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So my boyfriend (and it still feels really thrilling to call him that) kissed me, like, last last week. And. Well. First kiss for me. And him, I think. He kissed me and he said, "Sorry," because he was afraid I didn't want it. And then I kissed him. And then we had a sort of makeout session. And then I pulled away and he said, "f***, I'm getting real addicted to you." And. Wow. Now he can't stop staring at my lips when we're alone. It's thrilling.

So, school's ending soon. I've got three months ahead of me of no stress. No class. No teachers. And dear f***, I kind of hate that. Because I miss my friends already and it's not even a week until we have to leave and I can't really stand to not see them almost everyday again.

I haven't seen him in over a year and I don't know what will happen when I see him. I haven't seen the one I have loved for that long because they moved to another state but their gonna be back in town. I have loved this person with all my heart for years and I think I will always love them no matter what happens. Despite things didn't work out between us while we were together we exchange emails once in a blue moon. We were friends for a very long time prior and slowly becam... read more

I love to act. It is the only form of expression I am good at. I just wish I was good-looking enough for roles. I'm always the sideline guy or an extra and never the lead. For once in my life, I want my experience to speak for itself, and not just my face. Because truthfully, I am just losing the will to go for this silly dream. I'm just losing bits of hope everyday..

I don't know where to start.
I hate everything, I'm always angry but can't stay long enough.
I forgive too easily, it's so unfair.
Nobody really understands, we all go through different sh**,
with different situations and it just sucks to have nobody.
I'm losing it. There's no good in this world anymore.
Everybody is just doing something for money, for power,
for lust. I don't see the good anymore and it's sad and
scary. I'm turning into one of those numb people who go
on wit... read more

So what your saying is that I should respect.her space and hopefully will be friends again?

f***. I'm reading these responses and I a.m. really saying ah f*** I really messed up this time. But I really want her to know I'm sorry. But how do I show her that without talking to her

To my Mother,

I'm sorry that you've had a hard time since Grandma died. I can't express that enough. She was the best person I ever knew in my entire life and I think about her everyday just the same as you do.
But you're not the only one who lost something. You lost your mother, I lost my grandmother. But, in a sense, I also lost my mother. After she died, you gave up. You went through this traumatic, life altering event that most people go through at some point in their li... read more

That's it . Please help me. Should I trust my gut feeling and talk to her and hope she forgives me. Or do I just stay away until she talks to me. Or do I just say nothing to her at all. Even if she strikes the conversation

I just could use some advice. I don't know if I should talk to her up front and say sorry for it happening. But I don't know what she'll do. I'm really sorry for it happening I just didn't want her to really know I liked her

So know I don't know what to do. I want to be friends with her again. But she won't even look at me. I understand why but I just can't accept. Some part of mine thinks she still liked Me and just pushed me away so she could have a healthy relationship .

So now she and her other rich friends think I'm am a stalker. And they avoid me at all cost. The problem was I wasn't trying to be stalkery I was just trying to make it not so weird on her. But now it's worse

Then I was given two days in isap. For harassment. And on Friday my fiance counseler came to me and said your schedule is change ed. . So I'm not in anymore of her classes. .And I wear Todd to not look at her talk to her or even cross paths with her

Get this.her mom had picked her up and called the police. So know I'm sitting here in the office taking to a cop who says blah blah blah this is harassment. So I'm thinking to myself sigh

Listening to the Bee Gees <3 Blasting my favorite tune Night Fever!

So I give her the letter. Along with some jolly ranchers. And I think. Oh Kay maybe she'll read it and forgive me. Well I was wrong. Remember. How she went home during science.

I would totally do a porn scene with the porn star that goes by James Deen. He even looks kinda like the real James Dean. So sexy and rebellious with a next door boy neighbor look. I would f*** the sh** out of him day and night. Okay my 17 year old hormones have kicked in. Sorry :(

So I'm at school in the morning thinking we'll maybe if I right a heart felt letter expressing what happened. Which was a fake tstorry I made up.

To all my God along with family and friends,
There's no way I can make it without you. There's no way that I can even try. If I had to survive without you in my life I know I wouldn't last a day. I love you all. Thank you for making my life the best. Wouldn't be the same without you all period. Thank god also for Muttr for being here to vent to when times get tough.

So our school schedule.was weird cause we had parcc testing . So one class was switched I'm the afternoon. And before that the day before I talked top get one more time and she said she didn't want to talk to me