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My parents have hurt me and my siblings so much and it doesn't even seem like they really give a sh**. I'm starting to doubt everything they say. I'm so sick of all the mind games and the double-talk. They are extremely immature, they behave more like children than anything else. They are good people, but terrible parents. I don't know how to draw the line though, between being rightfully pissed as hell at them for all the sh** they've done and also continuing to love them an... read more

I'm in high school. Would this be too much of a workload next year?
AP English
AP Bio
AP US history
AP comp sci
Analysis Honors
If i were to drop an AP class, it would be history. Do you think it's too much or should I do it to try to get transcript look better? That's a horrible reason but I think it'd be worth it.

So random question. If you'd take a picture of your poop and send it to a friend, what would the caption say? Mine would say: Analyze this.

Does anyone else get micro managed and spoken to like an idiot at work? I mean, my job is not hard I'm in admin. I've been here for like 4 years, I know what to do. Yet everytime I have to do something I get told over and over and over again how to do it with someone standing over my shoulder to the point where, the person, who is telling me what to do may as well have just done it themselves by the time they have finished telling me/watching me do it. Fckn pathetic. So fckn ... read more

I'm going to die from stress and lack of relationships.

NOBODY MOVE!!! I'm loaded and about to pop! Now where's that damn hole?

I've had problems all my life, I knew how to deal with them and it worked, until one day in my life I changed that. I completely changed my thought process to the point where I basically developed split personality, but it's something different. I kept thinking about this and I was wondering what it was called. Basically, I obstructed a certain mindset of mine which if not dealt with would of left me to a suicidal state. I still have knowledge of when I split my mindset, and ... read more

One of my close friends asked me to prom today and I'm pretty happy about it...(said yes of course). But, i haven't told my parents about it yet. My mom and I talked about prom before and she said I could go, but it was a little hesitant and discouraging in a way. So now I'm afraid to tell her I've been asked, and plus that means buying a dress and spending money-- something that I've always been afraid of. I can't even ask my parents when I need new clothes because I get sca... read more

A year ago this coming Friday my Dad attempted, and unti recently I've been supressing the memory and pusing it as far from my thoughts as humanly possible. However, tonight something inside me shifted, and I felt the need to write it out. I wrote a short story about it, and I would love some feedback. I call it "Shoelaceless" :

I had never been a fan of the thin wall. Most mornings it merely presented a minor inconvenience as I heard my mother step into the shower at half p... read more

The person making those Markiplier animations has to be the most uncreative animator on youtube. Seriously, they make cartoons of the exact same things that happen in the videos. Why is that funny? How is that supposed to be entertaining?
Not to mention the fact that the art style is not very flattering and the animation is just a rip-off of Egoraptor's earlier cartoons. The lipsync is the exact same thing like g**d*** come up with your own f***ing mouth posing! We all have ... read more

So now you message me after forever of ignoring expecting me to be okay?

You are an idiot I told you the amount you needed to do and you couldn't even f***ing understand that simple damn task. It is so damn simple you idiot. You need to pick one more to meet the requirements. Why can't you understand something that f***ing simple????????????

I can't stop wondering about what happened between my boyfriend and his ex girlfriend. All I know is that she really hurt him and was possibly controlling or emotionally abusive. I want to ask what happened, but I also don't want to dig up painful memories for him. Should I let it go or ask? If he says he's not ready, I won't make him tell me. I want to be as understanding as possible. I just don't know whether or not to ask..or even how to ask. It's really important to me th... read more

I can't seem to find any joy in things anymore. The one I love has started to drift from me. I've gone off the deep end. I can't seem to find a way to get back up. My friends are starting to ditch me. My family are always busy and couldn't make to my damn solo and ensemble festival. My teachers hardly realize anything. The person I thought was my best friend has suddenly left me. Nothing can go worse at this point. I've spiraled back into my deep depression. I'm not allowed t... read more

In the past few years I have always found myself angry. Im happy from time to time but it never lasts, I go through stages where I just feel absolutely no motivation to do anything. I have a hard time trusting people and it feels like every time that I do something ends up happening to mess that up. Maybe this is just me being a sixteen year old boy, maybe this is a real problem. It isn't that I dont get attention, or that I don't have friends. I have many friends that would ... read more


You DO NOT smell a**, there is no a**h*** near you so you DON"T smell a** in the air

sometimes i don't feel like living. i don't think i'm depressed but i just don't know. i have a lot of stress in my life and the only supportive person rn is my boyfriend but he doesn't really know anything since we've been only dating for about 2 months. i don't know i feel sad but i feel like i have to keep on trucking.

This guy at work hates taking phone calls. He yelled at me for seeing if he wanted to take a call from a client that HE RANG, the client was RETURNING his call. And he gets pissy at ME about it. Wtf. #getmeoutofhere #peoplesuck #shouldfakeasickie

My best friend moved in and I just don't feel like my home is home anymore. Shes my age(17) and my family is having money problems, and now she is. I'm making her broke and I feel terrible. The guilt is eating me alive. Not only that but my Mom wants her to also pay for gas since I'm the only that drives and we go to the same school. I drop her off to work at times but her job isn't stable(babysitting). She's helped me so much and I don't feel like i could ever return it. I h... read more