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My friends are all going on vacation together for a week. I couldn't go because I have to work, but they didn't even show that they were upset I couldn't go, and they don't hesitate to post a million pictures that they know I'll see. Like thanks guys, I really see how much you care about me and wanna spend time with me and are upset I couldn't go. Brb crying

This birthday sucks! Last year of my twenties and I'm home bored on a Friday night.

\'There will come a time, you\'ll see, with no more tears and love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears. Get over your hill and see what you find there with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair\'

Am I the only one obsessed with The Fray and One Republic songs here? :p

we won't say our goodbyes you know it's better that way. we won't break we won't die, it's just a moment of change...

It's nights like tonight that I miss you the most. I couldn't help but look around and think about the fun we could've had together. You and I made such a pair and we would've rocked that place, but for one reason or another you turned on me without warning. I thought we had something going and you seemed to think the same, but it ended as quickly as it started.

I wish I had a solution and I wish I could hold you and kiss everything better, but I can't. More than anything... read more

I am so so so f***ing tired of my sister. She is nothing but a stuck up b**** who think's she's entitled to the world and treats everyone like sh**. Hell, she even has my mother comb her hair everyday claiming she "can't" when she clearly can. I can't wait til I can f***ing get away from her ugh.

Don't bother making promises anymore. I hate how you always let me down. I am done with you.

What a sad existence it is if your only reason for living is so another stays alive.

Just going to make my self feel pretty again., i just want some attention from you

Im so useless. And a f*** up and just stupid. No wonder he cant stand me anymore :,(

COME ON , text me already , im acting so thirsty its ridiculous lol. you texted me on the fourth come on do you need a holiday as an excuse , trust me you dont. ohh you tease.
.....guys these days

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't South Jersey not technically considered south? If you've lived here all your life, you can't call yourself southern...

Am i a bad mother if i give up in trying to make my kids eat all their meals? I am so sick of the constant battle .. If its not one its the other.

Norman Reedus is a sexy man

Do you not understand what quiet is anymore? I guess not. You're freaking deaf, and also very very stupid. Disrespectful is the other word that goes with all of this- considering someone else besides yourself is not the same as being passive-aggressive about what you want. It is just an indirect, rather than a direct, way of being rude. Here we go again - loud, loud, loud. I'm sure it seems quiet if you are a deaf idiot. Every step you take sounds like a stomp. Only a few mor... read more

Idiots: people who want you to give them a solution, but providing solutions isn't enough. Nobody wants to hear every single detail when it's not necessary. Just get to the point and help will be given willingly. And no, I will not pretend that I care if you make things difficult and then claim that you are "being interrupted".

When you think you have the key to something and you actually don't, then you are an idiot. Don't be surprised when bad things happen.

Why is it that on some moments, I would feel really depressed but on some days I'm laughing really hard... Though those days don't really happen much.

I'm so sick of feeling useless and like I don't belong. Everyone loves and pays attention to my best friend and I'm happy for her, but absolutely no one notices me. I am invisible and I can't stand it. I hate myself. I truly, truly do.