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Sick to death of people in general. Every day people are coming to me for advice and help and all this other sh** and i help them but no one ever has time for me! EVER! all I do is bottle it up and I'm sick of making people happy when no one does it for me like i am always doing little things for people and making them feel special but I never get anything in return always the same and I'm over it. People i care about rely on me to much and i carry to much burden and I can't ... read more

my brother: gets a text every 2 minutes

me: sits and stares at Facebook, refreshing the page hoping someone else will do something interesting

Currently eating away the pain....and realizing that that doesn't actually work.

We've been texting almost every day for the past 2's not been 5 days since I've received a text. Why?

I really like this guy, but once again, I'm just sure he doesn't reciprocate. He calls me "sister," which I get, because we are both Christians (some Christians refer to one another as "sister" or "brother," that is, in Christ) but I hate it--HATE IT--when he calls me that. Because I feel like it means we will never, ever be together. I feel like it's because he can tell I like him and he wants to make sure I know he will never feel that way abou... read more

So now two black jury members from the Zimmerman trial are doing the national broadcast media circuit , both saying they voted not guilty but in their heart felt he was guilty.
What are we supposed to take away from that ?
A wasted life & a waste of the trial ?

Why am I so ignored? Why does everyone initially show interest in me, then leave me before they can talk to me twice? What is it about me that makes me so f***ing repulsive? Why am I so unworthy of any friendship at all? Please someone tell me. I wouldn't be asking if I knew.
I try to be as nice as I can and friendly and open, but people don't give two f***s about me. Is it because I make stupid jokes a lot? Is it because I'm naive to a lot of things? Is it how young I am? I... read more

I'm tired tonight, but I just can't take my mind off of you. All day you're in my head - even at night. I always dream of you. No, It's not unhealthy and you say the same to me all the time. You call me and see me as much as you can. That's my problem.
I'm not used to a love like yours and I just can't get enough of you.

she's a crazy b****. but I still can't get over her. damn girl I miss you so bad.

To the ladies I was in line with tonight for an hour, I would have totally hooked up with the small brunette. but yalll were drunk & annoying as sh**.

I don't know what the hell to do anymore. I can't stop thinking about her. 2 years ago I met a girl who I thought was perfect for me. I thought she was sweet, funny, fun to be around, and beautiful. We started dating and those days were the happiest days of my life. About a month later she cheated on me with someone I truly despised. I tried to forgive her for it and attempted to move on with our relationship. Soon after I introduced her to my best friend who I've known for a... read more

I loved this girl for months and she always told me she loved me and she told me she lied about loving me and now i hate myself and everyone because of what i went through

I think about her EVERY day and I know she doesn't give me a second in a day... I guess I'm the fool that needs to let go and move on. I will still always care for her

I live with a damn fear of boring my partner. Of being bad in bed, clingy or just like I put before, boring. I hate added into this just makes me feel worse.

So I'm going to visit my friend that I haven't seen all summer next week and I'm so excited to hang out with her. I made a comment to her about me having a one night stand and she flipped saying how I'm supposed to be spending time with her.

With my old friends, whenever we hung out or went on vacation together, that was part of the fun was to find some hot guy to mess around with. That was part of us hanging out, talking about what happened the night before with that guy... read more

Need a friend so bad I\'m going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

My depression came back. I was doing so well

so i buy one bag of chips, which i haven't done in so long btw, and all of a sudden i'm eating too much junk food? thanks for putting me down, but guess what b****? my consumption is none of you business and i am going to f***ing enjoy these chips even if they'd be the f***ing death of me

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee.

I love love love Mocha Cookie Crumble Fraps from Starbucks. Anyone have similar drink recomendations I could try? :D