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""Virgin shaming" isn’t real. If you’re over 18 and a virgin, your life is sad as f***."

Wow, how stupid can you be?

I'm 19, asexual and a virgin,
and considering sex isn't something I'm not interested in, then I pretty much plan to stay a virgin until I die,
and I think I speak for other people when I say that having sex doesn't equal enteral joy.

There have been people who have lost their virginity and regretted it... read more

I've been married since August... Little over six months... I have three kids that are with me every other week. When they are with me we usually end up in some sort of fight about something the one of the kids and she thinks it's a huge big deal and I think it's something small. I feel like she hates my kids. We have times where it seems like total bliss. And times like this would seems like hell. She's even talking divorce...

I like imagining things, which explains why I also like sleeping so much. I wish I could remember all the good dreams I've ever had. I'm just going to stay in my room and finish drinking my Pepsi and probably eat a Twinkie or something. Can you believe Twinkies were almost gone for good? I should really do my homework...

I need guy friends but I'm not in school anymore so how

When you realize the person you love more than anything feels nothing but indeffrence for you. I really don't get how I'm the love of your life and soul mate for a year and in less than a month you are with someone else and couldn't care if I live or die. My one question is why?? What was the point of the lies? We aren't kids we are grown adults the games are sad at are age. But I'm still hurting like I've never hurt in my life. The pain is unbearable.

I feel like im so poor because i cant ask for money from my parents like my frineds can and i always have to pay for everything even though i have no income and i hate it


I want to start a blog but I don't know what to write about. :( :( :(

What's your zodiac sign?

Miss him so much and he doesn't even know it. I think if he did he wouldn't care. I wonder how he went from calling, txt me all day every day to maybe once a week but when we see eachother he is all over me. Idk, f*** it time to move on. Who will be my next victim?

I overthink way too much.

f************* dad just came in looking at me b*tching about my life. whoops. not

ive been wanting an iphone 4s for *so* bad now and i found ones under $200 whereas they are suposed to be $450 off the store (cuz we need unlocked ones) but parents wont agree>.< gaaaaaaaaaaah <bangs head>

I push people away because it's just easier.

I f*** things up all the time because I'm scared.

i don't know when i'll be comfortable enough to watch/enjoy a woody allen movie. i wanted to watch blue jasmin, but then i learned of what a f***ing gross creep he is.

^^best news all day

I mess things up all the time.

Im so alone. I just want someone to hold me.

Everything is annoying me but I don't know why and that annoys me more.