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Honestly, I prefer burger kings fries over mcdonalds, but i like mcdonalds burgers the best...and i love the breakfast at mcdonalds. Not much of a fan for taco bell. Subway is ok depending on where u go. I love papa ginos chicken parmesan. Their cheesy garlic bread is awesome too! But i love dominos pizza the best ever since they changed the ingredients, thank god! So many places to it but hate it at the same time

Bad day at work. Messed up some settings on a customer machine and feel stupid because I'm supposed to be the expert. Fixed it quickly, but still feel like an idiot.

I hate to stereotype but I have to say it. I hate black men. 90% of then are losers and I say this as a black woman. I know each race has losers but black men have a disproportionate high number of them. I think I will finally open my eyes to other races.

My neck kept swelling up and it didn't unswell for about a month. Doctor thinks its Hodgkins Lymphoma, had cell biopsy and will find out tomorrow... If I'm not diagnosed with cancer i'm totally flipping my life around, urge yall to do the same, i just wanna walk during graduation

I don't get the huge deal over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2... the game is alright, campaign was great but too short.. and online multiplayer is filled with flaws. The maps are f***ing awful and even though millions of players are playing, I can still find a game faster and better on COD4. My favorite is unloading a clip into someone as they run straight at you and then they knife you with one shot, lawl, it's actually funny. Other than the new guns and graphics, I had more... read more

i can tell that my anorexia is starting to take over my life again...but i love it. it feels just like coming home. however, i wish i didn't love it. i need help.

ya nfl needs to change its overtime rules.. each team needs to get a possession instead of letting a good game be decided by a coin flip.. and as in the case of vikings and saints game the officials helped kill a good game

Yay for officiating in the NFL... The Saints and Vikings game was an amazing game... well, until the bulls*** pass interference call which put the Saints in field goal range in overtime. So sick of refs being the deciding factor in huge games. I would like to thank the officials once again for ruining a great game! f***ing fail.

Have coach class airline seats gotten smaller to squish in more people than before? I was 'sardined in' on a flight from CA to MA; my computer bag fit only halfway under the seat so I had to put my feet on it. The guy in front of me was very tall (poor thing) so he had to put his seat back. So I flew for 4 1/2 hours in the fetal position. All I kept thinking about was to try to wiggle a bit to avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Flying has become hazardous to your health.

What's with attitudes of good looking, well dressed women? Have you noticed that they tend to be selfish and have the attitude that the world revolves around them? I saw one such female take an end seat of a large restaurant table (10 ft bench seat was against the wall)while the other 10 people had to slide into the other side of the table. She looked at us with an unsmiling blank look that exuded her 'entitlement' I'm sure her need to sit in the best spot was worth the in... read more

Why are Packer fans such idiots?

did anyone see "world of warcraft freak out" on youtube? Some teen goes nuts cuz his parents got rid of his account or somethin like that...friggin hilarious!

i'm starting to hate my own boyfriend because he won't get rid of his ex girlfriend when we have been together for a very long time. she's gross, and he knows how bad it makes me feel that they're still friends =[

Seriously, f*** you you whore. Sleeping with 30 plus guys and being only 22 years old makes you disgusting. I will not let you ruin a perfectly happy relationship with my boyfriend and I of almost 2 years. You WERE best friends, but you're disgusting, so f*** off of him. He's mine, not yours, get over it, before I come find you. =]

fat sucks. i mean really f***ing sucks. i have always been in shape, work out all the time. never minded if other people wanna be fat, tho it is kinda gross to look at. but for the last sev months ive been gaining for no reason at all and i hate the body im in. hate it. im miserable. dont know how to fix it, can't seem to lose it. its the most disgusting thing in the world. lard. cottage cheese. make a person want to puke

geez....pick my about all of the above? nobody wants to hear you b**** and moan so this is really a great site! a highlite amoungst the sh** my life seems to be lately. the f***ing rain is driving me mad, i get to fil out the paperwork to fille BK tomorrow thanks to the economy taking a tole on my business and my hubbies f-ing exwife who thinks she needs someone she isn't even married to to support her. there is NO money to do anything....hell im running on em... read more

I really wish we could be honest with each other... I miss you..

I can't focus on work!!! What the hell is wrong with me?! Usually I just pop open a new diet coke and I'm back on track... not the case today.

OMG im addicted to cafe world on face book. its seriously like crack. these applications are consuming mine and my friends lives. i was out to lunch with a few friends and along with planning our night out to the club we discussed our farms in farm ville and the newest features in other apps. Soooo not cool!

Holy hell, facebook... FIX YOUR DAMN facebook chat already. I do not enjoy seeing 75% of my messages not get through. As well as watching facebook disconnect and reconnect me every freakin' minute!!!