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Talk about trivial topics blown out of proportion .
So it's going to hit 95 & ultra humid in Chicago today.
The local tv weatherman are acting like it's the end of the world.
Reporting all the daily street killings must have become boring .
The topic gets it's very own " breaking news " tag.

Alright so I got into this long distance relationship.. and I think I moved WAY to fast.. we had known eachother about a week and now we're dating? Yea- I know. But he was so fun.. honestly I love him so much.. as a friend even.. that's what boyfriends should be, amazing friends.. that you can kiss and stuff right? Well- I CAN'T kiss him or anything.. it's long distance.. and it really pains me. Especially now that we haven't talked in over 2 weeks.. I think he's trying to en... read more

Im hungry and the only quick thing to eat is a bologna. I hate bologna :(

I have done some heartless things to every guy Ive ever dated in my teens. Now Im 21, and I find myself not feeling ready for a relationship.. but honestly I think its just the guilt holding me back.

How can I make my mom stop using my make up?
I bought it with my own money so it's mine, she got her own stuff too. But she always uses mine. We all know that that's not hygienic. Any yet, she won't stop, I told her x times not to do it and the reasons, hell I even once bought her her own eyeliner (although her was fine too) and she STILL used mine.
I'm starting to have eyelid problems as in red and infected (not sure what it 100% is tho) an I bet I got it from her because sh... read more

I hate almost everyone. Deep down, most people are stupid, backstabbing, shallow, psychopathic, narcissistic, vapid little sacks of sh**. The few that are worth a damn get trampled by the many that aren't, until they're broken and lost. Idiocracy is already here, folks. And I hate every single one of you dumbass motherf***ers.

I've watched all the people I cared about get their a**es kicked by a world of idiocy and apathy. People who had passion, people who had intelligence,... read more

Help I forgot my reason to stop cutting. Someone please give me some reasons I can hold on to.

Don't cry
It's been far too long
But I'm much to shy
To admit what's wrong

It hurts so much
Not being able to say
That you miss their touch
And miss you I may

That day on the stretch corner
Was when we fell in love
And I'll no longer be a mourner
When I'm carried far and above

If one thing totally looks like crap on woman's upper thighs is cellulite .
Especially if one is wearing a short skirt and has her legs crossed tightly.
It looks like you could shave it off in thick layers with a dull butter knife.
Disgusting ? omg
No need to say what's at the beach. Puke !!

You'll never be loved because you're too fat and ugly, but at least you have pretty eyes, right?

can people stop doing parodies... please

Thanks to the person who really hurt me. Thanks for all the things you have written, leaving me believing I am the ugliest person on the planet. I won't ever forget because these words are like permanent scars. Please don't me a favour and dont email me or text me any more.

I'm really scared. I like this girl a lot... like... A LOT. Everytime I think of her, my heart flutters and I get all red in the face. Now, the problem is, is that I am a girl as well. It's not that I think loving a person of the same gender is a problem or unhealthy, but I'm scared she doesn't like me back. I don't know if she would accept me, and I've NEVER asked anyone out or had a relationship before... Also, even if she does like me back (which I highly doubt), how would... read more

I need a little room to breathe - you're making this hard for me. When all I need, is to be set free.

I am on a vacation to the U.S. It has been three days. Can you guess what I have seen on my third day? A neonazi. A f***ing neonazi. Piece of scum. My grandmother lived through that sh**. The odds were heavily against her, to, because she was Jewish. She's told me stories about those concentration camps. I really believe that the person I saw deserves to be forced in a time machine, become a Jew in the holocaust, and go die in a concentration camp, or at least see how horribl... read more

Pretty sure some people think I am a complete loser. I, on the other hand, believe I am completely awesome. It's funny.

My family is okay with me traveling to a different country for a month but doesn't allow me to sleep at my own house for 3 nights while they are on vacation...logic.

I wish people could help me feel significant, because I feel so alone. Any effort I make to improve myself and my life feels meaningless. I don't know how people develop circles for support. I could use one so badly.

k think the most important thing is listening to the cues of your child.

I am genderfluid, i am currently in highschool and it is kind of a problem. No one in my family knows because half I know do not support or beleive in that, at school, only one of my friends know but i can never express myself unless i am home alone, nor can i at school because people would not understand right off the bat.