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I woke up this morning to take a piss and a sh**, that's when it came to me. Why don't we call the combination of both, a "pith"? You know,"pi" from the beginning of the word "piss", and "it" from the ending of the word "sh**"? Although, "pith" does mean something. Pith is basically another word for marrow, so my idea for the word "pith" having another definition wouldn't really work. Unless, people started... read more

Some wacko on the Disqus platform who calls herself Speakingplaintalk is a racist, anti-Semitic neo-Nazi who makes violent threats against Jewish people, and she says she's a prostitute who prefers to call herself a "sex worker" (Geez, what a phony phrase) who wants to kill Jews and anyone who uses the word "prostitute". She also says the Holocaust never happened, and that Jews are taking over the world. Speakingplaintalk says she admires Nazi Germany and ... read more

I am failing school and keep trying to get my grades up but cant do it every time I try it is Impossible. help me

It was cool while it lasted I guess.

It's been over a year and I'm over you. I'm in love with someone (really this time; you were just a false alarm). But what no one told me is I'll never forget your smell. Sometimes I smell your cologne in a store or I think of you when you air smells like spring...when we did everything together in the spring.

So this is what heartbreak feels like

i cant get happy or horney with my sexlife he cant get it up and i want to ride a dick so bad

Fred Phelps is dead and america celebrates. There are talks of people protesting at his funeral, but haven't they ever heard an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Either way the cowards at WBC have made some pitiful excuse as to why they won't hold a funeral. They say because 'here at wbc we do not worship the dead'. A month ago they said he would never die and he was jesus. I personally think they are scared. Scared that a group of sweeties from the lbgtq community ... read more

I wonder how easy it is for you to be okay when I'm so ruined. Maybe this isn't the same to you as it is to me. Maybe you don't hurt as much as I do. But why can you be so happy while I'm so miserable by your hand?

The girl that I've had a secret crush on for about 3 years just recently found out that the guy she has a crush on is dating somebody else.

I know it's kinda bad of me to say this, but I'm happy about that.

So for years I been telling people I was a gay. But now, seriously, I am straight. I like women only. All my friends gonna be screamin at me, DENIAL! You are so flaming what do I do? Should I just not say anything?

Someone I know comes from very rich family, she drives brand new Mercedes, and she been out of work, so she crying she can't pay her mortgage on lush house in Malibu. Now, some nonprofit just gave her a pile money to pay her mortgage for a year. Meanwhile, I am eating beans and rice. WTF wrong with this world?

My friend only been w/ her bf (who left his wife for her) for 1 month and he made her dump her friends and they already going to couples therapy. Shouldn't this be a warning sign to run away? Should I mind my own bizness?

Some dumb ugly woman wrote on Fakebook "This is one of those days that any guy that wants to make an epic win with me should send me flowers...." Sure fire way to stay single there, hun.

I know this might be stupid and all but I'm just really unhappy right now and the reason is because of prom this year... you see, I'm almost 18 and I should be able to do what I want right? I mean if there's someone specific that I want to go to prom with, shouldn't it be my decision? And not my mothers? I feel there's racism being involved. He's not of color or anything he's the same as me really but what I mean by that is he isn't from where I am from. But that should not m... read more

i hate being over weight and getting no results from my diet or exercise

Ive been looking up alternatives to yoga for christians and theres like only 2 legit options. Wholyfit and praisemoves. .-. Its sad that Im unhappy with this .. I dont have a problem praying to the Lord, but I would want to clear my mind and not talk as much at my stretch time. But in these programs you must open your mouth and pray and give thanks and recite scriptures. Basicially prayer while stretching. I think Im going to drop it altogether and just stretch before and af... read more

I like eating girls out. I only wish more women would let me do it. Im really good at it.

Ugh god I hate my life I hate myself. My best friend just shifted away. I hate life. I had a secret crush on him and now I will never get to hug him again EVER. I hate it! There is no other friend I Have!

I am so self-conscious I just want to shrivel up into a little ball and die. I want to die I hate myself ahh