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Something on my bucket list is going to a Bieber concert.

*does the "I'm important" dance*

"You actin like I been around with every single guy", f***IN WORD UP

Lana's new album is so good I want to cry. 😭

So I'm really excited that the new Doctor (Doctor Who) is a female. I thought they picked a really great actress for it and I am really hopeful for the coming seasons.

However I still have a few concerns. I'm worried that they are going to give her a male companion that is "the hero". Ya know? Like she's always finding herself as the damsel in distress and he's always saving her. I don't want to see her turn into a ditzy girl who doesn't know how to care for herself. I'm con... read more

I'm so bored. Anyone got any suggestions for dumb things I can do on the internet?

is anyone else listening to tylers new album?

Why is it "lil Wayne" and not "big Wayne"

Just who is that beautiful sexy phone sex operator ?

What makes a great character death in your opinion. Just wanted a little perspective because I plan creating a comic that includes death.

In what way is society in 2017 like the movie idiocracy?

Who coined "bootylicious"


So, Lena Dunham is now a part of AHS.

f*** 🤢

I don't even have any words right now why am I like this. sh**y day. Totally.

I got so many good jokes

OMG WHY WOULD YOU DUMB f***S RE-RECORD A SONG THAT WAS PERFECT IN IT'S ORIGINAL FORMAT???? This is total sh** and then you go and remove the f***ing original recording from the album you're like pushing 50 now you sound nothing like you did in your heyday this sounds like sh**y karaoke in a hole in the wall joint when everyone is drunk and ready to go home. This is the song the DJ plays when they are trying to get people to vacate. I can't. Why would you ruin my childhood wi... read more

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I GOT CHIIIILLS, they're multiplying. And I'm loooosing controllll. Cuz the powwerrr you're supplying.. ITS ELECTRIFYING

There seems to be some sort of gang initiation taking place on here 🍿