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Does anybody else find it ridiculous when someone tells you something in confidence and then says, 'but don't tell anyone'? Then a few days later someone else tells you the exact thing about that person and they say 'oh but they told me not to tell anyone' For starters that means that the first person is telling everyone their so called 'secret' and person two can't keep a secret...

I know that the internet is not that serious or important, but I am always scared to make a mistake or make myself look like an idiot in front of everybody.

I think I need some more self-esteem.

I have to give it to you, you are a academy award actor. You swap persona depending on who you are working with on a certain day. When you work with me you turn up late, you avoid doing any work, you are unapproachable and wait till no one is around to speak crap to me. When you work with her you are early, you do everything you are supposed to, you whine to her about how crap your life is at home and because she is a nice person she feels sorry for you. You think you have he... read more

I just got a call from an old friend who I haven't seen in 7 years. the news he had wasn't very good. our friend gloria died Tuesday 2 years and 4 days after her son passed away. another dear friend of ours. it's so strange I haven't went back there in so long it doesn't seem real. I still have a hard time remembering her son passed. now her. she was a very kind women and will be missed dearly I just pray for her husband.

So, i just now tried lucid dreaming. And it was just that, a try. I went back online to see what I did wrong but I still dont know. I want to look deeper into it, beyond yahoo answers lol, but part of me says no. I'm not spiritually ready to face demons. What my dad said about the transitions between night and day, sleep and awake is all true. And he isnt even aware that the secular world has identified a fraction of the topic as lucid dreaming/sleep paralysis. . I want to di... read more

Why do people change? We wish that the people we knew as a child will stay the same. Small and innocent, cheerful and playful and kind. But people change. They grow up. They get old. They convince themselves that the things of their childhood are no longer useful to them. They outgrow old things. They outgrow old friends. And though we convince ourselves that true friends can never be lost, they can change. We may not lose them, but in the end we may not be friends with the s... read more

I'm getting a bit of an envy crush on this girl. Now, I'm a girl too, and I'm bisexual, but this "crush" feeling isn't of a very cute romantic kind. Nor do I really want her sexually. It's just... Meh. Maybe I want to be friends with her?

I've been wanting to talk to her more. She's very much the opposite of what me and my normal friends are, and I can't stand most of her friends but she seems ok. I do small favors with her and we have some nice short chat when w... read more

Does anyone know where to find a good short order cook or a web site I can access to find cooks in need of employment in San Francisco Ca?
I can't find anyone for my restaurant.

I know this isn't exactly the place to talk ask about this, but I won't bother finding a forum or registering for Yahoo Answers or anything like that.

What if a company made their own programing language? Their own OSes? Their own server infrastructure? Their own hardware to put everything on?
I know that would be a lot of work, and for anyone to do so, they'd have to be a really big company, but wouldn't there be a lot of advantages to it also?

Let's take security as ... read more

So I have a great husband of 10 yrs just last week,he is a very hard working loving husband. We go on vacations a lot and go for rides on our Harley ppl only think about doing, I do love him and he excites me in the bedroom(sometimes)? Why am I not satisfied and need to look elsewhere for sexual attention?

My bff lives with me and my boyfriend constantly calls me gay for it. Im so sick of it. Im not gay. Girls have bestfriends. f*** you a**h*** . I never bring her up but he does all the time. He makes me feel like im in a relationship with her and him. I dont want to talk about her, i want to focus on him and me. Not my bestfriend. What the hell does she have to do with our relationship!

I want a guy who's bigger than me. I'm talking about muscles and height not fat.

Oh my god so I've been really down lately and my mom thinks I might have depression which is...I guess okay? I can deal with that. But like I have been in one of my funky "depressed" moods all day and I've been talking to my boyfriend all day like "I'm gonna snap like I need a hug or something" and I was supposed to spend the day with him but ended up not cause my dad is recovering from knee replacement surgery so I stayed home to help my mom. Plus my aunt... read more

my crush kissed me.

I don't even know if it was considered a kiss because it was through 2 layers of clothing and of all places, he kissed me in the middle of my upper left arm. I barely even remember the context because I was so stunned. All I remember is him asking me something and me saying that I didn't feel it at all even though I REALLY DID. I felt electricity run through my arm (a barely noticeable amount) and it lasted a nanosecond before the really shocker... read more

Thank you Father, one more to go. All praises, glory and thanks be to you.

I'm stuck.

I lied... I'm actually very hungry to the point that it hurts, bad. I havent eaten yet today but I don't want to leave my room and risk running into your abusive a**. I guess I'll just sleep the pain away...

Don't you dare call me "Hun" as if you are my mom or some sh** like that. f***ing b****.

I cannot stand it when people leave their shoes out in the middle of the floor. It irritates me like crazy!


This man is really getting on my nerves! He never has any money. I love him that's why he's here..I'm getting tired of the arguments. Inn older than him so that means he can do whatever he wants?? He left At 3am the other day and came home like it was nothing and since then he's been hanging with his friends all day. He doesn't do anything but get high. I see why his family wants nothing to do with him. He was homeless when I met him. I gave him start up money and he blew it.... read more