three times by accident and It was nothing sexual, it's just where my eyes led me.

I hate when shops try sell you another item because it will be 50% off. Like fvck off b!tch stop pressuring me. I have anxiety and made effort to come out here and now you want to do this. Stop. You KNOW I don't have enough money by the way I dress so stfu and just let me buy these pair of pants. OMFG

I know that they are doing their job but omfg it makes me anxious when I know that those mall sellers are going to holler at you and try sell you sh**.

I'm never going to love anyone in a romantic way. It's so hard to juggle life and video games, I miss BloodBorne so much and I miss going to the gym- looking for work has just taken all my free time. I don't know when I'll go back to the gym, hopefully this Thursday.

Out of the few friends I used to have, I only talk to one of them. Although I don't want friends I realise why we have them, they're a good connection for when you need help, and it's rewarding to help them when they're in need. I just hated how seeing them made me f***ing broke, I had to spend money on transport, then money on food while I'm with them. Ugh. Highschool was so easy, you saw them everyday at no extra cost just to see them.

My friend is coming over next week Saturday and I wasn't expecting her to come so soon! I was hoping she would come over next month. I was planning on buying her something from the internet that she would like but ugh, I'll now have to bake her some goodies.

I can't have one day all to myself, this is ridiculous.

I was masturbating last night and I think my sister must have heard my movements. Omfg.

I need a job so bad and I want one so I can buy me clothes and help my family but a lot of things are happening to get in the way. Either this is a sign to slow down or this is a test to see how bad I want it.

i keep expecting you to be there for me every second but when you tell me how clingy im being i feel alone. i feel like a bad person. im naive. im sorry. i dont think. please dont hate me

My boyfriend with aspergers has trouble sometimes with showing affection and some forms of physical affection make him uncomfortable. I've now finally learned exactly what he likes and I'm so happy we can be affectionate and he enjoys it, he's even starting to get comfortable with things he wasn't too into ❤ I love him so much!

I really can't tell when people are being sarcastic over the internet and it's f***ing me up

Tfw you want to congratulate someone on their hard work and efforts but they won't even give you the time of day..

Idk what to do with my life. x.x.
I've been trying to change for the better for 4 years now