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I scare easily. If you come up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder, you are taking all liability for getting punched in the face.

Sometimes I literally don't know that what I am doing is a social faux pas until I realize it later on in life.

I really don't have that much to do. But for some reason, this small amount of work is really stressing me out. I consciously recognize that it is easy, and there isn't a lot of it, but when I open it and start trying to do it, aaghh!! I want to tear out my hair! Maybe it is a lot and I just don't realize it or something? No idea why this is stressing me out so much.

You know what is really respectable? Taking responsibility for yourself. Sad that so many people can't seem to do it. Always the victim, always blaming others.

Dammit TNT is cancelling my favorite show Perception. Like the only show without blood and gore. It's such an intellectual show... Goddammit. I guess nothing good stays. Why are all the good shows cancelled?

I feel like I don't mean anything anymore. The things I used to be good at aren't even special talents and anyone can do them. I even feel left out with my friends since they always are without me and idk they always know something that I don't. I have nobody I can even vent to Becuase I can't trust anyone. I just lose motivation in the middle of doing something, like I'll be doing homework and I'll just stop and sit there for half an hour thinking about nothing. I felt like ... read more

Montana: where the men are men and the sheep are afraid!

Hey gals you got what you wanted: Men who are sensitive, men who are emotionally available to you,
Men who consider you first. Well this place is full of them, how's that working out for you?
What's that? All those men are gay and don't want anything to do with you? well who would have figured that?

Muttr advice in a nutshell: Get a life.

Muttr advice in a nutshell: Break up with them.

Job searching and unemployment during a career change makes me want to eat glass. If it meant that I could stop reading these postings, I would vomit and eat it again. Professional language, "skill sets," cover letters, the staffing agency, the phone interview, the skype interview, Actual Interviews rounds 1, 2, and 3, and ALLLL the people involved can absolutely f*** off at their convenience. Oh and continuing education - continuing education can f*** off too.

Thanks and ha... read more

Mutual crush even though we are friends and I just don't want to ruin our friendship

God why did you have to make the majority of men (NOT ALL) these days so f***ing stupid!? A guy started a fight with me at the story over toothaches and sensitivity. He tried saying I had a toothache not sensitivity. b**** I think I know what I would have beings its MY TEETH. A toothache is somewhat different than sensitivity. My teeth only hurt after I drink or eat something too hot or cold. Am I not right when I told the guy that is what tooth sensitivity is? A toothache is... read more

I dislike a money hungry, ungrateful person. She's never satisfied and always complaining about nothing. She doesn't wanna work . All she wants to do is sleep and eat. Ugggggh I'm tired of it.

Something people don't know about me is that I'm a hopeless romantic. I guess maybe like Ted Mosby from how I met your mother. My all. its all I ever give. It's True. Sounds cheesy right? Well at 19 yrs old the lease to the place I was staying by myself at was just about up. And so was I. I was tired of everyone I met not being the right one. the lack of support (especially from those who should show the most- family). So when my lease was up I had planned to move to NY for g... read more

im attracted to men sexually but not romantically ya feel.

I grew up knowing there was something wrong with my brain and now I've gone to people about it no-one will tell me what is wrong. I don't think they realise how bad it gets because I don't want to tell them, I'm scared. I've made myself distant to everyone I know, currently and since I can remember I've been my own best friend and I don't think thats good. I have dark moments, I admit they were worse when I was younger where I would actually imagine hurting a person whilst an... read more

Blender, I f***ing hate really, if you were a person I would cut all ties with you. The only g**d*** reason I use this software is because, its free!

I see that there's a texture paint mode, alright, neat feature...go to use it on a UV mapped skin...and it paints on the faces on the opposite side of the face I am actively "painting" on.

Okay, maybe I have my normals on incorrectly, no they're facing the right way :

Okay, maybe, oh f*** IT, I'll just do it by hand,... read more

Ew mom you're 65 don't need to hear about ur flirting especially to a married man. So nauseated

I hate the fact that I'm an a**. I recognize that I'm an a**, and I want to change my ways so I'm not as mean. But whenever I try, I just end up making an even bigger a** of myself, and I don't know why and it sucks.