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Anyone else just act like an emo sometimes? I mean, really, I'm not. But than I have an emonic episode every once in a while. Enough sad poetry to fill up 3 pages, but not a book.

Let's see, as the blood is dripping off my wrist, my family has still yet to notice the scars beneath. I have anger problems, I'm very aware of that and I'm going to kill myself in about 10 years, I have no one to tell that to because, well, there's no one to tell who won't try to send me to a hospital and I don't won't anyone trying to tell me that everything is going to be okay and that it will all work out. I'm f*cking miserable. I wish my parents never had me, they're all... read more

Gah!! I can smell the food cooking. I'm soooo hungry. I need to eat this time. I haven't eaten in 4 days. I WILL eat this time! I will MAKE myself eat! I will NOT throw it up.

I can feel a big migraine setting in and I have work in two hours. This is gonna be a rough night...

so I'm not sure where to post this, so I'm gonna just post it here. I'm a guy and have a bit of a problem. To put it in scientific terms, I have big a** hips! It's not just fat, although I am overweight and am trying to lose it, and am trying to build some muscles in certain areas to even things out a bit. I'm hoping that'll help, but obviously losing weight and building muscles won't just make my wide hip bones disappear. It's annoying the heck out of me and I really don't k... read more

i guess i'm just kind of sad today. i realized recently that i don't really have any friends, just people i'm acquainted with. i hope i'm not my only friend, but it's seeming an awful lot like that these days. it's getting awfully hard to keep walking, or even looking forward now. it's hard to think that i really do have no one.

Ok. There's this boy. I've been friends with him since the sixth grade(had a major crush on him though) and dated him since I was seventeen, and only had one other boyfriend(who I never had sex with) when I was 16 for about 1 month and a half, because for some reason he thought the one month mark meant he could be a sh**head and badger me relentlessly to give him a b***j** and send him nudes. So I broke up with him. Anyway, this boyfriend of mine. I've been living with him si... read more

Why does everyone look shiny in older movies, like from the 60s and 70s? It's like everyone was really sweaty back then or something. It's really distracting to me.

I have a terrible mother. Shes Even worse as grandmother! Im sick of your same bulls***. f*** you.

That moment you realize you've fallen out of favor. Ah well, it was only a matter of time

Wow. I'm dragged off to Cornwall for a week and can't talk to you. I want to talk to you, but I can't. I come back, my room's been trashed. All week, I was contemplating how best to spend time with you. I couldn't sleep most nights. I finally come back, after a week of enjoyable activities marred by my stressing over you. I come back and find out what I'd been dreading. Yep, all of my paranoia, stress and insecurity validated in one fell sweep. You're seeing someone else. Tha... read more

Almost choked on a bagel knew i hated these things for a reason

I get very intimidated by this guy at my college. It's ridiculous because the day I first saw him I was heading towards one of the buildings to get to my class and he just happened to be at the entrance of this building. However, I was already nervous upon getting to class because I was new at the time and I get anxious easily, so I literally sighed and tried breathing to calm me down while looking at the ground as I walked up to the building. I'm pretty sure he saw, because ... read more

Ugh. You know what? I hate babies. I'm glad I gave mine up for adoption. I never want a baby. As soon as I save up the money, I'm getting my tubes tied.

What does my fiance do to cheer me up? Blows air into my vagina so it makes funny noises. Gosh I love that dumbass <3

The science of acting like a spoiled two year old.

i need emplyment?? for$$$$? and do school at the same time??? no one told me life was gonna be this way

Being the youngest, my whole family makes fun of me just because I'm the youngest. Today was particularly harsh. I was sitting in my room and the bathroom is right next to mine so I can hear everything that goes on in there. (Ew.) My parents just made me redo all the dishes I did last night and I was kinda pissed so I wasn't being the nicest to them. I mean if I treated them the way they treated me I'd get in the sh**hole. Anyways they were taking a shower and talking about m... read more

Just because I wear a leather choker doesn't mean I'll f*** every guy that hits on me. Geez, some guys are really stupid.

Many fine things have been said about recently deceased James Garrner.
I'd like to add , he was married for 56 years and he was awarded our countries highest honor , the Purple Heart , twice !
A true mans man all across the board.