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So I came back from my friends quincenera party. It had been the first time I've seen my friends in about 6 months. At first I wasn't going to go but through text messages they encourage me. So I went and we talk for about an hour, but when I left I wanted more time. My friend was the birthday girl and my other friends were the damas so they where busy too. I left at 10:30pm because my mom said that was my curfew. My friends were busy with dancing, serving food, etc. That aft... read more

my boyfriend and i are going to have sex for the first time soon, i can feel it cause everytime we're making out, we start touching and feeling on each other and i don't think either of us can wait anymore. i know guys like girls who are freaky and i really want our first time to be great so what is the best way i can please him? and what should i let him do to me?

i am suicidal. i dnt want to be..i just am..most people dnt see me that way bcuz i come off as a bright n happy person ni brightn most peoples moods but the only person who knows doesn't fully believe me's my fault bcuz for tha longest time i made up this whole story about sum guy trying to rape me n i kept adding to tha story as if it waz actually happening...just because im an attention seeker n i liked knowing that he cared about me so wen i finally told tha truth ... read more

dickshire farm! go meat! lmfaoo so hornyyy...welp. no dick forme smh. time to masturbate. anybody wanna join lol random but ive always wanted to be part of a 3-some mmmm : p

damn. really wish i had sum of that good dick right now smfh lol

mom once said ''i don't know what i did to deserve you'' and i just keep waiting for her to take it back/apologize like she would normally but i dnt even think she remembers saying waz about a year mom isn't abusive or anything like that trust me she's a great mom but i do stupid things that piss her off n i think sh e waz caught up in tha moment...but im i took it pretty hard...

Dear loser, you are a complete dumbass. Its not like you were a prize to look at or had alot to give a woman. You live with mom and dad and have 3 kids and not much money. None of that mattered to me because I liked and accepted you. I never expect much from a man and to be used and dumped was hurtful. Im better off without you. No wonder your ex wife left. You have no heart nor do you consider other people's feelings. Sure I liked being your friend and liked how we go... read more

It makes me sad at how unhappy you are you are definitively someone who deserves to be happy

i came back home so happy that i was going to talk to youand you were offline. you said you'd wait for an hour and a half, and i understand if you weree tireed but you could've let me know.
I want so much to be angry at you, i wait for you even if im tired. but i can only wish to fall asleep to wake up tomorrow and see if i can talk to you.
I love you like i'm 16 again

why does that woman keep saying such weird sh** to me? if she wants to show me whatever weird birth mark is on her butt, she should just file a naked butt picture demo request like everybody else

I hate where I live! The people I live with just want to frikken party! Call me a party pooper but it gets f***ing boring after a while! Also its eating away at my money! ARGHHHHHH!


I wish you asked me to go over there with you... and I understand why you don't do it and I love you even more because of that...

I wish you never said you wanted to be my husband... I wish it didn't mean so much to me...

I wish the songs stopped making perfect sense...

We'll get there... you said we have all the time in the world, and you are right... we'll get there... and when that day comes I'll make you banana pancakes and you'll move around the for... read more

If you get all offended every time someone photoshops your face onto pornographic images, please don't open the email I just sent you. But if stuff like that doesn't bother you, could you send me some more pictures of your face?

If you had to choose, would you rather be a midget or a retard?

Holy sh**! The HPV vaccine causes mental retardation?!?! I had no idea.

Whichever c***hit my car yesterday, I hope it catches up with you. Brand new car now dented to f***, a**h*** .

I just wish I knew what you were thinking... So I would know to stick around or begrudgingly move on....

It really sucks having pretty much nobody to talk to...

I didn't want any distractions while I worked on the hayride, but I couldn't say "no" when they asked me for a favor. So I spent two days building an obstacle course, plus my whole Sunday supervising it. Then that stupid black kid goes running on the balance beam, falls, I try to help him, he swings his head up and makes me bite all the way through my lip. Two days later, it's infected, full of puss and revolting.

NO good deed goes unpunished. Not that I'll be sm... read more

Urrrgh, life is so frustrating. It sucks that it always feels like everything all goes wrong at once.

WHy the f*** don't you answer?