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You're the worse kind of person. Please go away.

I know I will have to kill myself eventually, so why wait till the s*** hit the fan


Why do you put people down? Why don't you try to understand instead of assuming? Do you do this to the people in your life? Why? Why do you do that? You're not a good person. You're not a bad person either. But you're not the one who is making anyone's day better. You're just making it a little worse, a little worse. You're making existence heavier, and heavier. Why? You're a human, you understand how painful and s*** it is to be alive and to live a life where people want t... read more

Today I decided to look up whether or not my sexual fantasies were normal. Turns out they're totally not and they're actually kind of dangerous. I guess I'm kinkier than I thought I was. Maybe that's why I have such issues with relationships

See, intimacy in relationships has always been weird for me. I've never really done anything overly kinky with another person. I have had a lot of sex but I've almost never orgasmed, and eventually the joy of being a relationship fades a... read more

I think most women don't wear make up to attract men. They wear it to catch other women's attention. When I wear make up, I know dudes usually don't know s*** about make up, so I can't expect them to appreciate the time and work that was put into my look. Another woman who wears make up knows though, she's the one who is going to appreciate my effort the most. When I see other girls in make up, all I can think is "Oh! nice technique," or "wow look at how beautiful that lip is... read more

Sometimes i wanna pull a carrie and use telekinesis to f*** with the people who treat me like s***. probably a good thing i don't have that power.

It has to get worse before it gets better...

I met this guy in a club about 4-5 weeks ago and i already knew one of his friends. We have stayed in contact over the past few weeks and he has asked me to come out with his friends and him for some drinks a few times but i never had any time. His friend has also asked me a couple of times. Last week i had some friends over at my house and he was out drinking somewhere else, at first i was really unsure about him and wasn't really interested and then on that night i decided ... read more

I'm in love with a girl who doesn't feel the same about me. We're really close. I've even tried to kiss her before. I got shot down naturally. I've only slept with two girls my entire life and only had one girlfriend. I'm 32. I'm starting to think I'll never find anyone. I don't have my license but will getting it back soon. Anyone else feel this way?

Me: "Ah i hate that song, it reminds me of when i was really depressed and makes me feel awful"
you: "aww haha" *blasts song every second for days on end*

gee, thank you.

What is hentai?????????????????????????????????? Plz help I'm confused

I live in a car.....and i love it.
No rent, no electric bill, go where ever i want! I healthier than i was. Just wish i bought a little bigger car when i first started.

This isn't how you should be getting into you Saturn Return. Nothing is certain in my life, I haven't gotten anywhere yet. Bad family, bad education, bad surroundings, bad country and no money. And, my natal Saturn is very close to the nadir of the chart, conjuncting Neptune and opposing Chiron. I was hoping for a spiritual advance at this time, but in these conditions, I simply cannot afford living that period of my life. I will have to depend on others, and I don't think th... read more

Our school's 'bad boy' is nice to me. But he is a basic womaniser and I just want him out of my life but still his smart, hot and AJNRUFHDJWKSOM idek.

I have so many fake friends I hate it. But the fact is I have to be nice to them but I know in reality they all are just basic b****es who think they rule the world or some s***. Ugh I hate how my best friends are friends with them .-. And I know I should tell my best friends how I feel but I know they'll get all mad and say like "She ain't that bad." Oh b**** she is. I don't even know, I feel like my best friends are changing slowly... They are makeup obsessed now it's disgu... read more

Mystic messengers is killing me.


Please, send prayers my way. I lost my wallet on the bus and it hasn't been turned in yet, meaning some not-so-honest person might have picked it up. Say a prayer for me, that it gets back to me; there's some very important stuff in there, but not money. Pray that it gets returned to me please.

Also, please no trolls. I ask this genuinely. Thank you in advance.

I feel like I'm being selfish as f***. I always give my boyfriend gifts & notes. He hasn't done anything for me. He's givin me a necklace before but he found that on the street. I'm really upset, idk am I being selfish!? I really don't wanna be selfish. Before anyone says he doesn't really love me, he really really does. It's just that he struggles w money problems. Idk what to do! Please! Advice!

So as it stands the timeline of my life is I moved out of my parents house with a supportive friend, I managed to get a job and feed myself, she has also been incredibly helpful and fed me and payed rent most of the beginning half of me moving in, with her help even I got started transitioning and living as myself, we've done a lot of things together and built a friendship, Im planning to go back to college in spring so I dont fail at life and live minimum wage, she's been a ... read more