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I'm in love with you .

But you don't know that . The only time I see you is during summer , which is why I look forward to it so much . It keeps me going all year .
I f***en love you & I wish you knew .

I hate the majority of people.

For what they have, haven't, should or even could have done.
Them people only do what benefits themselves.

They are so selfish, it is killing me. Litrally.

I told you all of my secrets.

You made me feel like I had a true friend.

I know that it was only online and I mean nothing to you, but did you have to make me believe that you actually cared? I

understand I'm just some insecure girl, but just because we may never meet, doesn't mean I'm not human.

I'm 16. My dad has physicaly, and mentaly abused me.

To get away from him I ran to the store. I walked up and down the isles, crying. I was approached by a little 6 year old boy who told me, "You are beautiful, and beautiful girls shouldnt cry."

7 Magic Trick Tips Using Invisible Thread? I thought magic was real lol

March Madness Tournament. Any Comments?

people on muttr is huge pricks damn!!!

If i take a clear blue easy ovulation test and i get a smiley face does that mean i can have kids? i am fertile and i can conceive a baby? If this is true and i got the smiley face but its just not happening does that mean its him?

My cycle is 32 days long, Will this effect me getting pregnant? Does anyone know if i can get pregnant because of my cycle? Should I start taking birth control to get my period on a schedule of 28 days? Any advice?

little patronizing bee-otch.

True love.
I know I'm in love.
I love my guy for his personality.
I don't love him because he's hot.
I don't love him because he has pretty eyes or a nice smile or a sexy laugh or that he's good at anything or that he's a good kisser.
I love him because of his personality. The way he treats me. The way he talks. He's there for me when I need him. I love the person he is. And I wouldn't change a thing about him. He's so amazing. And I know I'm rea... read more

f***in muttr man. This sh** is awesome. So I love life and my wife. She has an awesome a** and some big ol' t***. She does things for me that some women would slap you for just suggesting. Anyway, the reason I'm here.... I smoke weed and love the way it makes me feel. It helps me kick a** at my job and I become an awesome lover and conversationalist. But I love my wife more than anything, even myself. So when she wants me to cut back I know that it's something that I have ... read more

You have no freaking idea how much I need you right now. I need you SO much. -sigh-

omg i need you right now. stupid distance and rules.

You know... after this girl rejected me... I haven't been able to feel anything...
Everything is neutral... I don't feel happy, and I don't feel sad..

I don't feel motivated to do anything... It's like there is no purpose to anything...

I don't feel anything... I don't care about anything... Nothing means anything...
There is no reason to kill myself...
There is no reason to live...

It was so much nicer in the woods. It's so crowded here. Everybody wants a piece of me and I'm already exhausted after two days. Leave me alone, all of you, please leave me alone!

I hate men,I hate Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime ministers and all other useless heads of state. I hate stupid women who want to be just like men rather than stand up for who they are, I hate Americans , I hate British, I hate Europeans I hate Australians , I hate Israel and Zionists . I hate stupid Arabs ,stupid Africans, stupid Paki's , stupid Afghani's and stupid Muslims .I hate puppet regimes. Homosexuality IS abnormal . All the above represent all that is unjust and w... read more

Never, ever ask a girlfriend to take a break unless you want a guaranteed end to the relationship. It'll never recover.

I love how my XBOX 360 ruined one of my games by scratching it in literally a perfect circle around the edge so it's not even readable anymore...yet no one can do anything about it, so now I get to re-buy the damn game all over again! !$#@

The year started out with such promise. Now I'm miserable and alone.