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Oh, please forgive me. I apologize for not keeping my mouth shut about the only thing that makes me want to live. That one thing that gives me hope and strength, and makes me want to share it with others because it feels just so wonderful. Even though I only tell it to those who want to listen, it upsets you. Because you're so convinced that I'm an arrogant person... although I have never spoke to you at all. To you, I'm a bad person.

Maybe I should be talking about depressi... read more

I'm going back to my seasonal job this weekend, where I'll work until college starts again. I don't know why, but I have such a weird feeling of dread (even though I quite like working there).

Anyone have any tips to get rid of this feeling?

"I feel for you but I can't quite reach"

Help me I keep falling down

hey yall can i get some uuuuuhhhh Sympathy you know the drill someone not understanding in a thread i made at like 4 am mid-panic just what internal conflict & mental probs i have................... and its all i need anyways all the context yall need is my depression has left me failing this semester in 2 classes the rest are b's yall i gotta clarify the good parts from fear of being criticized even if this site says this:

Often times, there is no real secure way of getting... read more

The more I push myself to get better from my trauma, the more risky behavior I find myself doing to cope with the pain that only deepens as u try to ignore it.

too bad when I found out I was nothing to nobody a drift it is a cold feeling I am just another body

yesterday hours before my college graduation my father threw a fit like a little kid throwing temple tantrums all because he had to go through security Metal detectors my mom didn't complain she was okay same with my brother but he had to inform dad do you not understand with some must stuff going on you don't care about being safe would you rather for all of us to be dead or be safe my finally realize that life is important like come on

My husband and I have been try to find work in the IT field we get the interviews just rejection letters. It's like f*** what the point in the degree. we even have certs but damn...

If there's anything on your phone that you're so protective from your partner using your phone then you definitely don't f***ing deserve them in the first place

I don't watch porn, I don't talk to other girls in a way that would upset my partner, she can use it and look through my gallery, whatever. I don't care because bi have nothing to hide!!!

Some people are absolute pieces of sh**. I can't stand it.

Life is full of sadness but with no time to be sad.

It's 11:48am, it feels like it should be pm. I don't know how I am going to make it through the rest of the day.

you were just a rolling stone leaving disaster in your wake too bad I was one of the victims

I just got a lot off my chest to my best friend and I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do.
I ended up telling her how my ex had cheated on me, how he watched porn when he told me he didn't, and how he had pictures of her on his phone that were on his phone long before we started dating but he never deleted them


I have concluded that while, yes, I can be pretty, but my concentration face is hideous. I'm always concentrating. 😭

First day of summer! What's everybodies plans for this summer? :3

First day of summer! What's everyone plans for this summer? :3

My parents be playing games with my credit card and my money, its so annoying. I gotta move out. Omg I need to move out. Im better off

I always wanted someone to be with me whenever i had to face my issues. Ive never had that in my life. And yet here i am still hoping.
I have to let go of that, or it will actually kill me. and nobody wants to help especially if you don't have money. Survival of the fittest, more like survival of the richest.

I can be brilliant tho. And i can save myself. Its hard to cope with a lot of bull. I need more self discipline to fix alot of trash.
I'm sick of people looking at me h... read more