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Wow, I haven't been this sober in months. Now I remember why I hated my life!

its never easy to forgive someone when they've done you wrong repeatedly

Instead of doing any of the hundreds of things that are stressing me out, I'd rather sit here and stare at muttr while I think of what I want to post.

Ever notice how everyone thinks they're better than everyone?

I'm so mad at life right now. I've been through way more than a 15 year old should have to in the last year. I rarely see my little brothers and I feel like we aren't even a family anymore. I feel no connection to them at all anymore, it makes me so sad... It feels like our life is being put on hold every time they come over. We don't act like a family, we act like they are guests... And it is hard to act so fake for 2 whole days. Like I want to leave, but I feel obligated to... read more

How to start ... Im 24, just got divorced after 5 years of marriage. Im struggling to come to terms with living. Let me start at the start

When I was younger (earliest I can remember was maybe 4?) my mother started her sh**. Im gonna spare the gory details but in short I was beaten, starved, abused mentally and just down right hated. I used to think it was my fault but after I left (aged 17) I felt better but I knew something was broken. At that point I was kicked out of the... read more

so i like this girl. and I think she likes me. her name is A.G. im black she's white and I'm pretty sure she's rich . but I've always felt warm and vulnerable around her, and I cannot be vulnerable, especially not after what happened to the last girl I gave my heart to. but anyway I have this fear of A.G she's (words cannot explain)
shes amazing to say the least. now I am a freshman now and I need to quit looking for love. it is not going to find me. i'm sick and demented. he... read more

I really wish that I had never gone to college just because my parents wanted me to go. It is a major waste of time, and 15 years later I am still paying for it with no end in sight. The business of higher education is a racket. I wish I would have just went to a vocational school for specialized training in some field and be done with the whole thing. Can someone please hack into Sallie Mae and erase students' loans? I won't be mad.

I've been with my incredible boyfriend for 6 months now. He's been my best friend for 7 years. And he's been under alot of stress with working a lot and school and were both seniors in high school. So he's been stressed about Prom stuff. So I was wondering is there any really cute ideas for dates that don't cost anything that I could surprise him with? Thanks:)

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! No one believes your sad stories and we know that you're lying about certain details about things you've been through, so stop talking of the ears of anyone you can get to stand still long enough, even to people like me who have already heard the stories dozens of times. You are selfish, annoying, dramatic, negative, self-righteous, think you are always right, and you blame others for your problems. If you have it all figured out, why is your life i... read more

Is it bad that if I had the money to do so I would want my boobs to be a little more firmer and butt to be more bigger, teeth to be more whiter and lips too be more fuller so I can look perfect like the girls on instagram and in the media?? the ones who get all the guys and dates. Is it sad to want to look perfect?? I think I'm pretty but I dont compare to half these beautiful woman in the world

Am I in love? I'm 14 and I've never dated this guy before but I can't stop thinking about him. I've known him for almost 2 years now. We both play the cello and have practice every Sunday, so we've become good friends. He goes to a different school, but we're going to high school together next year. Every time we see each other, we always laugh and tease each other. I feel like I can trust him with anything, and I don't trust many people. Ever since last summer when we weren'... read more

I just want to be with you sooooo bad! Why are we not talking right now?!?! We were fine, holding hands, cuddling and kissing about a week ago!! I'm sorry we got into a fight and that we both had attitudes the other night, I know we can be very difficult towards one another.

I weigh around 450 lbs. I hate this about myself. I wad made fun of growing up and have abysmally low self esteem. When I hear people around me laughing, I automatically think they are laughing about how grossly fat I am. This in turn makes me have compulsions to eat. It's a vicious cycle. I used to try and get girls to like me, but defeat agree defeat leaves me weary. It doesn't help that my very first "girlfriend" was my sister making new think her friend liking me; I in tu... read more

So this Easter break when my boyfriend goes home he wants to meet up with his ex to talk about things and all. Should I be worried or mad? Upset in anyway? Is it right for him to do that? Should I talk to him about it?

how can you forgive somebody that has repeatedly done you wrong its not easy

Ughh I cannot believe that this girl is just so white girl like she teases herself for it but she tries so damn hard and looks so fake i mean seriously megan you are THIRTEEN get over yourself you don't need to walk around in crop tops and booty shorts at school just get over yourself!!

"I never got to know my father, so you have to have a relationship with yours because he's the only one you'll have." AKA "Even though your father is a sh**head that tries to fistfight you - a 5'2 young girl while he is over 6'0 50+ year old man - and even though he verbally abuses you to the point of almost losing your f***ing mind, I'm going to project on you and try to make you stick with him because I'm a selfish f***."
Jesus f***ing christ she's so g**d*** passive aggres... read more

I'm always hiding it, that I use sleeping pills to escape. I've gotten good at covering up, because I know you'll only become even more emotional. At the end of the day though, I hate to say all I really want is someone to reassure me or hug me. I've done it so many times for others yet no one has stayed to do the same for me.

I guess my heart want one thing but my mind do the opposite I guess I'm not ready for love I f***ed it up wit dis one guy Idk how to make it better I miss him so but I'm not going to say anything I guess I really need to let it go cause it's not worth my feeling cause he should have knew dis before he tried to talk to me I told him but he didn't listen y do guys do dat but I'm happy cause my home boy is coming back I just want someone who I can be me n no one else I'm not goi... read more