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Today is a really bad day I can't get out of my own mind. These thoughts and feelings won't go away and I just wish I could end it all right now. I wish every single little bit of me was just gone.

Welcome to the usa, where like 1 in 5 families has a child in it being raped by another family member, most often the father. You probably know someone who has raped their own child. Do we care? :(

Hey guys make a note to never room with people/friends that you already hte cause yeah. Especially if you know they're already unreasonable and immature people. And conceited. Also if majority are sassy, bitchy, gay guys. They're the worst. I'm not homophobic at all but my gay friends have just taken it too far. Planned to move in with them for a while now but I'm not the one who absolutely needs to move out. And I'm not mooching off of my boyfriends parents without paying re... read more

I hate my boyfriend. I made time in my schedule to watch kids backstage or him, and then he goes out to eat with his friends. He didn't invite me. He just said to stay here. I f***ing hate him.

I am so angry with my sister. What does she think she is? She always controlling me and taking my decisions. She always interfering me, junding me and criticising me and thinks she is a very nice person and I am unreasonable! I hate her!

you're so f***ing selfish. it would be funny if you weren't such a pathological liar about it. just admit you want everything your way, and you just want a mommy/whore. every man i meet is a mutant, an incomplete female, a walking abortion. they try so hard to get close, but sociopaths don't have a heart and never will. they can only rape, murder, LIE, cheat, steal, abuse... show me a "nice guy" and i will show you a passive-aggressive misogynist. f*** me? you did t... read more

I think I've been mistaken for someone else again. It seems to happen to me a lot lately... oh well.

What I think is weird/sad/ and a bit funny is how these young kids come on to this site and complain about pointless sh** like cell phones, fights with parents, or with bff's This sh** WILL NOT MATTER in the next 10 years. If it's something serious then that's all good, but stop crying about the crap that doesn't matter. It's almost as annoying as this post is!

To N.M.R.

There's a girl. We used to date.. We were friends at first, then we kissed.. then we had relations even though I had a feeling it would turn out bad and she would grow attached and I was "too young to settle down". She's just.. wonderful. And it's not like wow, she's just beautiful. It was the fact she was so kind, hilarious, made me feel like a million bucks, she watched me play games, and played with me, her guinea pig laugh would make me smile and ju... read more

Why do my male friends ASSUME that I should because they are "good guys" or that I "friend zoned" them? Sorry for not being attracted to you? Sorry I don't date men in general? Sorry you assumed you were obligated to date me? Sorry you were only nice to me to get in my pants? Sorry you call me stupid for not liking you? Sorry I don't want to date a manipulative man?
Sorry for being a female friend? Sorry for being female?

Why is it every woman I know and especially the one I fell in love with thinks I would be a great husband and partner for someone else.

I bought him a shirt. And he tells me to return it, I'm stupid, and "why should I accept that? Spend money on yourself." He bought me at LEAST 80$ worth of gifts in the last year alone. What the hell.

I love him. There is no denying that. But the more I try to get over him the more I keep falling for him. I never thought love could be this way. So confusing. The more you go after someone the less you are attracted to them.I think I understand it though. Its the same thing with us. The more I have tried staying away from him the more I have fallen for him. I just know that he doesn't feel the same way. If he did I wouldn't know and he wouldn't know that I liked him because ... read more

I went to a concert recently and I met a girl named Sharly. I'm madly in love with her and I can't stop thinking about her. The probably is the person I went to the concert with pulled me away from her before I could get her number or anything. I don't think I'll ever find her. I don't think I'll ever talk to her again. All I know is I can't stop loving her and thinking about her.

I'm not a total scumbag! I'm just now finding this out. I'm so relieved!

I'm freaking ugly. Is that worth killing myself? No. I got problems at home, doesn't mean I'm willing to slash up my wrists. FML tho.

Finally a good 1/2 hour at the casino - a 50 cent bet on the slots / $500.00 payday. Too bad cause it usually takes way more then it gives.

If this is love I hate to see what hate is.
How can I keep putting up with your crap?
I know I'm hard to live with, too, but give me a break. You can be such a dick.
Too bad our kids have to watch how you treat their mom.
I cannot wait to get a break and get the hell away from this prison with you.
U really suck.

How can you tell me you want to work things out with me but insult & disrespect me? You had another woman in the house I stayed in 3 days after I left. Then you lied about her staying overnight. Now you say she just came over and you wanted to be alone with her but she never slept in our bed and you never had sex with her. How dare you criticize my weight and she is bigger than me? She sends you naked pictures and everything but you say you love me.

Glad I got some use out of this site before it turned to sh**.