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I hate make up on a girl.

We need a new religious enlightenment moment. It will be the one to finally diminish religion altogether. #Evil #Primitive

Wow. He literally just told me that I'm overexaggerating. Like my experiences weren't sh**. Like I did not experience what hurt me the most. Wow.

When I was a little kid we had a toy that was an inflatable punching bag with a clown on it and like sand in the base so you could punch it and it would lean back and then come back to straight up. Now that clown is me.

My boyfriend went to go work for 5 months at a national park and we can only exchange letters, no talking on the phone or anything. It's only been a month and I'm so damn sad. I've received two letters but he hasn't received any of mine so that's frustrating and makes me so sad. We're long distance as it is, this only made it even more severe AHH. How do I cope? I cry at least 3 nights a week about this and tell myself "it's been a month, just four more of those and you'll se... read more

I finally told my boyfriend how much people in my life acted like they were annoyed of me, brushed me aside, told me that I was boring, told me that my comments or what I had to say was unnecessary, or that my input was a waste. Or that the way people treated me back then made me observant of how people reacted around me to see any signs of annoyance or irritation. And how much it hurt me that even into my adult years, people still do that to me. And it's sad because his own ... read more

Why are the ppl who protest that they want diversity and peace the most intolerant and violent ppl out there?

Anyone else figuring out gender stuff alone or do you all have helpful friends? I wish I had a female friend to have girl talk with because all I know is what I was raised with as a boy.

Take that mask off so you can see.

This hot oil feels so good.

muttr muttr you're a big fat lump of butter!

I'M f***ING CUCKOO FOR JAPANESE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much that not only can I eat it every day, but it probably won't be long before I start dreaming about it (in my sleep). It WOULD be nice if any restaurant that serves breakfast would offer "tamagoyaki" as an option for how one would like their eggs cooked. Tamago is one of the best things I've ever tasted in my life...especially on sushi. Come to think of it, it would be f***ing sweet to wake up to some RICE GR... read more

I was me for part of today and helped someone feel better about themselves. Another person said nice things about me and I felt good. But a different person that knows the other two has ghosted me because I was myself when I should've just been surface. Then later today, I was me but a different me and it was good but it is a me that people either love or hate. So I just went back to being surface because nobody really loves all the me that is me.

Book Depository is sh**, especially the people handling the troubleshoots, I troubleshooted them 3 times, and they still haven't resolved my problem. Don't order from there, unless you don't mind having you packages late or possibly not delivered at all.

Kill me already.

i wonder how much worse things are going to get before they even start getting better.

Tonight, I'm finally letting go.

Omg. I need a gym buddy. Why do i have no friends. It's so awkward here with so many people, it's so damn crowded like ugh f*** my social anxiety! I'm serious. I need a gym buddy so we can both lose weight and keep each other motivated

My mother is the most pathetic woman I've ever seen.
Gets treated like sh** by my father more times I can count, then wants to cry to me about it, but then will go RIGHT BACK to being the lovey-dovey wifey kind of woman to him.
Pathetic and stupid. May I NEVER end up like that dumb b****... No wonder guys say women only go for sh**y men.

(and before anyone claims "smh she could have beaten woman syndrome!!!" my dad would LOVE for her to get out of his life. She's just a ret... read more

What you have done is unforgivable. You destroyed my body. I couldn't stop you I was too young. I'm violated and no matter what I cannot undo what has been done. I am a victim of terrible abuse and it has been hell trying to integrate myself into society. How am I supposed to pretend everything is fine when it is not??? I will never be happy. I'm too broken to be fixed. Not even slight improvements have been made it's only gotten so much worse with every passing day. I sincer... read more