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I just want you here beside me so I can realize what true rapture feels like as I become lost in the population of your eyes or admire the fullness of your conditioned hair that reminds me so much of beautiful, lush leaves that fall perfectly in your face.

I only have to wait four days to see my doctor. I don't know if I can even wait that long.

My boyfriend is depressed and anxious and is refusing to get help.

I've been feeling pretty alone. It feels like everyone is gone out of my life, all at the same time.
I think it was all just so I would see that no one genuinely wants to reach out to me. I can't really count on anyone even though I think I already knew that. I can't even trust myself.

My das always wonders why I never ask him to do anything with me. It's because whenever I do he always says no!!!!! I can't win

I was sexually abused ( i think? ) by my sister when I was 6. I loved to play her Wii, and she would let me play when I did... sexual things. Eating her out, or helping her pen masterbate. I only did the pen 1, she covered it up with a blanket. I feel so stupid and dirty for falling for her tricks. I didn't know...Even worse, our mom wants us to be close..

Does anyone else ship our Klansman troll and our BLM troll? They're both super racist, but from opposite ends of the spectrum. A star-crossed love for the ages. 😍

Idk how to tell my manager I got a new job. I'm so scared

i just need a hug.

wake up TRISTA Your brother has problems, tested positive for meth use and how DARE you take over a YEAR then use Facebook to shame my daughter for keeping her kids from your abusive brother! She didn't have anything to do with it! In fact, she has bent over backwards to help her ex, the dad of her kids, to see them, he hasn't paid a dime in child support EVEN ONCE but yet SHE made 150 mile round trips so HE could see their children! You're out of line calling HER selfish!! S... read more

i'm so tired
i accomplished nothing today.

I can hardly do anything without feeling like I need to go back home and curl up in bed. I wish I knew why I felt like this. I wish there was something that would fix me. Is this me? Is this all in my own head? Is this my heart breaking? Or is this real? Seems like I won't know and like things will only get worse.

I really hope W is coming to church tonight. S/he is the only reason i go to church. plus i feel cute. not very manly, but cute.

Why do I hate so much?
Why am i so angry stressed and anxious?

I am really #tired

school really makes you remember your sense of consequence huh. it's like whiplash. me? having expectations im supposed to live up to and friends that rely on me? in /this/ economy? anyway i currently only have 1 friend and an F in the class with the teacher who called me "a student I've heard great things about" so im depressed as sh**

Not thinking about his penus. But you're obsessed with thinking about me and his penus.

Theres a person who makes the gems all nazis that like to kill connie for something [according to the account they're 'unclean' wtf] and yet they reblog stuff like "im anti nazi" and "im not fascist". This has to be a joke, a really bad one, but a joke. Please tell me this is a sick joke and not a actual person who thinks this is good.

am i supposed to be happy cause the b**** is coming for christmas. I was looking forward to him being gone and not seeing her. she is only coming to see what we have done to the house and to be a pain in my a**.

My boyfriend makes me feel like a celebrity. I love him.