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He keeps saying I'm cute and he won't leave me alone but I don't like him

I don't wear the cutest clothes ever. I don't "dress to impress". I wear stuff that I feel comfortable in. Jeans and a tshirt and a fuzzy sweater, are like an old friend. The best kind. The kind that is so comfortable to be with, and forgiving when you make a mistake. And, my hair is pooffy. It's trying to take over the world. Seriously. Look, I know it's not necessarily a good thing to be pretty. And I know, I should be thankful I'm not fat. But, I don't have curves, and I d... read more

So I'm 38, he's 40. What's the standard time before marriage now. Everyone (including younger siblings on both sides and friends a plenty) have gotten married, started families, etc.

My housemate is driving me nuts. Beyond being a sh**y housemate, she's been a terrible friend. She doesn't care about anybody but herself. She criticizes everyone in the house for the dumbest sh** but is such a hypocrite because she does the same stuff. She constantly tries to one up me when it comes to grades by prying to find out what I get on tests and assignments and when she finishes an assignment that we both have due, she'll make sure to let me know she's done before ... read more

help me
help me

I dyed my hair today. He didnt notice. I scrubbed the whole house top to bottom on my hands and knees today. He didnt notice. I havent eaten in two days. He didnt notice. Im sleeping in the living room tonight. I dont think he notices. How long am I going to be lonely in a relationship.

I feel like a f***ing idiot.

I've been trying to get a hold of this professor to audition for the pep band at my school. He emails me back at first, detailing the requirements for a digital submission.

I send the submission in? No response. I follow up? Nothing.

I continue to follow up every week or so and I still get nothing.

The music department of my school is so disorganized that the page with the audition FORMS on it was hidden from the general search engine. I had t... read more

I'm gay im finally ready to stay it out loud and be with her and she doesn't love me I keep crying and crying and crying! What did I do? Why doesn't she love me? I try over and over again but nothing I do seems to pull her in. She kisses me then says she feels nothing in the kiss but then weeks later when I'm starting to really get over her she kisses me again but Lone behold she doesn't feel anything and it puts me right back here! I'm always the one who ends up crying.

a post to do with my bpd

dear personality stop changing, I was inlove with my personality a couple months its gone completely gone,it feels so wrong and it feels like I lost a friend. I just want my personality back I just want to have my personality and not someone feels like someones running around with my brain,running around, screaming and just being me.while I'm around and about with their brain being makes me have literal urges to rip my own br... read more

I just saw a video of an elephant picking up trash and putting it in a trash basket and all I can think of is people suck. I hurts me so much the things we do to elephants (and other animals) in circuses, zoo's and killing them for their tusks/ivory. I hate being human sometimes.

The feeling of struggling is really overwhelming... help me

I'm a first year college student and where I go is already depressing enough but when I went home for spring break hoping to be happy again, I noticed the general mood of my family is simply depressing. My dad has a pretty solid job, my mom is a housewife, my sister is in high school and my brother in elementary. The summer after my senior year in high school, my family moved to another state as I went to college. Since then, I don't think anyone has been happy. The neighborh... read more

Watching Birds Near Your Home Is Good For Your Mental Health

"People living in neighborhoods with more birds, shrubs and trees are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress, according to research by the University of Exeter, the British Trust for Ornithology and the University of Queensland."

I feel so selfish. My friend who was also overweight and I bonded over our weight issues. He lost the extra weight, and I didn't. I am happy for him, don't get me wrong, but I feel so alone now. I wish we were still in the same situation so we could relate to one another. I am happy for him, I just feel really alone.

Jfkdkieidbdhdkdkfbd nsehuekdjdhsjka hcjdirksjendndndndndbdjwkeksj Aaaawwwhwhhhh. Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Memorized the whole FREAKEN CH 5,6,&7 for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! Studied my a** off day and night for 7 days straight to get a f***EN 80% which is 8% less from the first test. Which is funny because I still did less studing for the 1st one compared to this one!! WHY GIVE A f***EN STUDY GUIDE WHEN INLY 2% of the srudy guides ar on the test. Why make mormized all these app... read more

Sometimes I read stories with mature content and they're mostly purely erotica-based. I have a bit of a rape fantasy and as soon as I look at a review stating "this is rape you should feel ashamed for writing this" or something of the sorts I feel a bit ashamed of myself even though I'm not the one writing it. It doesn't mean I want be actually raped though! Fantasy is a romanticized and exaggerated version of reality, but I can't help myself if I'm in the mood... a little fo... read more

My life and mind is a f***ing wreck and nobody knows it. I pretended I didn't care, but I'm not sure how I feel anymore... My mom was dying for over five or six years and what did I do to help her? Act like I didn't care. My senior year is coming up soon and I'm not ready and with all this weight on top of me I'm lifeless; Jobs, motivation, art, antisocial, Mom dying, friends too distant to understand, school, fear of growing up.
What do I do

If could go back in time a few years and give my younger self a bit of advice I would tell myself to never ever under any circumstances ever need anymore more than they need you

#advice #learn #ifonly

I don't care about you or what you choose to do in your life
It's none of my business or concern
and what I do is none of your business or concern
The world is not a fairy tale specially constructed for you
Other people are more important than simply being used to boost up some other person, who is no more important than them
It's not a hierarchy where you can stomp down those below you so you can have a Disney movie of a life

So some girl who really loved me and even told me sm just suddenly gets mad at me for no reason and blocks me on Snapchat and Instagram