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Money is starting to turn me on. Like I run a business and when that cash rolls in, it makes me really horny. I have some problems :/

Why can't I just eat like a normal person? I told myself when I came to uni that I'm an independent adult now and there's no excuse to be fat, so I started counting calories, exercising and lost 2 stone by the time I started 2nd year. That sounds like good self control, right? Problem is, I was regularly caving in and eating crap; the food just didn't stay down. But after we lost my grandad I saw how hard it was on my family to go through grief, and I didn't want to put them ... read more

My elder sis and I are polar opposites . She is pretty , flirty , witty and wild while I'm ugly , quiet , nerdy and hard to approach. Not to mention there is a huge age gap between the both of us . Despite being polar opposites , sometimes we clicked. I remember last time , she used to be very nice towards me. We do quarrel but at times she would bring me to the cinema to catch movies , or even go to nice cafes where we will enjoy delicious food and aromatic cups of coffee. A... read more

I am tired. Please give me a break, I can't do this much longer, as hard as I might try.

I'm sorry for being a disappointment to everyone, especially those whom I highly respected
I'll try as much as I can do to not repeat that again

I'm sorry for being reckless

I'm actually a fan of him too
And I know the situation is hard
I really shouldn't say bad things about people, even as a joke

How is it that by a simple glance you entrance me in a wave of memories and possibilities? Why is it you do this? We were friends or are we still? I thought you actually talked to your friends? Or is it too awkward now? I get it you are shy, I am too but I kind of miss talking to you. I see you everywhere. Do you still like me? As friend? As maybe more? UGH THIS IS SO CONFUSING! Please when you for once aren't surrounded by your gaggle of guys and I by my gaggle of girls then... read more

I'm sorry if I sound like hating someone.....
I didn't mean it, and
I'm incredibly ashamed of what I have said and done
But I still hurt people and
I really regret what I've done
I want to make proper apologize for so many matters

I now understand what everyone's been saying about this person.
She makes my skin crawl.

Back story: I don't work in this particular store regularly, but because they were understaffed at a very important time of the year (the holidays) I was volunteered as sacrifice to be the help. I am regularly stationed at the next town over.

But I've been hearing rumors from other coworkers how this b**** really steps on people's toes and puts her foot in her mouth quite often. She doe... read more

I'm sorry I'm such an embarrassment for you
I'm sorry that for all of the disappointment too
I'm very scared when we fight
If only we could turn back time
You don't deserve to be hurt like this
I'm sorry for all of my mistakes
When all you want is to give me love
and maybe I don't deserve
I'm such a screw up

I had an explosive arguement with a "friend" and she called me a few days later and spoke to me like nothing again wth

I'm going to hang myself can't keep going with this life

I have a dead, dried cockroach on my bedroom floor. Maybe I should feed it to the huge spider down at the lobby.
Buy "huge" I mean "Australian big". Well, maybe it's "small" in Australian measures, but it's HUGE in our measures. WHY IS IT SO BIG?! It's the freaking size of my car keys! we don't get it so big in my living region!

Why do I keep masturbating to girls I met from school/college or at work, wtf is wrong with me????

What chores shoulda fifteen year old be doing around the house to help out?? I worry I'm not preparing my child for the real world because I do nearly everything.

Why do people hate on people they don't even know?

Lately i have been feeling empty, ya know, not feeling any emotions, the pang of hurt or sadness sometimes when my 'friends' say something that makes bad thoughts come into my mind but other then that i feel nothing. Around two weeks ago i nearly killed myself though, nearly slit my wrist, i had a small knife against my wrist and was pressing down hard, ready to cut but then i didn't and i don't know why. I hate myself and want to tell someone what is happening to me but i do... read more

Why do I want a man in my life? I loved the companionship. I love to talk to him, rub his back. I know it's just I want to pour my affections on someone. I love the idea of cooking for him and the idea of us enjoying each other's company. Having that constant companion that I can enjoy my life with. Women friends, we can get wild and crazy. Talk about crafting etc. Guy friends are just guys you can talk to but a lover is a whole different level. Being naked in bed caressing e... read more

I just don't feel like you're a very good friend

i feel like if i tell you i'm sad your chances of being there for me is about the same is if i told you i was happy and didn't care if you came by

and i respect that about you.. i like to depend on you for being straightforward with me, and not using manipulation or being manipulated like my family loves to do. it's probably why i've been best friends with you for so long

but sometimes i really just have a horrible day and i... read more