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Like maybe that I should date the Sasquatch and have his babies.

THis is really weird but I didn't see the comment about Sasquatch before I made that post. I feel like the world is trying to tell me something strange.

"have you ever had inappropriate thoughts"
Of cheating on my partner?
Hell. The. f***. No.

But I guess it's #normal to cheat.
My ex obviously had those thoughts because they acted upon them. :/

How do you explain this is all because you've lost interest? How do you explain this is interfering with your personal health? Everyone wants to think large-scale and not what I'm going through on a still matters...

So my story is kind of confusing. Yes, you all will probably think I'm slutty asf but I don't even care.
When I was like 5 years old I developed this innocent crush on my brother in-law. I used to call him my boyfriend etc. then I hit puberty and realized what a sexual attraction was. And you can guess who I had that attraction towards. Well years pass and I'm underage so he doesn't see me like that or whatever and I'm way too self conscious to say anything so I just keep han... read more

I feel sad now. I went into the meeting thinking things were greater than they really are. Apparently, I'm not pulling my weight enough. I'm not being assertive enough. Being told that sucks a**! I feel like everything is weighing down on me and it's hard to get support. When I did ask for help I got no response. Oh, she didn't have anything to say about that. And why does she think people will want to come see me knowing they won't get any bus passes in return because I don'... read more

I just need to get this money dude.

So I made a new friend at my workplace but the thing is, if I hang out with her then I would have to hang out with someone whom I don't really like, the reason why? Well she kept forcing herself onto my brother who is married, kept texting him, flirting with him and talked to him sexually. He told her that he was married and didn't want that type of relationship but still hope to be friends but she didn't respect that or his wife's feelings. She even dated his childhood frien... read more

My crush had to leave cause my mom had to go somewhere and now I am sad

I have a confession. I am literally the Sasquatch I have been dressing up for years. goodbye.

It's a garbage world.

why do I read this garbage I am a glutton for punishment I am just bored

Hahaha! I can't do anything right!

He didn't need me. No one did. I was the tip top of the iceberg. And I was slow melting into the deep cold ocean. Only the polar bears would see me this way.

I have confession to make I've sexual relations with basketball player Avery Bradley who plays for Boston Celtics 🍀 since I was fourteen but he would flirt with me non stop this went on for four years

Riddle me this: if someone doesn't love you but they want you, do you stay?

They told me to stay away. You even told me to stay away. He will hurt you. That's what they told me. But what they didn't know, what you don't know, is that I'm barely here. My heart is as black as volcanic ash and it will just blow away with the wind. I can't be hurt and I can't be confined. I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

My boyfriend want to lose weight, but I don't think he understands how to do so without making himself miserable. He's talked about losing weight before, and said he wanted to lose 15lbs, but that didn't end up happening.
He's tried not eating, or really restricting what he eats, until I yell at him to not do that.
He's really unhappy with the way he looks and is very sensitive about his weight and wants to change that. But he keeps setting himself up for failure by doing thi... read more

Treat her right before you lose her and push her into resentment.

Humans ARE animals you dumb f***ing sasquatch.