So you have a site where you ask questions, say "yahoo answers". The asking person expects a practical answer. So If you don't have anything good to say, f*** off. Example: "Do your own homework" (for ANY question that seems like a research) or "think of a name yourself" (when looking up for a characters name). Things like "Who's your publisher? What are you writing for, you shouldn't be a writer if you ask that" is sh**. Who said anything about a publisher? Who said anything about being a professional? Why the hell I need a reason to write? What if I'm writing for fanfiction or just for the f*** of it? You don't know what I'm writing for. I need an idea of an name, simple as that. I didn't ask for your dumb "advice". Or the "do your own homework." answer I tend to see a lot around. Who says It's homework?! I'm f***ing curious, OBVIOUSLY I've searched online before and didn't like what I found, so now I ask people.

Seriously, f*** off.