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I'm pissed off!!! No matter what I do I just can't get ahead. My wife and I can't move out of my in-laws house, we can't make enough money to stay afloat, and we're just at the end of our ropes. I thought paying off all of our debt would help us but it hasn't. We still make just enough money to get by. I have friends that either make more money than me, or friends who make less money than me and already have houses and families. I'm completely frustrated! Just spinning my whe... read more

Currently getting a little sick of people asking why I'm not dating someone. The reason is because I'm waiting for the right person and people DON'T ACCEPT THAT? I'm so confused...

It is what it is you did what you needed to do you decided to copy my answers taking The test not realizing the professor gonna be suspicious about it I could stay mad at you forever but I dont want to however the professor gonna tell you to go back to your table that you are sitting at before you decided to sit at my table

I GOT CHIIIILLS, they're multiplying. And I'm loooosing controllll. Cuz the powwerrr you're supplying.. ITS ELECTRIFYING

quiero respirar tu cuello ;)

No, you don't have social anxiety, you self diagnosed prick. And even if you did, how would it be an excuse for You trash talking all your friends behind their backs? Every time you get caught being an a**h*** , you blame it on something else so that you continue being the little sh**head that you are.

I don't really know how to explain how deep my existential dread runs. I just kind of assume everyone else knows what I'm talking about when I say that, because how can you be alive in such a f***ed up world and not feel it?

I'd like to start writing, essays, articles, novels, and poems. But I feel like I'm not very good at English, or is it good in English LOL see what I mean?

The thing is, I don't know what to write about. My life? Let's see...

I grew up in a small town, where everybody knows your name. So small, that you don't need cellphones to connect, all you need to do is yell out your window and call their names. Anyway, that's how small it is. As soon as I graduated from high school, I... read more

It's really the small things, my n***a..

Why do I attract people like this

I can only handle people on my own terms. It gets worse the older I get. I think I'm really becoming antisocial. I don't answer the door or the phone if I wasn't expecting it. Most days I feel like I can't be around other people at all so I stay inside. When I do go out it's usually on solo ventures to secluded places. I don't hate people, I like them, I just can't stand the interactions sometimes. I also creep anonymous forums where no one knows me and nothing is expected of... read more

I wish I was deaf so I didn't have to listen to the people in this f***ed up society comment on my appearance everywhere I go. Yeah I know I'm ugly, shut the f*** up.

I hate when people bring up stuff that's personal like if you're gonna tell somebody something pull them to the side and tell them in private

I tried not responding to messages and calls from my family for the last three days since I felt like they were suffocating me. Now I'm left with more perturbed people and I still can't shake the feeling as if they are keeping a track of every move I make or trying to micro manage everything I do. I understand they are trying to contact me since they love me and stuff but some personal space would be much appreciated!

I want to make a change I want them to look up to me and admire me

Don't HMU when I'm rich famous and sexy lol

Nothing I give him is enough. I have given him everything and he demands for more. I want to give him whatever he wants but now he's demanding things I cannot to, literally demanding that I chang who I am, change what I like. I am gradually losing my respect, which is good, one day I hope to free myself. But for now, he's my god and I'm his slave

I don't care I will be a great motheR I know I will

I just want to make love to you just once all day long and then cuddle and vibe wish you wanted that too
What's stopping us

I feel my job is a prison with invisible walls that I have to go to for the sins of my ancestors.