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There is a girl from my past who I think about a lot We were best friends for a few years She was the manager at a Regal Cinemas and a movie buff so she'd seen like every Hollywood movie She once made fun of me for not seeing Pan's Labyrinth until it had been out for 3 years Anyway she got addicted to heroin and lost her job as well as her friendship with me I haven't talked to her since 2011 I have no desire to ever let her back into my life again after all the bulls*** she ... read more

Did anyone think the new godzilla movie was good.

The fault in out stars was such a let down... Couldn't finish the book, the movie was annoying... I can't look at John Green ever the same. Mental floss and blog bros is ruined for me....

I finally made friends outside my tiny sh**y school. They're really nice. But the thing is, they all bond over vampire movies and I can't really get into them. The only vampire movies I've seen and enjoyed are From Dusk Til Dawn, Let The Right One In, The Lost Boys, and Fright Night. I can't stand any of the Dracula movies or whatever, they're so boring! But my new friends are really really into it. I wish I could. I feel like I won't be able to get as close to them as I wan... read more

Why can't online portals post about half naked guys from time to time, not just about girls with fake breasts that are bearly's getting annoying...I like to look at pretty girls too but come on, at least don't write such disgusting articles about them where you only focus on boobs and butts...

I honestly tried to give Attack On Titan a chance, but it's just too stupid.
I can't take it seriously, I don't understand why it's so popular, and worst of all, if you say you don't like the anime, it's fans will jump down your throat and act like you've just insulted their mother. anyone excited about sims 4

wwwdotdazeddigitaldotcom/artsandculture/article/20382/1/fka-twigs-tw-ache this is heavenly

In the entertainment industry , it's called " jump the shark " when a comedy starts adding or changing characters trying not to get cancelled .
They all did it : Mash , Archie Bunker , Threes Company had a ton , etc.
So for the life of me , why is Two Broke Girls still on ?
It was a trashy show from its first episode , now they threw in a gay waiter.
It's not who you know , it's who you blow.

John green is seriously over rated.

I don't understand the current Google art.
Why is the octopus in clouds? Why does it have a halo? Is it suppose to be in Heaven, or something?


Does anyone else watch Bob and Margaret?
I find it somehow relaxing to watch,
and I like the style of it, even if I don't understand some of it (I'm American after all.)

I found a song that sounds a lot like Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller, it's called Lotcus Blue by World Radio.

Is it just me that hears the resemblece?

Am I the only one who doesn't care about The World Cup?

How many fools can I kill today?
Too many to count, don't get in my way
I shoot those mofos in the throat with my bow
Tomahawk chop is my death blow

That g**d*** song won't get out of my head, ugh ><

ughhhh being dirt poor and obsessed with bands is SO FRUSTRATING I JUST WANT TO BUY A BUNCH OF MERCHANDISE AND GO TO CONCERTS :((((

i will get a job just for them, but right now i need at least $100 for a ticket to their next concert in town and i dont know when they'll be back :( oh god. i want to scream.
i've never been to a concert before either but ugh they're going to be sooo close i feel very strongly about this !!!!!
oh god im an annoying fangirl

Josh Harnett is so boring.

Hi, how are you? How is/was your day? :)

Glasses, jackets, shirt. Call me glasses, jacket shirt-man.

I dont enjoy watching korean dramas as I once did. Right now, I'm on 5 or 6 different dramas. I miss when I would watch one and it would stick and I would love it and watch it until I finished it because I loved it so much. Maybe I havent found the right one to watch.. doubt it, Ive practically pondered it all, what else is there lol. Or maybe I just need a break. Like when I take a break from reading manga for like a year or so, and come back with a new appreciation and love... read more