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when will I see you again? I want to hug you, kiss you, and....
I miss being without you. babe I love you. I need you know.

Diagnosed with PTSD........I didn't see that one coming...

i am so horny right now, i just don't have my man beside me. i haven't had sex for sooo long...

DUDE. I said I wanted to be friends when we broke up. That doesn't mean I want to be the friend you drone on and on to about your new skank you met TWO DAYS AGO, that you "can see yourself being with."! When are you gunna realize it hurts me to hear how happy you are, because I'm still not over you....

Yay! I've got my babe back, and I will never let him get away from me again... instead of giving up when times get hard as usual, I vow on my end to work on it.... because that's what you have to do when you are thinking long term.

You've been gone for a month. Then you came back and i kissed you last night. I thought everything was absolutly perfect. Then you text this morning and suddenly you're a compleate dick. Long story short, I've cryed for you at least 5 times in the past 24 hours for different reasons. This isn't healthy.

I absolutely despise my mother and I dream of the day her selfish and worthless body falls dead to ground.

It's nearly 12 and ive gotta be up early tomorow so what am i doing waiting for you, reckon this is one of the questions only god knows the answer to.

i haven't seen you, you haven't called, i miss you, i need you, how long do i have to be without you.

Fifteen, eighteen, twenty-one, what's the difference? Seriously, its getting impossible to identify a womens age! I almost became a pedophile today :(.

Wow... i must seem like a very nice person.... it is something else when my ex husband's baby mama of his 2 other kids that i have never physically met asks me to be a refernce on her job applications... lucky for her, im not a vengeful woman... but goodnes if I was? that is some kind of power to have lol

what can i say? here today gone tomorrow. will you just quit with the antics and make up your mind. fool. stop it with them mind games, its getting old. i give up on you no stability and extremely fearful. for being 30+ something your so childish grow up.


Would someone please explain why women are so attracted to complete tools?!

some parents should not be allowed to have kids. I wish this was a fascist country just so selfish, greedy, immature, stupid a** parents would be 'fixed' so they would spare the sh** some kids go through. Or since we are a democratic nation and the above would obviously upset some emotional women, have the government send monthly mail to kids where they can 'vote off' parents and live with better ones.

your argument always involves me thinking something that i dont, youthink i have a problum with your age i don't you told me you were 8 years younger than you actually are when i find out the truth it doesnt change a thing. you think my family would be a problem because of your race suggests to me race is your prob it certainly isn't mine, so i have to be the cow and end it cos i cant just be your place to go when you want sex i suffer cos i miss you and i know exzactly what ... read more

After being out of the game so long, I was starting to wonder if Id be able to recover... but it looks like I still got it, my sexy single lady swag never left... if I was the type who was into rebounding (which I'm not), I could have filled up my bench with enough for a team... and its only been a week ;-)

I just tried to brush a hair off my laptop screen... with my cursor.

I'm so terribly tired of you condemning or pitying me because I got married and had a baby by 21. I love my life, my son, and my husband. So unless you can stop being a b**** and start being happy for me, I'm going to quit being so nice and remind you why everyone thought I was a b**** in high school.

I have this recurring nightmare where some monster or killer attacks my loved ones and me, and I have to draw my gun, but it never works. Last night, I figured out that their guns don't work either. Some illusory a**h*** are gonna be hurting tonight.