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Gonna miss EDMs and black colored fashions last year so much. Those were the guilty pleasure of my eyes and ears :(

I need some meds for my anxiety it's ruining my lifeeeee

So I have a fear of choking from a recent incident like when I eat and I'm trying to get back to solid foods and just eat normal but I get scared I know I can swallow fine but I just get so scared still I get anxiety but this has to stop because I'm losing a lot of weight and I'm already skinny so that's not good at all. And I don't want to be malnourished because of this silly fear someone help please

So I'll try it. Bye to you. I want something more. I'll try.

I'm done I'll be gone a while

I legitimately don't deserve love or friends. I'm about as big a pile of trash and sh** you can get :))

f*** everything, honestly. I'm never going out with anyone ever again because I literally screw up every single relationship I've ever been in, I'm always lacking affectionate. I don't have a reason. I just really hate affectionate in public and people tend to get upset with that if you don't show them the hand-hugging, kissing type of relationship. Even worse, I'm now seen as a whore at my old school that im not sure i can go back to so I have no idea if anyone even wants to... read more

So like you'll se that in another 15 hours yeah?

oh god make me c**

It's summer break and I really wanted to fulfill my dream of snorting coke off a girl's back. Unfortunately, I had to go take a road trip with family. I mean, I love my family but I'm really tryna f*** my life up sniffing snow off a naked girl's back before I go back to high school in August

congratulations you have reached the end of the internet
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Sometimes I want to die. that's dumb because i don't actually want to die anymore. I haven't been suicidal in months and I am officially recovered from cutting once and for all, my last relapse has been a very long time ago. Yet part of me doesnt want to be here. I don't know. I've f***ed up sh** in my life and I am pretty sure that I am the one to blame for most of my problems. I used to make myself puke but only a few times and no one ever found out but I kinda wish someone... read more

I don't know if I loved him or anything like that but I did have strong feelings for him. I met him in high school, my sophomore year. At first, I wasn't really into him but he started a conversation with me about everyday. He sat right next to me in English class and we talked about everything then I started to like him. At that point, I was about to ask him out when I found out he had a girlfriend. I was heartbroken. I just felt so lead on and that my time was wasted but we... read more

Sorry my friend, but I feel like I could fall in love you.

I am extremely attracted to smart people. I wonder if this is because I have cognitive issues, and I admire how they can retain so much information when I retain so little. I feel like despite my attraction, I will likely never end up with anyone who is abnormally smart. I feel like there is nothing for me to offer them in return. Maybe it isn't even a good idea for me to be with a smart person. I seem to only attract people who are more street smart that book smart.

Congratulations!! You won!!! You have beat your game of life!
Would you like to save your data and relive your life again?

I'm tired of being here.

I'm so sick of all the bulls*** at school. American public education is a joke. They design a single one-size fits all curriculum and then apply it to tens of millions of kids whose personal life experiences, talents and capabilities couldn't be more different from one another. Then because, for example, Student A doesn't grasp mathematics as easily as Student B, they make A feel as if he or she is stupid or worthless when in fact they just aren't cut out for numbers. Maybe t... read more

leetem' get high
letm' get stoned
everything will be alright, if you let it go:-)
92.3 indiana

I was watching video of a recipe or something I don't really even remember now but when it was done a video came on about extreme weather in China, like a Tsunami and a bridge was cracking and crumbling to the ground and people were dying in bloody ways. How am I supposed to sleep now after watching that? I eventually had to turn it off.