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I love you I love you I love you I love you... I've wanted to say that to you 101029381902 times these last few weeks.. you're truly amazing and I never pictured we'd get this far.. You make me soo incredibly happy its unbelievable. <3 thank you for everything you've done for me and thank you for being there for me through all of this and not giving up.. you're truly unbelievable *

It's true. All's fair in love and war. So let's get a little tactical....

so much for loving you.
I know where i stand, and I know I'll never be top on your list. I just never made it to #1.

I hate when my alcoholic mother psychically and verbally abuses me and everyone else in the family won't stand up or help me. I hate how I'm so messed up that the only way I can feel is by taking pills and getting addicted to it. And at last I hate how weak I am for not beingable to fix my problems, my life.

I hate rape. I hate that a rapist won't get to know what it's like to recieve that kind of humiliation and pain.

For the love of god, do NOT vote for Mary Ellen on Americas Got Talent.... PLEASE!!!! ITS KILLING ME!!!

Employers, like women, want you most if you're already with someone else.

this world is going to sh**!!! I hate illinois and their stupid strict laws, taxes are horrible, the state doesnt help you for sh** when you really need it. Did you know in some areas if your kids are mexican they are required to go to summer school? And WTF is going on in arizona!!! prejudice unreal now and not just against hispanics, we should be focused on other things. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR "FREEDOM" in the US? Ive lived in other countries that have more freedom!!!

I'm not gay. But when I get really anxious and unable to relax, like today, I like to massage my anus. Somehow it always relaxes me. It relieves pressure from the rest of my body when I massage that spot. But it leaves my fingers smelling funny.

You're supposed to be my best friend and you didn't even stand up for me when some girl you like said such terrible things about me. You promised me so many times it was over with you two, well here's a big f*** you. Never lie, the truth always comes out.

I'm in such a horrible mood, everything went wrong today and I just want to cry.

Just applied for a WIC because im a single father with a kid. I got a friggin breast pump with a bunch of formula. WHAT THE f*** AM I GONNA DO WITH A BREAST PUMP?!?!

I thought I was a master. Trapping the little fish. But in the end, it was the master that was baited.

why is it so damn hard to find a decent place to live.

Phones work both way a**h*** .

I just want to SLAP these f***in guys who ask my number who are like 50 years old (30 yrs older than me)!!! YOU ARE CLEARLY NOT A FATHER NOR ARE YOU A DECENT f***IN PERSON!! I WILL NOT GIVE YOU sh**, YOU LONELY a** f***! GO DIE IN A DITCH SOMEWHERE!

Why is everything always about you? You cant let anyone be happy about anything if you arent satisfied with absolutely everything about yourself. Get over yourself, you already have more than most people and have ruined a lot of things for a lot of people. Just grow up, and be happy for people when something good happens, even if you didn't get the same benefits. Either that or just go away. I am beyond sick of you.

you call me to tell how bad your relationship is, do i look like a therapist. do you think i care your relationship isnt good with her. get over yourself honey... you really thought that things were better. i feel so sorry for you.
you know me better than that, we had a relationship we had something good for so many years you gave me up. you took the plunge, and now your regret it. oh, i feel pity. i have moved on. sorry babe your loss.

When I talk to a friend on Facebook, if I find myself thinking, "I want to remember this forever," I'll use the snipping tool on my computer, and then every now and then go through them and read what you wrote.

This is my way of staying happy.(:

Dear "friend",
Are you so unhappy with your own life that you strive to make the content people miserable? Make no mistake after listening to your immature tirade I do not end up becoming miserable with my own life just because you say your life is better, but because I have to share breathing space with yourself and speak the same language that you do. Oh how I wish you spoke Swahili so I wouldn't understand what the f*** you are saying. I pity your overconfidence. You ... read more