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I've tried cherrybomb but if you want to play the victim you may not want to come back, cause I can be more ruthless than all of them combined.
so identify yourself and talk to me or...........

My grandpa has his hunting rifle under the bed and I got the bullets for it so I'm going to see if I can find the right opportunity to shoot the gorilla man hahajahahans

I'm $20 short for my MCAT exam can someone please help? I work hard 6 days a week. I'm just short right now.

c** just got on my bedsheets

Wrists slit bye.

cherrypoppussybitch kys

WTH I just logged on and see everyone ganging up on my cherrybomb, Back the f*** up!
Talk to me cherrybomb!

You might wanna grab the popcorn tonight.

You're a sewer rat decaying in a cesspool of pride. I hope you f***ing die in a frigid prison, bed-ridden with multiple STDs.

and yet you are still typing

I cut so much the blood won't stop.

I love how when I was sad he grabbed me by the chin and made me hold my head up and told me to let the bulls*** go.

You ever listen to a song or rap for the first time and already know what there gonna say or start humming it like you heard it before lol sh** get me every time.

why no niggas wanna tap i got the nicest a** to eat

I can't luv e anymore I'm shave yo so die I am bye I love you I wish you loved em I wish you had loved me

sh**y trolls must be extra happy tonight bullying an annoying girl to suicide threats... on the other hand she does post endlessly about stupid sh**

I'm in love with a girl who is terribly depressed and already has a boyfriend. Pathetic right? Seriously, I don't want her to be depressed and I want her to feel like she's the only thing that matters.

I'm so drunk I'm sorry I'm so ready to die I have nothing I have no one I'm so alone and I'm done I'm done being pathetic and alone and miserable I'm done with this life in I'm sorry am I no on pushed me to it I just wanted it I wanted to be somewhere else I'm going somewhere else neo

I bet you anything that she'll be posting again in 20 minutes.

god why is it that every time i talk with you, whether it's online or not, you're not in a "good mood" youre just a b**** all the time i f***ing hate you you always blame every thing on every one else youre like a bomb and i hated being around you. i said everything was ok bc if i didn't i knew you would just blow up. even now i am being forced to message you. if i message your s/o, who happens to be the best person ever whom i love and miss with all my heart, i can't do so w... read more